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How do I stop a crush from developing further?

I think I got a crush on my dance instructor. Which fucking sucks for all the obvious reasons. Normally I wouldn’t be so worried. BUT I JUST HAD A GODDAMN ROMANTIC DREAM ABOUT HER. Seriously I just woke up from a dream about her confessing her love to me and me eagerly doing the same about her....


It’s fucked up that I read a comment the other day making the argument that this would not be painless if he were able to fight it. And that comment got downvoted to shit. And here we are.

In-N-Out to close first location in its 75-year history due to a wave of car break-ins and robberies (apnews.com)

In-N-Out Burger says it will close its first location in its 75-year history due to a wave of car break-ins, property damage, theft and robberies affecting customers and employees alike at its only restaurant in Oakland, California....


I’m formally homeless, and I enjoy knowing that people are making the effort to point out that the only difference between us and “them” or “those people” or “the homeless” is that they lack a roof. The word “homeless” has so many negative connotations that there are people trying to reframe it’s meaning to be more objective. Everything we say and do has meaning, so changing a narrative is extremely important.

But sure, fuck those people. /s


Why is the assumption that it’s always and only homeless people. Every time there’s one of those viral videos of people stealing shit from stores it’s somehow never homeless people.

But I guess if you want people without homes to start committing property crimes, one way to do that is to “move” them - meaning having a bunch of cops come, forcing them into areas with no services that they’re unfamiliar with, and then having waste management steal literally all of their worldly possessions and throw them into a dumpster. Yes, that will keep them from stealing in order to survive /s.

It’s always the people who bitch about people without homes who have zero interest in learning what it would actually take to help the problem. If they actually cared, they would never advocate for just “moving” people, because if they used their brain for two seconds they would know how much worse it would make the problem. These are human beings. You can’t throw them away, sweep them under a rug, or make them disappear into thin air. They need resources to rebuild their lives. I wish it were requisite to be homeless for a week in high school or something, since no one seems to be able to imagine what exactly they would do if they woke up tomorrow with nothing. It would never be a problem again.


Some of us go to concerts alone. It’s not that crazy to leave a single seat open.

Not that that should ever be the consumer’s problem anyway.


This should be a motivational post to get people investing.

Totally, because people who are struggling just love to take risks with their money.


California is doing a hell of a lot better than any other state. That’s why it’s always people who don’t live here who want to say shit like this.

No state is perfect. This is the US after all. But major California cities are the best you’re going to get in terms of anything even resembling progressivism. If people who don’t live here or have never been here want to make the choice to believe conservative propaganda about homelessness when it’s a nationwide problem, or about crime when it’s decreased nationwide, then that’s their own problem.


he was a competitive ballroom dancer

That’s a new one.


the statistics don’t lie that men have stopped approaching women because it’s not worth the potential headache

Where are these stats about how often men approach women

Dozens of health organizations pledge ‘full support’ for federal ban on menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars (www.cnn.com)

Eighty national public health groups, including the American Heart Association, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Preventative Medicine, placed a full-page ad in Sunday’s edition of the Washington Post in support of a federal ban on menthol in cigarettes and all...


When are we going to start banning flavored alcohol like White Claw and Mike’s while we’re at it


You’re right. Trump will do a much better job.



Is it just me, or do most top comments on this post read like astro-turfing?

I’ve been thinking this a lot about posts on lemmy and it’s really disappointing.

But it’s not just the corporate stuff that’s disappointing. A post on the front page right now about Spotify not removing the intentionally hateful transphobic song has an entire comment section justifying hate speech.

I question staying on lemmy more and more because I’m seeing trash rhetoric like this more and more and it’s fucking gross.


Wasn’t Israel literally demolishing the homes of innocent Palestinian families, causing small children to become homeless overnight? Terrorist groups usually form in response to something. Like, I don’t know, an apartheid state killing them if they don’t leave their homes


nobody ever wants to pay for anything on the internet

To your point, maybe if what we got in return were worth a shit, people would be more willing to pay. But it gets shittier and shittier, more and more inundated with ads, worse journalism with more clickbait and AI, all for prices that go up every year to multiple times per year.

It was more reasonable when you could go to the store and pay for one newspaper or one issue of a magazine. Then if you really liked it you could subscribe. Now there’s no other option but to subscribe. Not everyone wants to be paying a bunch of separate subscription fees per month just to get decent news, and not everyone wants one hundred percent of a news outlets content. But we’re charged for it regardless. Fuck no, no one wants to pay for that.

Maybe if it were one of the only things that required a subscription. Like it used to be. But now, almost every single thing we use comes with a subscription charge and there’s usually no other way to pay for it. It’s all or nothing. And it gets totally exhausting, aggravating, and ridiculously expensive, especially when they force you to pay for a bunch of shit you don’t need, or they charge you cancellation fees on top of an extra month, or raise the monthly price without telling you, or tack on extra charges for shit that should just come with it in the first place, etc etc.

My point is, no one should defend the subscription model. If an outlet does good journalism, they’ll have donors. PBS Newshour, NPR, Democracy Now, they’re some of the best souces and they’re all nonprofit. And, what do you know, none of them have actual ads.

And shoutout to local libraries to loaning current magazine issues online. I get a Libby notification every time the New Yorker comes out. And I’m sure they’re losing a ton of money because I don’t personally pay for a subscription /s


Ok, so we’ve just never followed where the first amendment says there will be no national religion


I am so sick and tired of having two people standing right behind me staring over my shoulder as I’m using self checkout at walmart. It makes me never want to go back there. I actually have never “forgotten” to scan anything, ever. Yet these mfs are breathing down my neck at every store, every time I go. Target is the opposite. I swear these LPs (the plain clothes people but with walkies, come on) and workers are next to me at all times when I’m shopping. But then they usually leave me be at self checkout. I guess by then their ridiculously invasive theft monitoring system has determined I’m not a threat or something.

Fuck both of these companies. And fuck them even more for running every smaller company out of business so we have nowhere else to shop when we’re sick of being treated like criminals and sick of being sold garbage at some insane markup.


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  • ZombieTheZombieCat,

    Went through the same thing with Ross. Absolute shit show of a company and they treat their workers like trash. Of course we had to sit through a blatant anti union video the first day.


    I think it’s part of the way we are socialized into a society based on economic competition. So it seems normal to us, but it’s just another way of saying “it’s not perfect, but it’s the best/only system we have!” as conservatives are so fond of saying. I don’t think it’s hardwired at all, but we’re intentionally taught that it is.

    I took an anthropology class once and learned that there’s archeological evidence of early tribes taking care of disabled elderly (for the time) people. It would have taken a lot more energy to take care of a disabled person in a hunter gatherer society than it would now. I feel like a capitalist would have just left them to die in a cave because that’s what Ayn Rand would have done.


    What type of ptsd makes you not want to live indoors


    Georgia: Symbols, including accents, are prohibited.

    Not even trying to hide the racism / xenophobia

    ZombieTheZombieCat, (edited )

    One of the most valuable parts of my MA program (probably the most) has been learning directly from faculty. Especially in understanding theory. That’s something I just couldn’t grasp straight from the writings, even with secondary texts. Plus the historical context that I wouldn’t have considered.

    Teaching experience has been valuable, in that I’ve learned that I hate it and that I despise the institution of academia in general. Yes, my dreams have been crushed by its greed, bureaucracy, and emphasis on the status quo, but at least I won’t waste 4-6 more years on a PhD.

    I love my field. I love writing and research. I like lecturing and being in the classroom. But working within my discipline is like ten percent of my time. The rest is spent on navigating bureaucracy, actual hours spent answering emails, getting shit approved by admin who know nothing about my field, attending pointless meetings, and office politics. And from what I hear it would only get worse. It’s so disappointing. As much as I love my discipline, it’s not worth it.

    Eta: oh, and can’t forget the constant demands and criticisms with jack shit in return. Every student and faculty member is demanding every minute of my time, not a single thing is ever good enough, there’s never a single ounce of positive feedback. The closest I ever get is an A on a paper with a bunch of criticisms. The grading I do for other people’s classes could have over half the class getting D’s based on the prof’s answer key, but yeah, it’s definitely your TAs grading that’s the problem. I think that’s all they’re paying us (less than minimum wage) for. To shoulder all the blame and the busy work with zero recognition or empathy for our workload.


    There’s this short series on Netflix called Unbelievable. I recommend every single person watch it, but especially anyone who wants / needs to know exactly what it’s like to try to report sexual abuse to the police. It’s dramatized but it’s based on a true story of an 18 year old girl who was sexually assaulted by someone who broke into her apartment in the middle of the night. From the minute she reported it she was treated like a criminal. She was interrogated by cops who criticized her from the second they sat down. She ended up being charged and convicted of making false police reports. She was in some kind of group home at the time. She got in trouble, lost her friends, home, supports, and job. Several years later, the suspect assaulted another woman and was finally caught. I can’t imagine the relief and vindication she must have felt. Except that the cops literally allowed the suspect to assault at least one more person before doing anything about it. It’s a good thing it happened in another state because if it had happened in the same place they probably would have just arrested the second victim too.

    But the depiction in the show is true to life. It’s for everyone who has ever said “well if it actually happened then why didn’t they just call the cops?”


    I am just saying that this burden shouldn’t fall on other people in material need.

    Well, good thing it doesn’t in this case.

    The whole point is that everything in this field is already, by default, directed at men. That’s what it’s like in the US. It’s the same with race. And saying we have have equality when we don’t is just ignoring the way these divisions affect historically oppressed groups. Acknowledging systemic hierarchy and division between races and genders in order to fix it doesn’t automatically mean you have to ignore class divisions. They’re far from mutually exclusive. Why would it be impossible to acknowledge both at the same time?

    It’s to the point where no one else can have anything without men going “what about me and my problems?” “Well here’s what I think about all these social issues that have never and will never negatively affect me.” As usual, the “not all men” of every comment section of every article about a women-only-something-or-other are just making a great case for women-only-something-or-others.


    Apparently plenty of people on lemmy?

    I keep seeing more and more comments defending corporations, police, “moderate” politics etc, and arguing against social welfare, living wages, unions, etc. There’s been a pretty sudden influx of comments that overtly discourage voting for Biden, pushing third parties, and/or discouraging voting. I can’t help but question their authenticity.

    It’s not that it’s implausible for people to be disillusioned with US elections, or to want independent candidates. But they still aren’t exactly prevailing opinions. So when a bunch of similar comments show up suddenly in every post about US politics…sorry I’m not buying it, and no one else should either. We all know by now how social media has been used to influence elections.

    But the anti-union shit is part of it. It’s always like “I believe in workers’ rights, but…” And who tf are the anti-shoplifting people? Defending huge corporations for forcing workers to wear cameras and add the additional job of “security guard” to their min wage workload, while constantly having to justify their own innocence? I can’t even comprehend defending that. But apparently people enjoy standing up for all the poor wittle multinational conglomerates so thoughtlessly abused by workers and customers. Think of the poor, poor corporations!

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