FaceDeer, to news in Colorado paramedic sentenced to five years in prison over killing of Elijah McClain
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They swore an oath to do no harm. They didn't swear an oath to mindlessly obey anyone with a badge. It actually should be easy.

FaceDeer, to technology in Spotify, Epic Games, and others pen letter to EC, claiming Apple has made a 'mockery' of the DMA | TechCrunch
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"They broke the law fair and square" is an odd defence.

FaceDeer, to news in Paramedic Sentenced to Five Years in Death of Elijah McClain
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The case was a rare criminal prosecution of emergency medical personnel, and stirred outrage among paramedics and firefighters across the nation who worry that urgent decisions made as part of their jobs can be criminalized.

Maybe don't ignore the Hippocratic Oath and commit basic blatant malpractice at the behest of the police and you won't have to worry about that so much.

FaceDeer, to worldnews in Pro-Palestinian firebrand Galloway wins Rochdale by-election in blow for UK Labour
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And replace it with what? The only two basic forms of democracy are representative and direct, and direct democracy has its own problems.

FaceDeer, to asklemmy in How big would be the backlash and consequences if one of the instances for eg: .world or .ml turned out to be selling data ?
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Are there any laws against it where? You need to specify a jurisdiction.

My main reaction would be that whoever is paying for that data is a fool. It's available for free.

FaceDeer, to worldnews in Pro-Palestinian firebrand Galloway wins Rochdale by-election in blow for UK Labour
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I can't imagine how a representative democracy would operate otherwise. In representative democracies you're picking some person to make decisions on your behalf, and that person is different from you so some of their decisions are not going be the ones you would have made if you were in their place.

You may be wanting direct democracy, in which you would personally get to vote on the government's actions. Your "representative" would be perfect in that case because your representative would be you. But since you would only represent yourself, that's not what would normally be called "representative democracy."

FaceDeer, to worldnews in Pro-Palestinian firebrand Galloway wins Rochdale by-election in blow for UK Labour
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This is how representative democracy works, none of the presented options are likely to be "perfect" for any given voter.

FaceDeer, to news in More than a hundred Palestinians killed in an operation to deliver humanitarian aid in Gaza
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Criticize Biden all you like, but if you advocate not voting for him in the Presidential election then you are a Trump supporter.

Unless something unexpected happens in the Democratic primaries those are going to be the only two choices the Americans have. And Trump is not going to be better for the Palestinians.

FaceDeer, to technology in AI Determines Sex of Person From Brain Scans - Neuroscience News
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That just makes my point stronger, though. The basic gist of what I was saying is that even if there is a statistical clustering of data into two groups that seem correlated with some category, that doesn't mean that you can absolutely rely on that data to classify people into those categories.

FaceDeer, to technology in Actor at Willy Wonka Disaster Says Even the Script Was AI-Generated
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No, we're describing a human endeavour. If the promotional flyers had been made by outsourcing it to Fiverr and they came back wonky it would have been the same basic problem. They outsourced this and then ether didn't have the resources or interest in checking the work that came back.

FaceDeer, to world in ‘Horrific massacre’: Deadly Israeli fire at Palestinians waiting for aid
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Boycott your votes for Biden until he stops this Genocide.

Because Trump will be so much better for the Palestinians.

FaceDeer, to startrek in Why don't ships onboard sensors detect medical emergencies
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First thing I'd do when boarding a Federation ship is tell the computer it's authorized to keep an eye on my vitals.

FaceDeer, to technology in How Stupid Do They Think We Are: Media execs don’t want the sites, they just want the names
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You missed "techbro grifter scam" from your list of buzzwords.

FaceDeer, to technology in Fanfiction Community Rocked By Etsy Sellers Turning Their Work Into Bound Books
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Famously, "50 Shades of Grey" started out as a Twilight fanfic. The author later pulled out all of the Twilight-related stuff and then it was free and clear to publish as their own work. Given how much money 50 Shades raked in I would imagine there's been some legal scrutiny there from various sides.

FaceDeer, to asklemmy in Since the Turing Test seems NOT to be an accurate way to check for true AI, what is? What's will be the indicator that tells us it's arrived? I can't imagine; everything seems falsifiable.
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But now that AI has become advanced enough to get uncomfortably close to us, we need to move the goalposts farther away so everyone can relax again.

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