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the tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction

somewhere between Rochester NY and the Finger Lakes







excited about #ActivityPub and #DLT (the tech, not the #crypto circus)

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I’m no Trump fan, but I think in precedents, and I don’t know if I like the precedent that Colorado set.

For those cheering it: if we can’t defeat an autocratic fascist at the ballot box we’ve still got enormous problems.

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@mloxton @ben @GreenFire

voter suppression is real but it modifies your vote, it doesn't destroy it

so on your flimsy premise you're going to hand to those who want to destroy your vote what they want?

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#Voltaire's prescient quote on #Fascism and #SocialMedia #Disinfo

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Dear GOP:

Since Reagan you've worked the yellow journalism angle with Fox and talk radio and now the social media and podcast angle, to goose that amygdala, the emotional response, to maximum effect. "Urban" crime in lurid spectacle, Trans people "corrupting" your children, secretly "Communist" liberal infiltrators, etc. It's quite awesome really, you've assembled and captured a formidable, highly motivated audience that clings to your lies desperately to tell it how to think and act, hamstrung as they are by emotional overload. Reality, morality, logic, legality, reason, sanity: none of it matters. The emotional servicing is the whole game.

The problem is you're now a victim of your success. Because you've created a quasireligious movement, not a political one. Ideas and policies don't matter, serving the psychological needs of very broken Americans, many of whom you helped break, is the imperative now. You've reached a dead end. You're trapped.


JessTheUnstill, to random
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If there's one thing that gives me hope and life about trans rights, it's having seen first hand the sheer willpower to fight and survive that trans people have. We aren't a community of people who go with the flow, or who surrender at the first sign of resistance ... No. We're literally an entire community of people who have looked at the entirety of the cishet Patriarchy telling us who we are, and have said

"No, Fuck You! You move."

Many of us have looked at our very bodies and said:

"No, Fuck You! You move."

We're scattered all throughout humanity. Every race, every religion, every country, every community. Every day our message spreads farther: "You don't have to be stuck in the box society crammed you in because of your genitals, you can be whoever you want to be!" And every day, another person looks at their little gatekeeper in their brain saying "Conform!", "Go with the flow!", "You're not trans enough!" And every day, another of my siblings tells that shitty little gatekeeper in their brain:

"No, Fuck You! You move."

accretionist, (edited )
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@JessTheUnstill i like what RuPaul said:

"Drag Queens Are the Marines of the Queer Movement"

drag queens and trans people are very much not the same thing, but when i look at the sheer volume of bigotry and cruelty pointed at the trans community, all i have to conclude is that trans people must have hearts forged of pure adamantium in a crucible of hellish fire

toughest people on the planet. by necessity. so let it be known that out there in the cishet world there exists those like me who feel nothing but awed admiration, and we pledge our support. you are not underdogs. the sadists are loud but the vast quiet out there sees you, and the only real crime is we don't speak up louder as well. we see the ignorance and indecency pointed at you. we know what that represents: empty destructive hate. to that social pestilence, i say with you:

"no, fuck you, you move"

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    The unintended side effect, for fascism, is that its purposeful destruction carries with it a heavy load of self-destruction.

    While fascist policies hurt our economy, it kills the finances of its supporters even more. While fascist policies work to keep us uninformed, it works to kill the intelligence of its supporters even more. And in the case of COVID denial causing so many deaths, fascism works to quite literally kill its own.

    So while we work to oppose fascism, take note that when fascism experiences successes, it leaves in its wake the seeds of its own downfall pulling it back. The lessons of the history of fascism, such as Nazi Germany, and its trajectory in other countries, such as contemporary Russia, shows this pattern too.

    Fascism is death and destruction whose self-inflicted damage is always its own undoing.

    The trick is to make sure it doesn't burn our country down with it while it burns itself out.


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