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Today I spent several hours trying to help a friend think up ways to take control of the messaging for his dance organization. It's more or less just him running it at the moment but it's on the order of 100 people who are interested and sometimes come to his dance events. Right now it's communicating mostly through Facebook and Instagram. We talked about ways to make a website, forum, blog, sell subscriptions, calendaring 1/

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It quickly became obvious how much "enclosure" there is in tech. You can't even add a webcal .ics file to your android calendar! (Not directly, requires login to desktop Google calendar). And you can't export a Google calendar as an ics! (At all). In any case lots of companies want to be the middleman in your business eventually taking a huge chunk of revenues for what is essentially a trivial service.

We looked at #WordPress, #Nextcloud, #Discourse, and #Odoo.

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For the time being, the team doesn't want to add support, even in their "Modern Image Formats" plugin, because Chrome & AVIF n' stuff. Uuuuuurghhh 😒


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Dev Web fullstack, je termine un long CDD en fin de semaine. Je suis donc libre à partir du 3 juin.

CDI distanciel de préférence sinon je m'adapte, je suis à Paris.

Compétences en +:
Maquettiste #Photoshop #Illustrator,
Monteur vidéo #Premiere, #Avid,
Habillage/Animation #AfterEffect

CV dispo en mp.

#HTML #CSS #PHP #JS #jQuery #Scss #Symfony #React #NextJs #ViteJs #Bootstrap #Tailwind #Stripe #dataTables #Wordpress #Prestashop #Sylius #MongoDb #Mariadb #aws #debian #Vi #bash #English

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Anyone who knows about the best free automated translator for WordPress sites, do let me know.

I know this is not Fediverse-related, but I'm looking for the help of great smarties of

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If you're going to Montclair (@WordcampMontclair) on Saturday June 1, 2024, join me for an Unofficial WordCamp Breakfast at Park West Diner & Cafe at 1400 US-46, Little Falls, NJ 07424 at 7am.

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Happy Birthday, #Wordpress!
21 years ago it was published, and I can proudly say that I've used Wordpress for many years since then.


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I am manually fixing old links on my blog because used to use the ID in the URL for articles, and now Google is complaining about it.

It's just one of those things that happens when you have a really old WP installation.

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Plausible Analytics: A privacy-focused GA4 alternative for WordPress. #WebAnalytics #WordPress


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I keep forgetting to answer the daily prompts on WordPress.com. As you can tell I'm a very dedicated 😂

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Interested in speaking at WP Accessibility Day? Virtual event October 9. Submit a preso here: https://2024.wpaccessibility.day/speaker-application-2024/

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So this is kinda neat. I added a tiny little widget to my WordPress dashboard that allows me to speed up the process of publishing microposts (tweets) on my site.


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Any tips on how to connect a WordPress form to Google Sheets without a 3rd party premium service?

I have a form that is rarely used by people (usually older folks) who want marketing mailed to them instead of email. The best way to do this is to have a form where they input their mailing info and have it connect to a Google spreadsheet.

Unless there's a better solution?

I don't want to have another annual plugin subscription to do this.

#WordPress #GoogleSheets #Spreadsheets #Forms

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En el último episodio de HECHO CON BLOQUES hablamos de las nuevas funciones de y el uso de para mejorar textos y generar contenido. Se analiza el uso de herramientas de inteligencia artificial como la «escritura mágica» de Canva para corregir errores ortográficos y generar texto. También se habla de una extensión de Chrome llamada Merlin que puede usar IA para responder automáticamente a los correos electrónicos.


@wordpress @wordpress

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#WordPress #accessibility - if you're blind and want to go back to 90s technology, use #gutenberg editor's "move block" upwards or downwards key combination. ctrl-alt-shift-t for up, ctrl-alt-shift-y for down, well, screen reader won't tell you the block has been moved and you'll relive the 90s experience when you had to count button pressures to learn a remote control or cd player's usage. Moving block from toolbar is correctly notified instead. Hope it's fixed soon! https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/61168

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This post explores how I’m tackling the support system around Siren, and how I think it’s going to stand out as top-tier support. I also add some hot-takes on how much I hate onboarding flows😅.



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What’s new in Gutenberg 18.4 (22 May). #WordPress #gutenberg



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ACF 6.3 Release – ACF Blocks Validation and Post Meta Storage, Icon Picker Field and More. #WordPress


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NearlyFreeSpeech.net does a decent job explaining how to setup #WordPress through shell access, but some minor points are overlooked.

I added an entry to my wiki for those interested:

"Installing WordPress on NearlyFreeSpeech"


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En los Vídeos del sótano se recopilan los antiguos clips de la serie Blogpocketies, junto a los mejores clips de HECHO CON BLOQUES y vídeos inéditos.

En el episodio nº 15:

  • Charlando sobre seguridad con Fernando Tricas @fernand0
  • Generador de temas de bloques de Pootlepress
  • Cómo crear un entorno de pruebas mediante un subdominio


#WordPress @wordpress @wordpress #IA #Fediverso

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Messed around and made myself a #WordPress plugin to help me make it easy for me to create 600x600 featured thumbnails for categories and tags. https://github.com/artlung/aggregate-thumbnail-images/ - very satisfying to scratch this itch.

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Cancelled my wordpress.com plan today. Started using it during a lull in self-hosting.

Not intending to self-host Wordpress though - are there any good tools to convert Wordpress exports into something usable? I'm considering running a static blog off markup or something.

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#ActivityPub für #WordPress installiert, Blog-Profil @blog (nicht Autor!) aktiviert, in Mastodon gesucht, gefunden und gefolgt. Folgeanfrage taucht aber in WordPress nicht auf.

Beim Autoren-Profil ist es übrigens genau so.

Aber warum nicht?

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