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    I’d also like a cookie while I also wander out from Kbin to read about what’s happening.

    Edit: I don’t see it. Suggesting defederation of an entire instance seems extreme. I’m genuinely curious what am I missing?

    Help! Ficus Audrey wilting after sun over-exposure (

    I have been a bad plant parent and left my poor ficus in a hot sunny car for a few hours during a move. I’ve now gotten it to a place where it gets the right amount of sun (I think) and watered it, but it still isn’t doing well. First one, now two leaves are drooping, and the top of the stem is shriveled. What can I do to...

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    I would chop the top off, somewhere above a notch in the stem that has healthy leaves below and under the badly burned leaves.

    You’d be surprised at how quickly it will bounce back with new growth when it isn’t spending all its energy trying to keep those dead leaves alive.

    NGL it’s scary to think about cutting your beloved plant in half but you can’t recover the burned leaves and pruning will encourage branching and new growth

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    That’s the way I like it and I never get bored

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    They also posted the same question to askmalaysians, maybe they’re from Malaysia?!

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    Water when it gets wrinkly, but don’t let the soil stay saturated forever it can get root rot. Have you seen the roots at all and how long have you had the plant? If it was potted when you got it, underdeveloped or immature roots could also contribute to rot

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    Your transition to soil rooting sounds careful and is a good method. I agree the wrinkly leaf is slightly concerning, but the new unfurling leaf is a good sign.

    Variegated varieties require more light than their non -variegated counter parts. More light requires more water but I would always err on the side of caution because bouncing back from under watering is much easier than recovering from root rot for overwatering. You might consider raising the humidity instead of opting into more water in the soil and you can use a pebble tray under the pot filled with water instead of buying a humidifier. Make sure the bottom of the pot is above the water line in the pebbles.

    It’s inevitable that this plant will lose it’s oldest leaves as it makes new, but also consider the possibility of pests and carefully inspect all the leaves for signs.

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    The Apple Store has it at 4.8, some comments are claiming 1 star reviews are being deleted

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    Boosting for visibility, love this question and excited to see the responses!

    Listening to internet radio is great and free!

    So I’ve been enjoying listening to different radio stations all over the world for the past month and have never felt the need to open Spotify. Might be cancelling my subscription soon. It’s also pretty cool to listen to a radio program that’s been hand picked by a radio host. Of course that doesn’t count if you’re an...

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    I’ve been listening to the NTS radio app. It’s a live radio and music broadcasting app that has stations from artists and hosts and DJ’s from over 50 major cities across the world. Free and very cool to hear what’s playing on the other side of the world at any time!

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    so, um, what’s up with all the beans?

    Asking for a friend

    [AMA] Hi, I’m /u/spez, CEO of Reddit, coming to you to talk about my recent acquisition of Lemmy and some upcoming changes. Ask me anything!

    Thanks for joining me today! I’m here at the Reddit corporate parking lot, spot 269 (nice!), and being assisted today by Victoria all by myself because friends only tie down your ambitions....

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    Any kind of pork, beef, or lamb fat. Using it as a replacement for butter or oils to cook or prepare ingredients brings a whole new depth of flavor to a dish!

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    Welcome! Thanks for being here, it’s a pleasure to have you!

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