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Han der søppel-fyren.

Free software/standards and federation advocate since Identi.ca and before/beyond.

Posts in Norwegian and English.

Linux. Green party. Freeganism. Solarpunk. Midtermism. Ethical culture movement. Library socialism. Cooperatives.

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forteller, to tesla
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How it started / How it's going

Article on Jalopnik. Title:Tesla Cybertruck No Match For Car Wash "That's the only thing I've done that's different. Then I pulled it in the garage, and nothing." After just a couple of months and a few thousand miles of ownership, Tik Tok user @captian.ad’s Tesla Cybertruck was effectively a several-thousand-pound paperweight for several hours. After taking his truck to the beach and stopping off at a car wash to clean it up, he parked the truck in his garage, where it decided to just stop working for a while. The screen, which runs all functions of the truck, went black, and wouldn’t respond at all, even after performing the factory prescribed reboot procedure. Not great.

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How it's going 2

#tesla #Cybertruck #wankpanzer

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@philip It's incredible!

forteller, to GNOME
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OMG, is this what I think it is? Is it a universal search trough the menu items in applications, like that old Ubuntu HUD thing!?

I've been wanting that ever since Ubuntu introduced it, and then unfortunately got rid of it for for me unknown reasons. It's so extremely useful and a huge time saver! "Where was that thing again?" "Does this app have…?" No more questions like that, no more hunting, just search!

I really hope this is coming to soon! Where can I read more? @tbernard

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@tbernard Story of Gnome right there… :S (sorry)

Are things coming along now, though? 😄❤️

forteller, (edited ) to norge Norwegian Bokmål
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Interessant å se på hvaslags ting den nye nestlederen i Rød Ungdom postet på Reddit før han sletta kontoen sin (siste bilde er mitt fra Wikipedia, for å vise hva han siktet til angående 1956 invasion of Hungary).

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@frankps Ja, takk, fikset

forteller, to norge Norwegian Bokmål
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Mitt inntrykk er at prøver å ha et veldig image av å være den bærekraftige banken.

Vel, i dag oppdaget jeg at de tilbyr "platinum" bankkort for dem med 1 mill i lønn eller på bok, hvor alle fordelene handler om reise – ink reiseforsikring med egenandel på leiebil inkludert, billigere leiebil, rabatt og oppgradering på hoteller, og det de trekker mest fram: To gratis besøk på "lounge" på flyplass!

forteller, to random
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Starwars Valley

forteller, to random Norwegian Bokmål
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Trist. Her pleide det å være en håndfull parkeringsplasser.

dansup, to random
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Legit can’t believe @pixelfed is 6 years old already

Thank you for being a part of our journey, it’s just getting started 🚀

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@dansup @pixelfed 🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉

Vigdisol, to random Norwegian Bokmål
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Av og til finner jeg interessante ting når jeg leiter i eldgammel slekt. Orm Ivarsson Lydvo er direkte ane 16 generasjoner bakover (om man kan stole på slikt). Mer interessant er at heimgården fremdeles finnes! Noen som har vært der? https://www.grind.no/en/voss/voss/lydvo

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@steinarb @Vigdisol Jeg tror du mener "A brief histøry of everyone who ever lived"

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@steinarb @Vigdisol Ser vi forskjellige ting på Wikipedia?

oldDodger, to Norsk Norwegian
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Klokka 11.00 har jeg koreansk kurs. Jeg gleder meg. Læreren min er veldig tålmodig. Og for det er jeg veldig takknemlig.


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@oldDodger Interessant. Er det et vanskelig språk? Hvorfor prøver du å lære deg det?

thisismissem, (edited ) to random
@thisismissem@hachyderm.io avatar

Okay, so, remember how I had some big news? Well, I didn't get to announce it yesterday as I was unwell (I've been unwell most of the month and could really do with extra financial support right now!)

The big news is that my FIRES project has been granted funding by NLNet (@NGIZero) Entrust fund.

What is FIRES? It's a project I've been slowly working since September last year, and provides a server for maintaining and distributing moderation advisories and recommendations.

@forteller@tutoteket.no avatar

@thisismissem @NGIZero Congratulations! Best of luck!

hgb, to random
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Fulgte @forteller sitt tips og anskaffet =Oslo.

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@hgb Nice! Bra du minner meg om det! :) Håper det er noen gode artikler, da!

Vigdisol, to random Norwegian
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@forteller@tutoteket.no avatar

@gaski @Vigdisol Ny kunnskap for meg også. Artig uttrykk!

DavidBlue, to random
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alright folks. another social audio platform. https://www.air.chat/extratone/post/255847c3-45d8-4c00-afa2-e34f9695b98e

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@DavidBlue Is it raining or do you have a terrible leak you should fix right tf now?

@forteller@tutoteket.no avatar

@DavidBlue Pee to Post, or P2P, as the kids call it

foone, to random
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I like how the ASRock site tells me to update my system by downloading a zip file, extracting it, and putting it on a USB drive or floppy disk

it's 16mb, dude. Which floppy do you want me to put it on? a zip drive? DOES YOUR BIOS SUPPORT ZIP DRIVES?

@forteller@tutoteket.no avatar

@foone 😬

forteller, to GNOME
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I have never in my life had a computer with more than one account on it. Yet, every time I have ever turned on any PC the last I don't know how many years I've had to choose an account first, before I can type my password. And I frequently forget this thing I've done every day for many, many years, and just start typing my password without choosing the account first!

So I have questions:

  1. What is wrong with me?
  2. Why can't the only account on the PC just be pre-selected?

dnoate, to random Norwegian Bokmål
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En sjelden gang i blant tenker jeg tilbake på Songsmith-reklamen.


@forteller@tutoteket.no avatar

@dnoate oh lord

tbernard, to GNOME
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Manuel is working hard on a new version of Apostrophe! It's the long-awaited port to GTK4, Libadwaita, and the other awesome new stuff ✨

The new version is a significant overhaul, so testing and filing bugs is appreciated!

Install the beta by adding the Flathub Beta repo:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub-beta https://flathub.org/beta-repo/flathub-beta.flatpakrepo

And the install the app:

flatpak install flatpak-beta org.gnome.gitlab.somas.Apostrophe

Screenshot of an Apostrophe window with the new export dialog, which now uses an Adwaita SplitView layout.
Screenshot of an Apostrophe window in sepia style, with headerbar and toolbars hidden.

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@tbernard Thanks! Posted my first bug rapport now :)

samwho, to random
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Made a dumb website so I wouldn't ever have to Google "tm symbol" again.


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@samwho @coderbyheart May I ask what anyone uses the currency symbol for? I've always been curious about that, and can't remember ever seeing it used for anything except just decoration

jan, to random
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Not sure if I should posting here, as it seems nobody sees my post. Or anyway, there's no engagement. Should I keep posting on Mastodon?

Anyway, here's today's video:


@forteller@tutoteket.no avatar

@jan @jimmac I'd say you have to follow people to get followers, and you have to have followers for people to see your stuff :)

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