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And almost no firefox user wants to admit that, among the other things Firefox is flawed for. But, “IT’S NOT GOOGLE” is their only rationale.


I keep forgetting why sometimes I even use Telegram. It’s just there. I don’t want their dumb subscription.

Where Do You Sit in the Movie Theater?

It seems everyone has a different sitting preference at the movies. I want the ultimate experience: the screen completely filling my vision, like I’m in the movie. Usually the third or fourth row. My wife complains we’re too close. Then I see people way in the back and it must be like watching TV the screen is so small. I...


Always in the back. I get a better view that way. I’ve tried sitting in the front before, but I always had to have my head tilted up. I’ve tried sitting in the middle before and my eyes had to zoom around the screen still to try and catch everything.

So, the back it is for me.

Do you ever use coinflips to decide what you want to do?

I sometimes do and I did just a few minutes ago as I’m typing this. I decided 5 out of 7, whether or not I was going to go to a chinese buffet today. The coin decided 5-3, that I will. Then I wanted the coin to decide if I’m going thrifting today and with a landslide of 0-5, it didn’t want me to....


Well, why aren’t we practicing that communal specialty into you know, bettering society from it’s current dumpster fire state? Or is that just too tall of a task?


Not really, most times. It just makes me look at things with an even viler perspective towards the things I already have a low-mood or tolerance to as is.

Could one really really smart person eventually recreate all technological advancements granted immortality?

Let’s say we left one single very smart guy (not necessarily with the knowledge: they may be able to understand hard stuff when taught it, but not know it already) alone on a copy of the earth. That person is also immortal. Could that person, by themselves, gain back all knowledge, maybe also experimental, or even surpass that...


Our brains are like hard drives. We know a fair amount but over time, we forget some things to make room for newer things. Some things, we can’t access because some part of it was overwritten. Some other things, we can’t simply recount at all.

So it’d be an eternity spending time figuring it out, forgetting, misplacing the knowledge, coming to a realization, forgetting again .etc .etc

I never went cinema, should I try it now ?

I am 18 and till this day I have never been inside a cinema, its not like i dont watch movies. I watch movies on amazon prime, but recently I was thinking of watching oppenheimer(sorry if theres a spell mistake), should I go to cinema (Its not about the movie its about should i try going to a cinema) ?? And if yes then should i...


First, go alone. But make sure you go at the tailend of the movie’s cycle before it goes out of theaters. That’s usually when crowds lessen and it’ll be easier on you to manage. Lots of people really find themselves annoyed because they attend a movie, just when it’s freshly released and they run into all of these problems.


Fed Up

Good way to know how truly messed the food industry is because of the lobbying from the sugar industry


If Lemmy’s karma system can stay as it is, without adopting the Reddit way of how it handles it, I guess it’s fine. Personally, I’d like to at least have some place to go to, that doesn’t have likes, doesn’t have karma points or anything. Because it just encourages people to groom themselves to say things, that’ll garner the most attention. It invalidates your way of thinking and makes you check back on scores to feel validated.

I hate that I can’t go almost anywhere anymore, without seeing some stupid form of a karma points system. It serves no purpose. Reddit’s is worse because they tie your account to it. Don’t have enough? Welp, too bad, can’t post here. Got downvoted to oblivion? Welp, too bad, gotta wait some 10 minutes and fill a stupid captcha check.

If Lemmy can avoid that, then fine, I guess.


If we’re perfectly honest - No.

Reddit has over 53 some odd million users. Million with an M. Lemmy has gained, at most, upwards of just thousands. To call it a ‘mass exodus’ is really overselling it.

It’s going to take a fairly long time, for Lemmy to even scratch 100k even. I’m on both Reddit and Lemmy. Lemmy, for a more positive experience. Reddit, because the numbers are just there.


The landscape was different. Digg was in 2004. Reddit in 2005. They both came in a time where social media was at it’s infancy and it was anyone’s game to make it big. Whereas today, there are already established social media sites and the best any alternative social media outlet can do anymore, is absorb some numbers and try to prove to be the better alternative. It’s a lot about thinking outside the box and figuring what a platform can do that the other can’t.


Okay, so let’s go down the list. Musk has bought Twitter so he could:

  • Suspend the user that was tracking his plane
  • "Own the libs", I mean, he’s definitely a republicunt
  • Run out all of the news outlets he deemed not trustworthy
  • Unban the orange monkey
  • Now rebrand Twitter as a letter because he couldn’t let go of an era that was far, far better off without his existence

Can we just fucking retire Captcha already? It can be defeated and there’s been proof of that. If it’s purpose has been defeated, then it is no longer of use.

Trump causes confusion by sharing meme calling Jan 6 a ‘government staged riot’ even though he was in power (

The meme has been liked nearly 9,000 times and shared 2,400 times as of Monday. In reaction to Mr Trump’s repost, journalist Aaron Rupar sarcastically wrote on Twitter: “rubbing my last 2 brain cells together as I try to remember who ran the government on January 6.”...


We all sat and let 9/11 happen. Guess we’ll all just turn ourselves in. All 300+ million of us.


The Matrix Revolutions.

Released in the same year as Reloaded, which I don’t think a movie series of that caliber has been done in a long time or since. But we got two Matrix sequels in one year. Reloaded has gotten a little more accepted as time went on but people are still divided on Revolutions. I quite frankly, thought the mainline series couldn’t have ended on more of a note than it did. A lot of the content has gone over everyone’s heads, even at the time, because it was all techy-techy stuff and had biblical themes in it as well. But if you look at the entire Matrix series as you would TRON, it makes a little more sense.


Yes, this had to be made because already I am a little disgruntled about how the main unpopularopinion community is ran and what content I’ve found on there. So I wanted to make a true version, the ‘true’ part being, that it’s sought for more thoughtful opinions that are beyond 2 lines and actually are more fleshed out...


Someone will make that down the road, I’ll leave it to them.


The way I see something as ‘unpopular’ is that you have to feel strongly about it. I’ve studied the way some people have posted over on Reddit, on all unpopularopinion based subreddits like 10thDentist, TrueUnpopularOpinion .etc

What I’ve noted people of doing there is that they’re saying the opposite of what people prop as popular, for the sake of being the opposite. They don’t feel that strongly about it and you can tell. They’ll write a 2-liner post that is very dry, summarizing that they don’t like something because everyone else did, just through their own words. It doesn’t feel strong, doesn’t feel relatable or resonates anything.

I love opinions where someone points at something and has a very vibrant feeling towards it. I’m tired of any of them, unpopular or popular, that are along the lines of “I don’t know why I like it, I just do” and “It sucks because…it just sucks and I’ve got nothing to add to it”.


I feel the concept of FB can still work. Just don’t have someone like Mark running it.

Friendica is an option but I don’t want to keep going to social media platforms where I have to constantly server hop. Lemmy is about as far as I’ll go, but anything else, is a deal breaker.


Oh dear and it’s some of their more vulnerable subreddits too like Anxietyhelp and Therapy.

Oh and need some for Chrome, lol.

Supreme Court Ethics Bill Passes Committee over 100% Republican Opposition (

Although I agree with this bill, the NYT calling it “strict new ethics rules” is a bit much. Reading the requirements in the bill itself, it struck me as legislating that SCOTUS justices do the bare ethical minimum required of most every other judge - in other words, it’s the type of bill that shows up when an organization...


I fully expect them to nuke the filibuster to pack the court.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but nuking the filibuster would end up working both ways, wouldn’t it? If there’s no filibuster, then if Republicans are somehow in control, they’d get by just as much with no resistance in passing laws than if Democrats did because there’d be no opposition, right?

If true, I am almost under the impression that no filibuster is actually a bad idea.

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