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Heiltsuk Nation demands removal of Bella Bella RCMP officer (www.nelsonstar.com)

According to a press release issued Friday by the Heiltsuk Nation, the protest follows a meeting between Heiltsuk and RCMP leadership on Wednesday, during which the Heiltsuk learned RCMP have initiated a transfer for the officer in question. However, in the meantime, they have been told the officer will remain on active duty in...

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On the one hand, it’s nice to see the right fighting itself.

On the other hand, seeing the Conservatives be the ones in the lead of the two parties is… not great.

We went from a right-of-centre BC ‘United’ vs a left-of-centre BC NDP, to a right-wing BC Cons vs a left-of-centre BC NDP. I’m not loving that shift to an even worse opposition party.

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If we get a Con government like it’s looking we could, then expect this to get much, much worse.

Good luck everyone.

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“I think at this point, Rustad is benefiting from the conservative, anti-establishment wave, more than from his individual personality,” Kenny said.

Hey, Conservative voters in a nutshell. “Does he have a C beside his name? Sure, whatever he said is fine.”

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I don’t think the voters actually care, though. I think they just want to hurt other people, and that’s really the end of it. No-one who works for a living and didn’t inherit their parents wealth will improve under current Conservative governments.

Someone has succeeded in stealing the meaning out from under them.

It’s debatable, how far back do we have to go before we have ‘actual’ conservatives? Pretty much to the start when they were set up to take power back from the plebians.

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I’d really like to live in a place where conservatives aren’t trying to bankrupt social services while letting employers pound my ass.

Sadly we have a lot of work to do getting the work out. The only issue we face bigger than an insane Con government is lacklustre left-wing voters.

Judge will reopen sentencing hearing for B.C. man who attacked Paul Pelosi (www.nelsonstar.com)

A federal judge will reopen the sentencing hearing for the man who broke into Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home and bludgeoned her husband with a hammer after the judge failed to allow him to speak during his court appearance last week....

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We grew up in a world where every day was warm and beautiful in the summer. We never worried about checking air quality and now it feels like our kids are going to live in a world where they need to wear gas masks outside.

Well we could have voted for people who want to fix this, but we didn’t (I’m using a royal ‘we’ for millenials here) – and now we continue to vote conservative, so it’ll keep happening.

Sadly I think our kids, while wearing gas masks, will be the ones to actually approach this both from a ‘left-wing’ side and deal with it.

I honestly don’t have an optimistic take for you here, and mostly agree with you. At some point the adults have to admit we took safe summers away from our kids, and their kids, and do things to slow (not remove) the issue, but we won’t

Premier targets rivals' merger rumours as B.C. election nears (www.cbc.ca)

But they did not deny there was an urgency in finding a way together to prevent vote-splitting that could hand Eby another majority, with Falcon saying, “the real enemy is the NDP government and four more years of that government I think will be, frankly, devastating for the province of British Columbia.”

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I can’t imagine looking at how much we’ve improved since the BCNDP took over and going “This needs to stop immediately. Let’s go back.”

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I dunno, I feel like helping fund a publicly funded hospitals new infant radiant warmer is pretty far distant from tipping a landlord. Maybe that’s my Canadian bias?

Tenants don’t have to foot unpaid tax bills for foreign landlords: minister - National | Globalnews.ca (globalnews.ca)

“I want to reassure Canadians that the Canada Revenue Agency does not intend to collect any portion of any non-resident landlords’ unpaid taxes from individual tenants,” read a statement released by Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau on X, formerly known as Twitter, Friday afternoon....

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Maintenance costs naturally increase over time

You guys get maintenance in your rentals?

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