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Boatperson, computer wizard, qualified counsellor, stick twizzler, father, and self enquirer.

Helping those building democratising technology to reverse the corporate capture of online spaces. Ex: #SafeNetwork

Techy self: https://fosstodon.org/@happyborg

Techy blog: https://dweb.happybeing.com


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carnage4life, to random
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The story of DeviantArt, a community site now overwhelmed by content from AI bots and which is itself selling user content to train AI, reads like a cautionary tale for Reddit.

The saving grace is there’s no Reddit alternative for users upset about their content being sold to AI companies


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@carnage4life two alternative on the fedi: lemmy and kbin.

YorksBylines, to random
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With the numbers not in his favour, and having run out of ideas, Hunt has opted for the classic finger pointing "look, Labour will be worse, honest!" | Sue Wilson MBE


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would have to be just like the conservatives to be that bad.



hanse_mina, to microsoft
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#Microsoft has opened access for Russian users to updates for #Windows and #Office, the #Russoft association told Izvestia. For example, Windows 11 23H2 is downloaded again on computers without a VPN, the situation is similar with Office. Previously, such updates could not be installed on computers from Russian IP.

In addition, Microsoft did not block Russian IT companies from accessing the software, although it promised to do so after March 20.


#Ukraine #Russia #US

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@hanse_mina That'll teach them.

markhughes, to random
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Forgot it was tonight, but not too long.

dangillmor, to random
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Play-by-play Trump trial coverage, with so-called analysis of whether the prosecution or the defense has "scored points" -- the staple of Big Journalism right now -- is the equivalent of horse-race political coverage.

All it takes are stenographic skills and the ability to make confident-sounding guesses. It's clickbait and ratings bait, and it does nothing good for public understanding.

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Cheap to produce and worth every penny.

dentangle, to random
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Took the tracteur into town to buy petrol so I can get the garden under control, or at least keep the paths clear after my encounter with the snake this morning.

Nice drive along the back roads. Fields are looking good. It's Limousin country here, and the cattle are looking healthy.

Apparently I've not been to town since the beginning of October (over 7 months ago), which was when I last went to buy fuel.

Scintillating conversation with the garagiste as usual. Three whole words and a grunt.

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Petrol. 🤔

For the flame thrower? 🔥

tbaldauf, to random
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Journalist: "So what do you think long-distance air travel is going to look like in 2050?"

Climate Scientist laughs derisively: "By 2050, most long-distance holiday destinations will be uninhabitable, so I expect the majority of long-distance air traffic to be non-existent by 2050."

Phew. Hadn't heard it THAT bleakly during a live interview yet.

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There's an implication there that home will remain inhabitable, wherever you happen to live. 🤦‍♂️

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@ManniCalavera sure, although FYI I was referring to a Eurocentric position.

@markhughes@mastodon.social avatar

@ManniCalavera No need for you to apologise. Your English is fine because my Eurocentrism wasn't clear :-), and your comment was helpful as I didn't read the article. 🙏

markhughes, to Eurovision
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Every artist performing tonight while ignoring the presence of a genocidal nation on the same stage is guilty.

Just like the appeasers of the Nazis before they committed . Only this time the genocide is already happening.

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  1. Don't put words in my mouth because you don't have a reasoned rebuttal.
  2. I'm not watching.

Stop defending genocide by criticising someone who is advocating against it.

If that's your priority, fuck you.

I was expecting to receive pushback for my comments, but so far you are the only one. Well done.

All I've had until you is boosts and favourites.

markhughes, to Eurovision
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How many songs tonight mention "love" while ignoring 's message that they must commit , including so far the mass murder of 14,000 children?

Such fun! 🥳

fulelo, to Eurovision
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Fans of 2024 - the final is live on the website plus commentary etc :

markhughes, (edited )
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Watch if you care to ignore 's massacre of 14,000 children.


markhughes, (edited ) to BBC
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Mr Holmes (Ian McKellen on 2) or ignoring on BBC 1.

Not a difficult choice for me.

Don't feed on the deaths of 14,000 children tonight. Make a statement that , and the support it has from corrupt UK & US governments is unacceptable to you.

Or not, but live with your choice whatever it is. Don't pretend you care if you can't bring yourself to not watch it.

is murdering civilians en masse. Are you ok with that or not?

squirrel_boy, to animals

Please please please ask someone before you try to pet their dog.

My dog has very strict boundaries when it comes to strangers, but I can't inform you if you don't bother to ask. Not every dog likes their head being touched.

Ask before touching. Always. Please.

@markhughes@mastodon.social avatar

@squirrel_boy mine too.

She looks very pettable, but has a fierce bark to say "back off human".

There are literally two people in the world she will allow to pet her.

markhughes, to random
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As if #KeirStarmer couldn't get any worse, but today he says he shares the values of a far right Tory opportunist with a history that includes trying to influence a judge to keep her sex offender husband from being held to account. Not to mention her far right views and close alignment to Boris Johnson.

#UKLabour is now a party that rejects an MP of integrity, Jeremy #Corbyn, but dishes out a cushy job to snag low lifes like Natalie #Elphicke.

Yet he expects us to vote for his changed party.

markhughes, to Israel
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Shielded, and supplied with weapons by US and UK, has murdered 14,000 children and 8,000 women in its genocidal massacres of civilians.

As agrees ceasefire terms Israel is beginning the next phase of its having corralled 1.4m people in .

Hours after urging 1.4m to move into a tiny bombed enclave (which France has already declared a war crime) the war criminals of the are murdering more innocents by bombing Rafa.

Criminal indictments must follow.

markhughes, to movies
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It's out of character but I love this film, Legally Blonde. It's going in the list.

markhughes, to random
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Anyone else looking forward to a minor salve of schadenfreude tomorrow morning?

PKYo, to boating
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At day's end, I tied up the boat near a Canal & River Trust service shack: water, elsan, toilets and shower.

A shower! 🚿

I hurried from the boat to the CRT building in only my shorts, T-shirt and shoes, towel and soap in hand. (These places lack clothes hooks, so fewer items is better.) They did have a wooden bench, and a disabled grab handle that I used as a towel rack.

#CanalLife #canal #boat #boating #narrowboat #CRT #UK #facilities #showers #water #towel #soap #washing #hygiene #VanLife

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@PKYo next time, maybe also take a drill, screws, rawlplugs, clothes hooks and a screwdriver!

markhughes, to random
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Protest is speech.
Money is not.

Except in America where money is censorship of other voices, and especially of protest by people for people.

markhughes, to random
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I have a program in Ubuntu24! And no doubt many other distros downstream of Debian. I installed it yesterday with:

sudo apt install safe-vdash

vdash is very niche, a tui dashboard for those running nodes but already has an enthusiastic band of users. So this is great news.

My thanks go out to Jonas and all the volunteer packagers and maintainers in the Linux ecosystem.

sarahjamielewis, to random
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People have a right to access and use secure tooling that enables them to leverage modern cryptography.

The alternative is absurd. A demand to deliberately subvert foundational economic infrastructure. A position that should be laughed out of any sensible room.

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Making people driving cars be preceded by someone on foot with a red flag was a good idea though.

ottocrat, to random
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Quandary: my Apple ID is linked to the UK, though I'm physically in the EU 50% of the time. I need to link my Apple ID to the EU in order to be able to install the app store. But this could really mess up my (UK-based) family settings, not to mention existing subs, media purchases, etc. In short: fuck Brexit

@markhughes@mastodon.social avatar

Me: it is your own fault you're being screwed by Apple, and so it is important that you stop purchasing Apple products (or you will compound the problem).

fulelo, to Israel
@fulelo@journa.host avatar

- - latest: and block US call for immediate Gaza at UN - live page:

@markhughes@mastodon.social avatar

is implying that Joe Biden is helping Hamas rather than facing the fact the the UK is supporting in its .

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