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Utility That Bribed Ohio Regulators Secretly Bankrolled Republican Mike DeWine's 2018 Gubernatorial Bid, Records Show

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"Globally, malaria cases are on the rise. Infections increased from 233 million in 2019 to 249 million in 85 countries in 2022. Malaria deaths rose from 576,000 in 2019 to 608,000 in 2022, according to the World Health Organization."

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With temperatures already reaching 30°C and a hot summer forecast Japan is advising citizens how to avoid heatstroke.

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ok... woah

only a 10% chance of formation but that was unexpected.

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In a world first, Japan's most recent annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory, provided to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) this month, factored the carbon absorbed by seagrass and seaweed beds into its calculations. The Ministry of the Environment estimates that in fiscal year 2022, that amount of blue carbon – carbon that is naturally stored by marine and coastal ecosystems – was roughly 350,000 tons

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Hot, Happening, Not Heart-Warming: India’s Massive Forest Loss Between 2000 And 2023

In a report published by Global Forest Watch, from 2001 to 2023, India lost 2.33 Mha of tree cover, equivalent to a 6.0% decrease in tree cover since 2000

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Forecast group predicts busiest hurricane season on record with 33 storms

University of Pennsylvania climate scientist Michael Mann cites record ocean warmth as key factor in unprecedented Atlantic forecast

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How Minnesota is rebuilding its forests to counter climate change

But our Northwoods are in trouble, according to local scientists, and are at risk of becoming grasslands in as little as 50 years because trees can't adapt as quickly as our weather is warming.

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Manna of Conejo Valley not only helps feed the hungry in our area – now it’s also helping address our climate crisis.

On Earth Day, I joined local leaders in saluting Manna’s participation in a pilot project to collect prepared food from restaurants and caterers and divert it to those in need.

This is significant because food rescued by food banks is typically shelf-stable (eg, canned goods, pasta, cereal), while prepared food more often goes to landfills. Food in landfills is a significant source of methane, a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Thanks to the Manna team, county government, and supporters who make this program possible.

📷: R Scott Horn

#climate #foodbank

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Research for ultradeep geothermal in Canada receives major funding
Think GeoEnergy
5–6 minutes

The Cascade Institute at the Royal Roads University in BC, Canada has received $3 million from philanthropic funds to advance research in ultradeep geothermal

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Financial Times, Reuters Pull Saudi Aramco-sponsored Climate Content

Advertorials and a podcast vanish as regulators consider greenwashing complaint against the state-owned oil giant

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These photos show how a warmer climate is damaging Earth's waters

Photographer Diane Tuft has documented how global warming is affecting bodies of water around the world

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Locations around the globe are experiencing on a regular basis.

Some of the most populations experience disasters so often it has come to be normalized.

A from found residents of a , neighborhood have grown so accustomed to living through extreme events they've developed a “disaster subculture” that challenges views of reality & how social agencies can help.

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Climate Activists Blockade HQ of World's Second-Largest Funder of Fossil Fuels

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Canadian health-care professionals urged to share climate disaster mitigation info
The Canadian PressStaffContact
~2 minutes


After last summer's deadly floods, heat waves and record-breaking wildfires, some scientists are urging Canadian health professionals to take an active role in helping their patients better prepare for extreme weather

#health #canada #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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A global study just revealed the world’s biggest known plastic polluters

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo came in at the top of a global audit of plastic waste

56 companies account for over half of branded plastic pollution

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo came in at the top of a global audit of plastic waste

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In the April edition of Dry Horizons:

▪️ Researchers examine ways to widen our understanding of drought
▪️ Indigenous and western perspectives converge to help forests
▪️ New guide provides strategies for staying healthy in a drought

Dry Horizons provides news and research to help you plan for drought.

Read more:

#drought #drought2024 #climate #science #news #research #April2024 #UnitedStates #US #USA

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▶ Climate Activists Blockade Citigroup HQ to Demand Banking Giant Stop Funding Fossil Fuels

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Taliban Government Joins Climate Change Talks For First Time

After four decades of war, Afghanistan ranks as one of the countries least prepared to face the effects of climate change, which is spurring extreme weather and warping natural environments

#Afghanistan #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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Africa's megacities threatened by heat, floods, disease—action needed to start greening, adapt to climate change

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The largest renewable energy development in US history cuts through Tohono O’odham, Hopi, Zuni and San Carlos Apache lands.

“There is really no follow through when tribes express their concerns.”

“It’s hard to convince governments and businesses to deny these big energy projects without outside intervention.”

“They are doing the same thing as fossil fuel. It’s just more trendy.”

@siisiikostagner reports from the UN.

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More from the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues:

#Indigenous leaders have called for a moratorium on carbon markets and other "false climate solutions."

“The transition towards a green economy [keeps] starting from the same extractivist-based logic that prioritizes the private sector," said Darío José Mejía Montalvo, of the Zenú tribe in Colombia.

#climate #GreenEnergy

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