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Pro-BJP’ accounts target Canadian activists, journalists and politicians, new documents tabled in foreign interference inquiry reveal

RRM Canada’s report notes that in 2020, after “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed concern for Indian farmers, to protest Indian government farm reforms,” there was an increase in negative stories about Trudeau and Canadian politics in Indian media.

#News #Interference #SocialMedia #Politics

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Airchat seems really promising! Fun to test it today. The concept is based on voice messages, but not like Clubhouse. Far from it, actually.

The posts are actually spoken into as an audio message. Then, the audio message is converted to text. To consume content, you can either read or listen through the feed.

I love it. It's a bit unusual to speak messages among people, but at the same time, I just think of it as a kind of phone call.

@socialmedianews #airchat #socialmedia #socialmedianews

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"The pro-Nazi content is not confined to the fringes of the platform. During one seven-day period in March, seven of the most widely shared pro-Nazi posts on X accrued 4.5 million views in total."

"By failing to act against many pro-Nazi accounts, X continues to earn income from their activity in at least two ways: by collecting monthly subscription fees from those posting pro-Nazi content and by running advertisements..."

#SocialMedia #Twitter #X #ElonMusk #news

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how to sell moral panics with bad science, jonathan haidt edition
by Greg Fish

"no consistent correlations between screen time and negative mental effects. On top of that, suicide rates among teenagers are down despite going up for all other demographics, and longitudinal surveys show no decline in life satisfaction among teenagers since 2012."

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Our head of emerging media @cjammet shared his thoughts on how 's ruination of highlights the the importance of the , especially for , 's, and . Give it a read and share your thoughts!

potus, to random

Congressional Republicans call my Affordable Connectivity Program – the plan responsible for getting 23 million households affordable internet – 'wasteful.'

Tell that to the mom who used to park outside a restaurant so her child could get online and do homework.

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I've blocked because I don't want #zuck or any other #corporate #socialmedia selling my data.
I don't allow my cellphone provider to sell my #data either.
Opt out!

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A visible ‘Online’ status (as opposed to ‘Offline’) should be earned, not shared by default.

I’ll grant you insight into my online status once we’ve established asynchronous connectivity as our norm, and I can rest assured that you’ll be respectful of my time and attention regardless of my availability at any given time.

This is the kind of granularity that is woefully lacking in our communications software.

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Wählen ab 16: Chance oder Gefahr für die ?

Erstmals dürfen in Deutschland auch Jugendliche ab 16 Jahren ihre Stimme bei der abgegeben. Der Absenkung des Wahlalters ist eine langjährige Debatte über die Vor- und Nachteile vorausgegangen.

Ist Wählen ab 16 sinnvoll? Und wie könnte sich das abgesenkte Wahlalter auf die Europawahl auswirken?

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@tenkoman @DC7OS @bpb Mich würde es leider auch nicht wundern, wenn "gut verpackter/verkaufter" #Antisemitismus und Nationalismus, bequeme #Klimakrisenleugnung sowie generell emotionalisierende und gesellschaftsspaltende #Scheinfakten aus #Pseudowissenschaften auf eine Jugend treffen, die Schwierigkeiten hat Quellen (in proprietären #SocialMedia) zu prüfen und bereits früh zum permanenten #Bildschirmkonsum auf Grund gesellschaftlichen Drucks und mangelnder #Impulskontrolle verleitet wird.

#BigTech hat mit #DarkPattern, #Framing, #Gamification, #PrivacyWashing usw. eine ideale Basis geschaffen, die #Extremisten nutzen um uns noch stärker von einander zu isolieren und gegenüber Mitmenschen misstrauischer zu werden. Wenn ich einem Freund anbiete bspw. ein Chatkonto auf einem Server von mir zu erhalten, wird unterstellt, dass ich sie/ihn ausspionieren und abhängig machen wollen würde. Bei #GAFAM ist sowas irrelevant. :yayblob:

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This headline should have read, "Lake Mead vandals caught on video destroying ancient rock formations"

"visitors" is far, far too kind a word for these creeps.

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"Earlier this month, a #video posted to #SocialMedia captured two men destroying ancient #rock formations at #LakeMead National Recreation Area in #Nevada. National park rangers are asking for the public’s help in identifying the visitors, who could face federal charges for vandalizing protected land."

Link to Video:

#NationalPark #NationalParks #Nature #Geology #History #Crime #USA #News

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After his bold words last weekend, Musk is backing off from his war with Brazil’s Supreme Court like a whimpering dog with its tail between its legs.

#elonmusk #twitter #socialmedia #tech #brazil #brasil

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People still staying on X is proof that toxic relationships are not easy to leave.

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"Meta, the global behemoth that owns Facebook and Instagram, is putting a stranglehold on recommendations in user feeds that contain political content.

The move, signalled in February, applies to Instagram and Threads, and will eventually extend to Facebook."

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I tweeted on November 2022: What will you do WHEN Twitter turns into a paid social media? People laughed. I wonder if they are laughing now.


noellemitchell, to twitter avatar

Elon Musk plans to charge new X users to enable posting

"Elon Musk is planning to charge new X users a small fee to enable posting on the social network and to curb the bot problem.

In reply to an X account that posted about changes on X’s website, Musk said charging a small fee to new accounts was the “only way” to stop the “onslaught of bots.”"

Yeah... because this will get new users to sign up 🙄😆


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Stock Plunges, Extending Recent Losses

Funds that bet on a fall were set to profit as the parent of came under renewed pressure after it registered new shares for a potential sale.

Shares of ’s company plunged on Monday after the company filed to register the potential sale of tens of millions of additional shares.

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On there are now
321 verified accounts from organizations in
20 languages and on
106 instances.

191 were active today.

Some accounts, that were active today are
@TexasObserver (ENG)
@fof (SWE)
@RNZonline (GER)
@beckonline (GER)
@minkorrekt (GER)

Find the whole list on:

Built by @mho

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Shares in Trump Media’s social media platform fall again. Auditor warns of insolvency. Surprised? I didn’t think so…

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"On 13 April, Iran launched waves of drones, as well as missiles towards Israel ... Within seven hours of Iranian drones being launched towards Israel, 34 false, misleading or AI generated images and videos claiming to show the ongoing conflict received over 37 million views on X (formerly Twitter)."

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Billed as the “homepage of the Black internet,” BlackPlanet was a social network ahead of its time. It went live in 1999 — five years before Facebook — and amassed one million users within its first year online. By 2008, it had 15 million.

@TheAtlantic takes a nostalgic look back at its impact on culture, politics and relationships, within the Black community and beyond, and whether smaller, more dedicated digital spaces could be the answer to a “kinder, less dangerous, and more fun” future online.


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#SocialMedia #Algorithms #Democracy #ContentModeration: "For all their efforts to moderate content and reduce online toxicity, social media companies still fundamentally care about one thing: retaining users in the long run, a goal they’ve perceived as best achieved by keeping them engaged with content as long as possible. But the goal of keeping individuals engaged doesn’t necessarily serve society at large and can even be harmful to values we hold dear, such as living in a healthy democracy.

To address that problem, a team of Stanford researchers advised by Michael Bernstein, associate professor of computer science in the School of Engineering, and Jeffrey Hancock, professor of communication in the School of Humanities and Sciences, wondered if designers of social media platforms might, in a more principled way, build societal values into their feed-ranking algorithms. Could these algorithms, for example, promote social values such as political participation, mental health, or social connection? The team tested the idea empirically in a new paper that will be published in Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction in April 2024. Bernstein, Hancock, and a group of Stanford HAI faculty also explored that idea in a recent think piece.

For their experiment, the researchers aimed to decrease partisan animosity by building democratic values into a feed-ranking algorithm. “If we can make a dent in this very important value, maybe we can learn how to use social media rankings to affect other values we care about,” says Michelle Lam, a fourth-year graduate student in computer science at Stanford University and co-lead author of the study."

thejapantimes, to worldnews

Canada has become ground zero for Facebook's battle with governments that have enacted or are considering laws that force internet giants to pay media companies for links to news published on their platforms.

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I blame TikTok, Facebook reels and any kind of stupid short form reels for the noise pollution in cafe's and trains.

Both my parents seem hopelessly addicted to them and during my Penang vacay it took all my strength not to grab their phones and throw them out of the window because both liked to watch them with phone speakers on - at the same time!!! - while I am just trying to chill in the living room.

#smartphones #socialmedia

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Max Homa's Wife Lacey Homa Is Crushing It With Masters Content

littlemiao, to australia avatar

Really terrifying how in the aftermath of a mass stabbing in Australia, an online mob named a Jew as the perpetrator, and a mainstream news source spread this lie as fact. This was not a case of “mistaken identity,” it was a deliberate attempt to ruin and endanger the life of an innocent person and endanger Jews in general. #Antisemitism #Australia

littlemiao, avatar

Here is a detailed account of the deliberate spreading of disinformation to blame the massacre on a Jew. The whole thing is horrific and the ease with which the disinformation spread shows how eager so many people are to act out their antisemitic fantasies of scapegoating Jews for anything and everything bad.

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