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Aries crone emerita. I meme, therefore I am. #Thinker; #writer; #painter; #poet; #digitalart creator; #photographer; fierce #liberal; former Dem #ResistanceActivist on TW with 26k followers, but I’m here for the art. 🌈Ally. #Disabled & living life from my couch in sunny #NorCal, but my ❤️ is in #Paris. Perennial #geology student of the PNW, #Zentnerd. If reincarnation is true, I’m returning as a Northern Royal Albatross. SFBA.social Supporter 🔶OK TO REPOST MEMES🔶

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cynblogger, to random
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Wednesday, April 24 🌸

  1. All three billion oleander blossoms, red, pink, white, are just at the edge of blooming for the summer.
  2. Nathan’s Kosher Jumbo Beef Hot Dogs.
  3. Youngest granddaughter in NC honored at Senior Night for her 100 goals in lacrosse this year.
Drdind, to random
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Walken could play him in a biopic

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More cowbell!

mizblueprint, to Bloomscrolling
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The garden today. , , , and a full Bee House. 🐝

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Waitnwallflower, to random
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Now I'm curious.

What was your favorite childhood game?

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knittingknots2, to random
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Scientists say USDA is sharing too little data too slowly on H5N1 flu | CNN


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We have apparently learned NOTHING in 2020-2024!

zornslemmon, to animals
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This is Newton, aka Mr. Newt, aka Newtie-newt. He was 15 years old and a very gentle and loving dog and we had to say goodbye to him today. Our hearts are broken.

He was a very good boy.

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So very sorry💔😢

aaron.rupar, to random

"I'm here in a courtroom sitting up as straight as I can all day long" -- Trump seems to admit he's having trouble staying awake in court

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I forget…did Secretary Clinton whine about her hours-long Benghazi testimony?

Stoned_Deva_, to random
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Can't wait til Wind Day and Fire Day!

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In September 🤣

misc, to random
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What's the word for when someone is doing something they feel defensive about, and they want you to do it too so they can feel better? Anyway...

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RickS, to random
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"Nobody has more respect for women than me," said the grab'm by the pussy guy!

He cheated on Ivana with Marla, cheated on Marla with Melania, cheated on Melania (while pregnant) with Karen McDougal, and with Stormy after Barron was born!

Besides E. Jean Carroll, 26 women are suing Trump for Rape, Assault, Sexual Harassment, and underage rape.

For years, well known to harass and grope women whether they knew each other or total strangers...and he brags about it!

Respect for women?!?!

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…so much “respect” that he packed SCOTUS with perjurers so as to remove healthcare agency & bodily autonomy from women & relegate them to second-class citizens. WTG, Don Snoreleone!

majkel, to art Polish
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Painted in Procreate, study.

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Extraordinarily well done in Procreate (or in any medium).

andybrwn, to random
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PG&E touting their energy mix. I think they get to this because of some good & average hydro years, easier summer in 2023, and their renewable and storage purchases. We will see how 2024 pans out.

PG&E Corporation - PG&E Customers' Electricity 100% Greenhouse Gas-Free in 2023 https://investor.pgecorp.com/news-events/press-releases/press-release-details/2024/PGE-Customers-Electricity-100-Greenhouse-Gas-Free-in-2023/default.aspx

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Now do a post on their obscene profits while raising rates.

“Mar 1, 2024 — PG&E announces record profits for 2023 raking in $2.2 billion, a nearly 25 percent increase. This comes after implementing a rate hike in 2024.”

HeliaXyana, to random
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  • Wrote a nice chapter.
  • Found a old ring I thought I lost.
  • Doodled some flowers.
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aaron.rupar, to random

Trump makes the case for “FULL IMMUNITY” by comparing himself to a “rogue cop” who ends up prosecuted for misconduct

cynblogger, (edited )
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How does this mesh with his promised blood bath of revenge against the Bidens, one wonders?

cynblogger, to random
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Monday, April 22 * Earth Day🌎

  1. Grateful for having lived in Nevada (Desert! Sierra! Snow!) and California (Ocean! Hills & mountains! Agricultural fields! Rivers! Redwoods!). Miss the coast but happy to live in sunshine.

  2. Grateful for all living creatures which call Earth home, especially birds, & most especially seabirds (Pelicans! Albatrosses!)

  3. Grateful for this little plot of land and comfortable house, in this county & state, in this hemisphere, on this amazing, precious planet.

Three adult Northern Royal Albatross birds, all white with black wings, standing on a grassy hillside overlooking a bay in NZ. The center bird has its head pointing upward for its signature skycall and its huge pointed wings outspread in an arc.

cynblogger, to environment
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🌎Celebrate Earth Day today!

🌎Recognize all the measures Pres. Biden has taken for the and to fight .

🌎Commit to working to re-elect Biden/Harris. Only Democrats will continue critical measures to help .


Dr_Bombay, to history
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I love that the historical buildings in Midtown in Reno are getting some plaques that educate everyone about their history. Some are much older than i expected!

Go on a historical tour of buildings in Midtown Reno https://www.rgj.com/picture-gallery/news/2024/04/19/go-on-a-historical-tour-of-buildings-in-midtown-reno/73360279007/?utm_source=pren-DailyBriefing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily-briefing&utm_term=Content%20List%20-%20Stacking%20-%20optimized&utm_content=1011GJ-E-NLETTER65

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Well, that was an interesting little tour through my 1940-1955 Reno childhood! Thanks for posting! 😊

rgulick, to random
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So far at his trial Trump has been Grumpy, Sleepy, and Dopey. And a new dwarf, Stinky. Which of the dwarves will he channel this week?

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JoshuaHolland, to journalism
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Poll: It's April you freaks

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12thRITS, to random
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No, Vox.com, it's actually not.

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hugh, to random
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Has anyone done house swaps that can share experiences? These are the type where you go and live in someone else's house and they come and live in yours for a month or more.

I'd like to spend some time living in mainland European cities, but without having to commit to moving there (yet...)
I understand swaps/exchanges are a thing but don't know anyone that's ever done it.

Boosts always appreciated :)

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My BFF has a smallish but lovely apartment in San Francisco that he uses as a second home. He has traded time for multiple vacations in Paris, London, NYC — all done through an agency and all great experiences for both parties. The “agency” factor is important for screening purposes. The places in which he’s stayed through this arrangement have all been equal in quality to his own place.

lin11c, to random
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Look out!! "The rapture" is coming again!! How many times is that now?

A graphic explaining that the US constitution has nothing to do with Christianity.

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“The Rapture” is a recent (1830’s) concoction with no legitimate biblical or conventional theological basis. Just in case anyone wondered.

exchgr, to random
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the worst part about arguing with my brother is i can’t make any your mom jokes

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Oh, sure you can.
My sister and I sent and re-sent the same birthday card to each other for years:
A cartoon of an old, tired hag - text read, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY! One year older. One year closer to looking like Mom.”

stux, to random
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I really suggest for Marjorie Taylor Greene to move to Russia since she seem to love Putler so much :blobcatscared:

Seriously people..

How did we get so far that such damn clowns are "running" or more ruining the US

It's not funny anymore

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How did we get here?

  1. For over 100 years, we’ve never had voter turnout over 70% in a presidential year. In non-presidential election years, it doesn’t reach 50%. US Representatives are elected every two years.
  2. Requirements for US REP are only three: To be elected, a representative must be at least 25 years old, a United States citizen for at least seven years and an inhabitant of the state he or she represents.
  3. The SCOTUS ruling on Citizens United opened the door to unlimited & almost uncontrolled campaign financing by PACs & corporations. A 5–4 majority of the Supreme Court sided with Citizens United, ruling that corporations and other outside groups can spend unlimited money on elections.
  4. Changes to the Voting Rights Act by SCOTUS. In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act, which allowed states to begin changing their voting laws without procedural protections in place.

The result is the 2022 Republican Majority in the House.

cdarwin, to random
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Trump hasn’t been taking to martyrdom very well behind the scenes, three sources with knowledge of the matter tell Rolling Stone.
He has privately raged over everything from reports that he can’t stop dozing off,
to how the court sketch artist is rendering him,
to late-night talk show hosts joking about his legal troubles.
The former president is reaching levels of fury over the judicial process and all it entails that are “maxed out, even for him,” says one source who has had to personally endure Trump’s recent rantings about his trial.

The presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee has a lengthy track record of getting volcanically angry, and often allowing his rage to dictate political, legal, and policy decisions.
But with the historic first criminal trial of an American president now underway, his public and private wrath has become particularly multi-faceted, and sustained to the point that longtime confidants have taken notice.

Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s former White House press secretary who fell out with him years ago said “This entire experience must be beyond uncomfortable for him,
not just the fact that it dives into such personal details, but he has absolutely no control for probably the first time since he was a young child.”

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Schadenfreude is a bitch.

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