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Implicitly conflates christianity and the American government

This meme is accidentally telling on itself.


Ultimately, there’s no reason the strategies of voting and direct action can’t both be applied together. One does not cancel the other out.

It’s like you didn’t even look at your own pamphlet. It backs up his exact statement.


Idk man, theres not too much debate on who to vote for. There’s a clear lesser evil and theres an avowed fascist. The quoted paragraph just reaffirms what his one sentence says, that voting isn’t sufficient.

I like the pamphet. I think it hits most everything important. If you only vote and the entirety of your efforts are spent on electoralism and not direct action, its a lot if wasted time. But if you cant even take 20 mins to vote every 2 years, or worse you’re advocating people who aren’t fascist sit it out, you need to rethink what you’re doing.


Friendly fire was half the fun of the first game.


What’s far more likely than 3d printed prosthetics becoming fashonable is people just rolling over and accepting the distopian surveilance state.

I can’t even get most of my family to use Signal to prevent Facebook from reading their private messages, what could happen to convince them to go full cyberpunk?


If everyone you know uses secure messaging apps, youre in a bubble; their adoption rate is very small.

Of the people I know, even those who use Signal/Matrix still use Chrome and GMail/Docs/Drive. They have a long way to go before they don prosthetic noses.


Given that this is what their lawyers have agreed to, it would be weird for an appeal.


Another reason to use a VPN is that ISPs have every motive to sell your browsing data and they do. Unlike many other groups tracking you, your ISP inherently has your meatspace name, address, and payment information making their data easily collatable and very valuable.

If you use the default DNS on their provided router they can even tell if someone purchased an XBox, Playstation, or any other smart device just from update and telemetry lookups.

As the article says, by using a VPN youre using someone else’s ISP making that info worthless.

If your threat model includes preventing ad networks from gathering data, a VPN absolutely is a tool to prevent that. Do you have to pay for a service? Probably not if you’re technical enough; a VM in a data center is probably sufficient.


Where are you getting free VM hosting?

The comment was in reference to VPN services. Sadly, given theres no right to privacy, you must pay to not be tracked.

i feel like most of your argument is rendered moot with encrypted dns solutions like DoH.

You misunderstand. Large ISPs run their own DNS servers which are preconfigured into the devices they sell. They are the intended recipient and you’d just be encrypting it in transit to their servers.

Should I wait for the "Snyder cut" (director's cut) of Rebel Moon?

Hearing the movie is getting bad reviews. But Snyder says the director’s cut will be a completely different movie with a different vision. I admit Zack Snyder’s Justice League (director’s cut) was much better than the theatrical version and quite different (though I had mostly forgotten the original by then). Not sure if I...


Snyder needs someone to tell him a movie should have both character development and a cohesive plot in at most 2 hrs.

I’m done with him deferring blame for not being able to put together a clean narrative.


No. This is basically why you use native apps. What you could do is set up another profile on Android and you should be able to sign in on a different account for that profile and get notifications.


You don’t seem to understand terminal velocity.

There's a record number of fossil fuel representatives and lobbyists at COP28 (www.npr.org)

“The United Arab Emirates Energy and Infrastructure minister talked about this meeting being the most ‘inclusive’ of all meetings in the past,” Boykoff says. “His use of the word ‘inclusive’ was a way to talk about how this has involved fossil fuel interests unlike ever before.”


No worries, Its an easy mistake to make. Where the photo is taken Golden Eagles (majestic birds) are uncommon and Bald Eagles (slightly more majestic and substantially more murderous pigeons) are very common.

Bonus Photo: The town dump. Where all the vultures bald eagles live https://slrpnk.net/pictrs/image/56e0fbc1-6e96-4cca-8073-3fec66ce2995.webp

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