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Looks like Brown Rot. Trim off the parts with it showing, and if the tree foliage is super dense do some trimming to open up the airflow. Make sure if you are watering it the water is not getting sprayed directly on the trunk or foliage.

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It is a week old magazine at this point. The issue appears to be that i was not switching to magazine search instead of whatever the search defaults to (threads?). Seems like something worth improving on, if I'm searching for a topic i would obviously be interested in magazines on that topic too, not just posts that mention the topic. Thank you for the reply!

A starting guide to + support thread for new users

Frequently seeing users expressing confusion about the workings of and the larger fediverse. Thought it was worth making an intro guide to iron out some of the wrinkles in the understanding of how all of this works in hopes of diminishing the barrier to entry the idea of federated content seems to pose. Some of this...

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Having an issue I hope someone can help with:
I created a magazine ( but when I use the Kbin search at the top of the page, it does not appear? I've tried various search terms, but neither the magazine nor the post I made in it show up. I have 2 subscribers, but I think they came from direct links I posted in other's comments.

Do I need to somehow make the magazine public? Or index-able? I added Tags in the tag section of the magazine. Hoping someone can help out, I really need my dog picture fix!

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Thank you, I was not switching to the Magazine search. I guess I assumed by searching it would return all results from posts to magazines to hashtags.

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If your bed is absolutely isolated and there is no way for the runner roots to escape, mint would be a good option. Really make sure it's isolated though, dig down to the bottom and make sure it doesn't connect to your other dirt areas like lawn or other planters. If there is a way for it to escape it will, and it will take over.

Anyone have non-lethal means of getting chipmunks to go away?

While they're cute and all, chipmunks are destroying the root systems of some well-established shrubs in my yard. Does anyone have any tested and proven methods for repelling them from certain areas? I don't want to poison or trap the little buggers, but I'd like them to stop killing things. I also don't want to make any of the...

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This works great, but I suggest using powdered (like how cyanne pepper usually comes) instead of flakes. Flakes encourage birds to give them a taste and I cant imagine its good for them.

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Today I learned! You have a point about them stealing it though. Cayenne us how I protect my sunflowers from squirrels so I know it works for that

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Hi again v13, we're the pest fighting pepper homies today lol

This does work, however groundhogs (and many ground or below ground rodents) navigate and "view" the world largely with their sense of smell, so powdered pepper can basically blind them or cause a lot of torment.
You can do a similar thing with shorter term consequences by using oil-based scents instead of powder. Garlic, crushed lavender, home fragrances such as the liquid from glade plug-ins, e-cigarette juice, a perfume or cologne you want to get rid of, etc. All of these will have a similar effect to the cayenne but without permanent damage.

Or if you really want to go with the pepper solution I'd suggest emulsifying it with a blender and cooking oil so that the particles are at least mostly trapped in the oil.

There's a Rhino-shaped Cave in Washington State (

Not all fossils are bones. (Or shells. Or teeth.) Most of us would agree that mammoth tusks and Stegosaurus spikes are pretty darn cool. And yet, the fossil record is not limited to old body parts. "Fossils" are defined as any "naturally preserved remains or traces of [life forms] that existed in the geologic past."

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It's super cool to see in person! It's in a beautiful area and well worth the trip to visit

OC Looking for (paid) wedding playlist help!

Hey music nerds! I'm in the process of planning my low-budget wedding, and unfortunately a DJ is one of the things that does not fit into our price budget. So I have been creating two playlists - one which is more PG for the first half of the night, and one which is more raunchy for the late night party. I think I may need to...

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Thanks for your reply! All attendees are old enough to not worried about having to have clean versions of tracks, no kids present. No 'first dance' with the bride, but we will be dancing together with people. There will be an explicit break from one playlist to the other, about 3 hours after the ceremony.

So pg playlist is 3+ hours long, party playlist is about 2 hours to be safe.

Its in a back yard setting, pretty casual feels.

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I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into this, I hope you feel proud of what you made!

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I really like the look of figured maple with electronics, I've tried making a few different things out of figured maple but the only time I feel like it isn't too "busy" is when its broken up with something like the black speaker cones. It looks very nice, well done OP!

How did sanding go for you? That stuff always makes me want to take a damn angle grinder to it.

Heritage Gardens of the Columbia River Basin (

For any of you that are located in Central Washington state, the Heritage Gardens of the Columbia River Basin organization has been wonderful to work with! They design native plant, low water, and insect/animal habitat friendly landscapes for homes (and I think businesses)....

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