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Imagine Walking on Hera’s Asteroid

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Image: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL

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Each step will basically be a jump.

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President Zelenskyy kicking back to watch the Russian infighting!


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@Free_Press Oh, I doubt Zelenskyy is "kicking back." If this infighting really is happening then now is the time for the Ukrainians to be more active than ever. Maybe not actively launching attacks of their own - never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake - but certainly getting into position to take advantage of the results of all this.

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There is a strong rumour that some Fedi developers and admins have held secret discussions with Meta/Facebook under NDAs.

The Fediverse is supposed to be an alliance of open projects built by a broad grassroots base. Its devs/admins are not supposed to hold secret backroom discussions with people who have a horrific track record (

Facebook/Meta is in effect a sociopathic corporation ( Nothing good will come of talking to them.

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@feditips The fact that the Fediverse is open means that anyone can have discussions with anyone else about it, with whatever level of secrecy that they desire. If it wasn't supposed to be that way then it shouldn't have been released with open licensing and no controls.

Personally, I think good things could come of a behemoth like Meta adopting ActivityPub standards. Also bad things. We'll have to see what comes of it, I just don't want to prejudge.

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Couple questions that I couldn't find answers to on Google.

  1. Is the only way to see your list of subscribed magazines here?
  2. Is there any way to follow a kbin tag?
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There's an option to hide it in your user settings.

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