Raj Green Sandstone at Royale Stones (

Transform your outdoors with the rustic allure of Raj Green Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs at Royale Stones. This mix-size patio pack brings timeless elegance and earthy tones to your garden or patio. Explore the natural beauty of Raj Green Sandstone for an enduring and captivating outdoor space....

OC I made a cheesy ASMR timelapse of some weeding I did at home in preparation for the coming Spring. (

We are coming to the end of winter here in Australia and it's time to get my garden beds ready for the upcoming growing season. I've got some weeding to do and general tidying up around the yard before spring is upon us. So welcome to today's gardening timelapse!

Anyone have non-lethal means of getting chipmunks to go away?

While they're cute and all, chipmunks are destroying the root systems of some well-established shrubs in my yard. Does anyone have any tested and proven methods for repelling them from certain areas? I don't want to poison or trap the little buggers, but I'd like them to stop killing things. I also don't want to make any of the...

Peony Growing Really Far from Bulb? (

Hey everyone! I'm pretty new to gardening, this is my first year attempting to plant anything and I planted some peony bulbs. I was just wondering why some are sprouting so far away from where I planted them? For instance in the pic I planted at X and I've circled where it decided to pop up. Is this common?...

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