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Computer programmer living in Pune, India.

I like unopinonated multi-paradigm programming languages like Raku and Common Lisp. (previously, a lot of Clojure, and some Go at work).

Interested in Databases and Distributed Systems.

I dual boot OpenBSD and Manjaro Linux on a desktop.

Long time Emacs user, but occasionally use Helix or NeoVim.

Father to identical twin girls. 👨‍👧‍👧

Join #codesurfers on OFTC network if you wanna hang out. (IRC)

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samebchase, to random
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I've gotten a dactyl manuform-esque ergonomic keyboard, but I'm not sure when's a good time to bite the bullet and switch to Dvorak.

I'm concerned it would result in a significant dip in productivity...

samebchase, to emacs
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At my new workplace, all development has to be done in an AWS Workspace with ~200ms network latency. I fear this is going to become more common especially for contractors.

Now keystrokes need to be accurate otherwise the lag makes corrections frustrating.

Earlier I would have happily hold down (C-p) till I move five lines up. With this lag it results in overshooting, then an attempt to correct it results in overshooting in the opposite direction. You just can't hold down keys anymore.

Now I do (C-5 p) or (C-u p followed by a single C-p) to move exactly five lines up. Things like avy to jump to the exact character become invaluable.

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@RL_Dane it's annoying for sure, but I did get used to it. I don't think it's a 200 ms latency for text to appear for every keystroke, perhaps it is less than 50 ms even.

I'm sure they are doing some neat tricks to optimize it or give it the illusion of responsiveness.

What is more frustrating is the jitter. Sometimes it takes much longer etc.

I was unemployed for four months before this, so I am grateful for what I have. 😅

i_lost_my_bagel, to random
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fun fact: if you have a laptop or desktop that has an intel cpu with "vPro" on the sticker there's a chance the management engine in your CPU is just hosting a web server at all times.

It's at port 16992

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@Sqaaakoi @i_lost_my_bagel Management Engine is essentially an entire OS (Minix) running /on/ the CPU.

So pretty much every computer out there is running two OSes at all times.

mwl, to random
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I will never reach inbox zero.

My inbox has a message from Ken Thompson giving me a quote to promote , and it will sit in front and center in my inbox FOREVER.

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@mwl Someday I will work up the courage to send Larry Wall an email. I will be quite happy if he responds. 🤩

nixCraft, to linux
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How many CPU cores (including threads ) and RAM are in your PERSONAL system? Are you happy with that?

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@nixCraft 6 cores (Ryzen 5600X), 16 GB memory.

It was fine until recently when ran out of memory while when I tried running one of the larger LLMs on my machine. Might get another 16 GB stick for a total of 32 GB.

cydonian, to random
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King of fruits: why choose between mango and durian?

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@cydonian I like both as well, however I'd favour mangoes. 🤩

Do you get Alphonso mangoes in SG?

samebchase, to raku
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I want to try out https://www.morling.dev/blog/one-billion-row-challenge/ in

The baseline solution in Java clocks in just under 5 seconds, so with Raku what should be a decent timing for a closest translation of that. The optimized solutions are less than 2 seconds.

What is a good time to target?

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Dear rakoons, what's the best way to memory map a file?

Do I need to write a C program and use NativeCall or whatever?

Even doing the equivalent of wc -l in pure Raku on a 12 G file takes far too long.

The fast solutions for the 1brc challenge, all seem to be memory mapping the file.

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@lizmat On my machine, when I do:

for $path.IO.lines() {

if $i %% 1_000_000 {
say "Processed $i rows."

which is essentially a pure Raku version of wc -l, it takes 6 seconds for 10M rows.

For 1G rows, that's ~600 seconds and for 12G rows, that's 7200 seconds.

This represents a lower bound as to what processing the file line by line can be. We are not doing any of the string.split or any of the other bookkeeping in the hashmap.

I was wondering if I could try an alternative approach...

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@lizmat Let me try this out.

For comparision with single threaded wc -l i mplementation:

  1. Go takes 23 seconds.
  2. Common Lisp (SBCL) takes 70 seconds.

CL => 3x Go
Raku => 10x CL

The Nil while read thing that you've given runs in 20 seconds.

The race and atomic increment thing, I killed it after 3 mins.

njoseph, to random
@njoseph@social.masto.host avatar

I found myself looking for a desktop wiki today. I used Zim several years ago. Currently using logseq just for its journals feature, but after a year of use I am still not used to "everything is a list item" paradigm.

I wanted a messy desktop wiki which I don't care too much about maintaining. Unfortunately, I cared too much about maintaining a clean logseq notebook.

I found that TiddlyWiki is the simplest solution. Started using TiddlyDesktop backed by a Syncthing folder.

@samebchase@fantastic.earth avatar

@njoseph I considered using TiddlyWiki, but then wanted something with a different look and feel. Quite a superficial reason, I admit.

Finally settled on FossilWiki, and I regularly use it for my tech notes that I keep referring to.

Wrote more details here: https://codesurfers.net/2021/10/02/personal-information-management.html

samebchase, to random
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When we accessed social media on our desktops, we had the ability to send long form messages. We send elaborate emails, we were able to type blazing fast IM replies.

The form factor of the phone conditions us to dislike typing on it, and instead use it as a means of consumption, rather than creation.

Now that I'm using a desktop full time, I wait for the chance to be at my desk and type them out comfortably.

samebchase, to random
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One of the best parts of the fediverse is, you can click around for say 30 mins, post whatever you want to, reply to whoever you want to, and that's it.

There is nothing more left to do. You have seen everything there is to see for the day.

There's no infinite scroll or algorithmic feed sucking your eyeballs. There are no panic/outrage inducing posts targeting your unique fears/triggers.

You can move on to doing whatever you are meant to do for the day.

Bye, for now. 👨‍💻

samebchase, to random
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Are you disappointed with overly sweet "cutting chai"?

Ask your local cafe to make "special" chai with "less sugar". Optionally, you can ask for some ginger for extra kick. They'll then proceed to make you a chai from scratch, which will should be more to your liking.

If you still don't like it, and they aren't amenable to your suggestions, there are lot more cafes which you can try.

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Random fact about sugar and turkeys follows, because I'm feeling bored: 🤓

The process of refining sugar was introduced to India by a Chinese person, so sugar is literally called China/Chinese in Hindi.

Kinda like how turkeys used to be called "India" in Turkey because they were thought to originate from there and the rest of the world calls the birds "turkey" for the same reason.

abnv, to random
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My life got 1.4x times better since I learned that I can have my orange juice alongside my coffee.

@samebchase@fantastic.earth avatar

@s3thi @abnv I like orange juice, but it's so much work to put oranges in the juicer, and then have to clean up the crushed orange fibers or whatever they are called.

If that is delayed even by a bit, it hardens and becomes difficult to clean.

If you're talking about store bought orange juice, my main issue with them is that they are expensive. Don't care as much about the sugar content, but yeah even that can be an issue for people.

@samebchase@fantastic.earth avatar

@cnx @abnv @s3thi Hmm, that's a good point. Didn't realise that oranges can also be squeezed manually. 😬

We have a metal lemon squeezer. Perhaps we could get one that works well with oranges as well.

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@cnx @abnv @s3thi Now that you put it that way, it does sound disappointing. 🙈

rakyat, to interesting
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Saw this at a traditional Chinese medicine shop. How does one eat this?

@samebchase@fantastic.earth avatar

@rakyat Either boiled or ground into powder? 😬

samebchase, to rust
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To everyone writing on :

How do you deal with the lack of rustup, nightly toolchain etc.?

Does your experience match up to what I've written over here: https://github.com/codesurfers/codesurfers.github.io/blob/master/_posts/2024-01-19-openbsd-desktop-daily-driver.md#rust ?

samebchase, to raku
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Great post featuring while trying to explain an algorithm using which we can do mental arithmetic to generate pseudorandom numbers.


I learnt a few tricks! 👌

skinnylatte, to nature
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Incredible footage of a black-eyed squid hauling thousands of her eggs across the ocean. During this long period of 6-9 months the squid never lets go, and doesn’t even eat.

Sadly I was only able to find this footage on IG on Schmidt Ocean’s account. It’s remarkable.


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@skinnylatte Amazing. This is like how the mother octopus does not eat for many months until death so that her eggs are never unprotected.

samebchase, to random
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Just caught myself doomscrolling on here.

I have successfully managed to replace my Birdsite and Orange Website addiction with the Fediverse and Lobste.rs.


skinnylatte, to random
@skinnylatte@hachyderm.io avatar

I just talked to my wife about how mad i am at myself that today, I was not able to: work my full time job, play an hour of saxophone, run five miles, print in a darkroom and cook a meal. My brain just doesn’t allow for the possibility that maybe that’s too much.

I have a lot of meditation to catch up on (or learn more spoon theory!)

@samebchase@fantastic.earth avatar

@skinnylatte Also, I'd say, being able to do 2/5 of those tasks is a super productive day. 💯

Not being able to do 5 makes you less than superhuman.

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