Ce să vă zic, mă, bine ați venit? bine ați venit, rău ați nimerit. La locu' ăsta îi zice șerpărie, de la șerpii care umblă pe-aicea. Dracu' știe cum au ajuns...

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petrescatraian, (edited )

@FragmentedChicken kit kat still had the best implementation of them imo


@Wahots guess they'll do just like they did with ublock origin ¯⁠\⁠⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠⁠/⁠¯.

Reveal/hideI still use ublock origin without an issue

nolan, to helpers

Hey ,

Does Friendica not support uploading audio? Tried uploading an MP3 but both times I couldn't find the uploaded file in the posting interface.

I'm also using Windows and noticed I had to select all file types to find my MP3 to upload. So maybe Friendica doesn't disallow non-images but the file selection makes it seem like it might.



@nolan you cannot upload it afaik, but you can embedd it with the tag.

Anyone else notice more tankies/hexbear type users than usual on /all the past few weeks, across most of Lemmy?

I know they’ve always been on Lemmy, but it seems like the past few weeks it’s slowly increasing, making me want to just stay on beehaw /local. Showing up on more communities, even on instances that ban that type of trolling explicitly....


@Gonkulator one of them that is the most active really is a Russian living in the West, yet is rolling Kremlin propaganda like crazy. You can find him on Mastodon as well, with his real name displayed on his website.



@Zorque @Alto @Facebones @Gonkulator @Nia_The_Cat @JayTreeman y'all!

If that helps, think that you also have a choice between someone who supports freedom and democracy in Europe and someone who would tell Russia to do whatever the hell it wants.


@imvl dacă nu valorează cât scrie pe ele înseamnă că sunt fake /s


@ElCanut geee, I wonder how did they make Microsoft Access.

clacke, to random

So funny when a music video has been around for 40 years and you suddenly see it for the first time.

Never knew "That's the Way" (I Like It) was by Dead or Alive. Actually I think I've never heard the song itself before, only ever inserted as a jingle or background to other media.


@clacke living in the early 2000s made me aware of the song but I never knew it's video. I only heard it at the radio.

mykhaylo, (edited ) to Ukraine avatar

You guys still didn’t get it. It’s not a choice between supporting or not supporting Ukraine.

It’s a choice between fighting Russia yourself or with money. And it’s not indefinite, if Ukraine loses you will have to fight.

Not because you want to. But because there’s only one kind of invitation you cannot say no to: “let’s go outside”.

France is smart: they are already discussing reinstating general military service. They are preparing. You should too. 1/2


@elCelio interesting take, but yea, when you think of it, Israel feels more Western to the West than Eastern Europe.

At least regular people still see the former as a grim place, riddled with poverty and petty criminals migrating to the West in search for a better life and to steal your wallet. When in fact, it is not like that.

There are lots of multinational companies, many of them being the same big companies generating big profits and revenues in the West. We have Microsoft, Amazon, Accenture, all having offices open in cities across the region - just to name a few - employing thousands or tens of thousands of people. We have big European retailers like Auchan, Decathlon, Hervis, Carrefour, IKEA or Leroy Merlin all being big on the local markets. We have McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Popeye's all dominating the fast food market. You can buy lots of big brand clothes in here. You can buy pretty much whatever car you like, from Ford, to Porsche, to BMW, Tesla etc. Here in Romania, Alstom is a big player in the rail industry. It deals with the maintenance of the Bucharest metro trains, and the system is widely appreciated. They will also supply 37 new, first-hand EMU trains to the rail operators across the country and has multiple tenders to modernize our railways to increase their top speeds to 160 km/h (that's 100 mph if you live across the pond).

We also have a powerful local industry producing cars (check for Dacia), rolling stock (most successful being the trams from Astra Vagoane Călători or the locomotives from Softronic), ships and we have a booming IT industry. Specifically for Ukraine, there has been a lot of inovation coming from there in the last decade.

And don't get me started on what Poland is producing.

Also check how cities are getting better and better, with more facilities, amenities, check how vibrant they are. Look how great cities like Bucharest look, or Cluj Napoca, or Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, Bratislava etc. Ukrainian cities like Kyiv or Lviv were also some booming economic poles before the Russian invasion.

We're pretty much getting on par with Western Europe and the Western world at large, dealing with pretty much the same problems as you all (to which you can add Russia).

Sure, our societies are a lot more conservative (with some hot spots in the bigger cities being the exception), but that is the only probable downside to a Westerner. And the younger generations are quickly changing that.

Defending Ukraine means protecting the civilised world in front of the barbaric Russian agression. Every day Russia is not beaten on the frontline is a disservice done against countries like Poland, Romania, the Baltics and others that are struggling to go away from the older soviet model of development and into the free and developed world, that are following the footsteps of development of the West.

And don't get this comment wrong wrong. Russia is a great country as well - full of culture, with a rich history, great (ordinary) people and so on. But the development model it chose lead to high social disparities, inequality, hypercentralization of power, repression against the regular people, corruption on all levels and, worst of all, tyranny. Now Russia wants to impose their system back to it's former sphere of influence and beyond - which is what this war is all about. In order to fix this part of the world, Ukraine must beat Russia for good, so every cm/inch of land returned to Ukraine from the hands of the Russian invaders is one more cm/inch to a better Eastern Europe and a better world overall.

@VoordeMus @petit_suisse @mykhaylo


@sonori the problem is that Discord tried to mix social media with Instant Messaging. This is not something that's working well. On one of them, you just talk to people, ask them about stuff and whatnot (this is why it is also called direct messaging). On other, you want to have stuff that is rather more easily accessible and has various other social functions - and it is also designed around it.

You also have a place where you can centralize all discussion (i.e. the feed) so you can at least get an idea of what is going on.

Discord (as a messaging app, primarily) is totally unfit for these tasks.


randahl, to random avatar

“I am dead sick of what is happening”

Absolutely awesome Member of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt of Belgium tells the speaker to stick his agenda somewhere where the sun does not shine, because now we will vote on more air defence systems to Ukraine. AND WINS THE VOTE BY 515 TO 62!

This is how it is done! 🇺🇦



@randahl man... too bad @guyverhofstadt seems no longer active here


@joakimdahl only has mirror accounts. You may keep up to his posts, but be sure he ain't gonna answer you or something.

Might as well just use an RSS reader.



@randahl Last post dated Jan 21, 2023, tho

@joakimdahl @guyverhofstadt


@pewgar_seemsimandroid that's great. Wish my city did the same because we have loads of these buildings

Standard notes: what about don’t put all your eggs in one basket rule?

If the owner of the standard notes will now be a proton, doesn’t that contradict this principle? I have a proton email account but I don’t want it linked to my standard notes account. I don’t strongly trust companies that offer packaged services like google or Microsoft. I prefer to have one service from one company. I am...


@gamedeviancy I decided to change the way how I save my notes. More specifically: Markdown

I got accustomed to it on spezzit FWIW, even without knowing about it in the first place, but then it felt so natural. I even use it here on Friendica, despite it being mostly relied on BBCode.

Now, how do I enjoy it? There are certain apps that save your notes as Markdown files in any folder of your choosing. You can then sync that folder through a cloud storage provider or through Syncthing so you can have your notes available on any device. And that's it. If I do not like an app (even on one device) I switch to another. My notes stay with me an I can read them even in a normal text editor.

I did not encrypt my notes, but since these are just regular files, I assume you can use something like VeraCrypt to add the folder containing the notes in there and move them that way.


Additionally, all Google Photos users on Android and iOS will get 10 Magic Editor saves per month. To go beyond this limit, you'll need a Pixel device or a Premium Google One plan (2TB and above).

... Really?

Free_Press, to news avatar


New capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces: fighter jets can fly much closer to the front line and attack the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with short-range missiles instead of glider bombs - Forbes.

This situation arose due to the blocking of aid to Ukraine from the United States.

Ukrainian air defense systems began to run out of missiles to repel Russian attacks.



@TheEmpororHasNoClothes What type of more sophisticated weaponry does Russia have?



@TheEmpororHasNoClothes It's literally the first time I've ever come across you, but now that I am checking your profile, I see you're only regurgitating Russian propaganda. So I don't think it's worth doing it any longer, nor is it worth for you to answer my question. But feel free to do it if you have something else to back up your claims.


@claralistensprechen3rd yea, I noticed. I just wanted to tackle the biggest bullshit in the room because I was curious what their propaganda would tell them. Seems like the kid's only response to this was to go check his profile.


atomicpoet, to threads avatar

On , posts being shared to the are identifiable by a circular icon on the top right of their posts.

See screenshot.



@apemantus I am on Friendica, a platform which supports text formatting 😀

18+ loewe, to random avatar

does already connect to Threads, by the way?


@loewe Uses the same protocol as Threads, so yes

zuck, to random

Someone get this guy some Ray-Ban Metas 😎


@Somewhereunknown7351 it was. With him and a Capybara. Not sure if he hasn't deleted his post already.

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