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If you believe is a true ->
Elvis is living in your bathroom & I'm a white woman too.

Israel is a entity.

You're a fool to believe anything their PR or US govt PR says.

Your choice to stay a fool though.

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The Nevada Current telling it like it is in #headline and lede:

Trump, RNC promise ‘aggressive’ election interference in battleground states

"Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee on Friday announced a “100,000 person strong” program designed to harass #election officials and their employees and discredit #democracy in Nevada and a dozen other states."

#Journalism #Politics #USPolitics #Trump #GOP #Republicans #USA #Press #Media #News

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German police prevent Irish people from speaking and singing in Irish in Germany.

But hey, at least we still have the Single Market™, amirite?

EU, you’re doing amazing, sweetie!

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Sweden's Welfare State Was a Product of Class Struggle

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Raw Story:
Las Vegas casino unions preparing to take on Trump again

Now ahead of November's election, the Culinary Union, which represents 60,000 mainly Las Vegas-based hotel and casino workers, is preparing to mobilize its formidable network against Donald Trump for a third time.

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The pro-Russian caucus inside the GOP was defeated on Saturday. Now it's time for the US and Europe to join forces and win the war

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Winning wars is not something that will ever happen as long as we allow to take from any , extracting demands and infecting our children's minds with .

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🇺🇸🇺🇦 As the U.S.-approved aid bill for Ukraine makes its way to the president's desk, I'm reminded of a painting by Ukraine's folk art heroine, Maria Prymachenko 🌻

🎨Maria Prymachenko, Our Army, Our Protectors (1978). © Prymachenko Family Foundation

🌻 On my recent humanitarian volunteer trip to Kyiv and Kherson, I learned about Maria Prymachenko (1909-1997), a renowned Ukrainian folk artist. Her vibrant works serve as a powerful symbol of Ukrainian resilience.

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Disheartening seeing so many cosplay militarized trucks in AZ with trump/anti President Biden messages. Black, lifted w/black US Flag sticker, gun sticker & hate message. Just saw one with vanity AZ plate H8B1DEN. Emailed MVD to ask if H8tRUMP was ok.

To them the US means hate/violence often with cross/christian sticker (cause Jesus preached violence/hate).

I think many Biden supporters don't display for fear of intimidation. Hope it's not like this everywhere?

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If you’ve arrived at the conclusion that Dems and GOP are “two sides of the same coin” and that America is just as vicious, corrupt, and lawless as all the rest, then you’re doing the fascists’ work for them.

Which isn’t to say that America isn’t rife with injustice—both in the present and past—nor that our record of engagement with the world is beyond reproach.

It’s only to say that the world is complicated and not everything exists on the same moral plane.

#uspol #fascism #democracy

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Il mio sito risulta in 403 anche se da me è visibile... qualcuno mi da una mano a capirci qualcosa?

Could somebody with this?

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Since former Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's eldest son took power, the government has continued to clamp down on democratic rights and courted Chinese investment.

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“I don’t understand why everything is so fucked up and we seem incapable of fixing any of it!”

This is because you believe you live in a democracy when you actually live under capitalism.

(And it is functioning exactly as designed.)

PS. Not your fault; you’ve been taught your whole life that the two are complementary when they’re diametrically-opposed.

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At long last, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill funding further military aid to , by a vote of 311 to 112.

Among Democrats, the vote was 210–0;
Republicans: 101–112.

Why Speaker Mike Johnson did this now rather than in February, resulting in a loss of thousands of lives and significant territory for Ukraine, has yet to be adequately explained.

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I stand with the brave fighters in #ukraine and #Israel and all those who resist #terrorism.

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I wanted to share Jamelle Bouie’s piece on the efforts to unionize autoworkers in a southern economy built on slave labor. (Gift link)

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Is plagiarism inherent in AI's (lack of) ethics?

The case of Jürgen Schmidhuber's pioneering work on neural networks plagiarized by Bengio, Hinton, and LeCun, by Jürgen Schmidhuber:

Image credit: Jürgen Schmidhuber, with color touches by me, outlining clues contained in this highly informative (but probably intentionally left flat) sketch by the author.

#plagiarism #AI #Bengio #Hinton #LeCun


Its all Big corps are cutting, copying and pasting other people's work and they are doing it without compensating the folks that are actually doing or did the work.
The are creating a new set of laws just for themselves. The theory is that when you steal enough stuff from enough people it becomes normal, expected and OK.
See playbook chapter tRump, rule 1; anything done while concentrating wealth is OK.

is more than how we vote!

65dBnoise, avatar

Oh, yes, #democracy is indeed a lot more than how we vote! 👍 !

Fitnessfoundry, to Ukraine avatar

🇺🇦🇺🇸 Standing with Ukraine: A Humanitarian Volunteer's Perspective

🌎Together, we can make a positive difference! 🕊️


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"X issued a statement accusing the watchdog of pursuing global censorship and vowing the company will 'robustly challenge this unlawful and dangerous approach in court'."

, 2024

Can anyone find a link to this statement on the web? It's not linked in the Guardian piece, and all web searches are giving me is news media articles, many of which don't even mention it.

strypey, avatar

In a democracy, it's not the role of government to decide for the public what's information and what's "misinformation" or "disinformation". That's for a free press and public debate to determine.

In this context, Xitter is a printing company serving millions of one-person newsletters. Printing companies should not be censoring the newsletters they print on a government's behalf.

What Xitter's recommendation algorithms are amplifying is a separate issue.

#democracy #censorship


Wiz, to asklemmy in Are things just shittier or are we more aware of shittiness?

(Sorry, I still don’t know how to do a Lemmy link.)

From Aral Balkin: “I don’t understand why everything is so fucked up and we seem incapable of fixing any of it!” This is because you believe you live in a democracy when you actually live under capitalism. (And it is functioning exactly as designed.) PS. Not your fault; you’ve been taught your whole life that the two are complementary when they’re diametrically-opposed. #capitalism #versus #democracy

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Hey folks:

Looks like I'll be on Velshi on MSNBC tomorrow at about 10AM ET talking about violent GOP rhetoric and its impact.

Because being a historian of late 18th and early 19th century political violence has far more relevance than it should have...

#democracy #politics #violence #GOP #Trump

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Introducing our weekly review of 2024 election coverage, 'Good News, Bad News.'

With only 200 days left until Election Day we all need to start asking for coverage that uplifts and defends democracy.

Here's how it works

Each week, we’ll compare our pro-democracy election coverage guidelines to recent election coverage to highlight which newsrooms are standing up for democracy and which aren't.


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This might seem like hyperbole, but it isn't.

The fight in Ukraine is 100% about the fight between and . They fight so we don't have to.

Sending aid to is an investment in our own future.

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