It must have been even longer for the Kickstarter backers who initially were told Silksong would be a stretch goal DLC


I get the risks of putting all eggs in one basket, but whenever people argue for competition using Epic as an example, a company that is demonstrably more anti-competitive and anti-consumer, it shows that they just think of the matter of theoretical ideals of evenness as opposed to benefits to the customers. I don't see any good coming from Epic having as much or more marketshare than Steam.

Unlike GOG which only offers DRM-free games, a substantial advantage compared to any other store.


Love the effort this guy is putting into it. I don't have The Crew to participate but I hope this pays off.


It's funny when your buddies pull mild pranks but I definitely don't like how much companies have adopted it. I could do without all the false announcements.

It's only fun when they do ridiculous stuff for real, like SEGA releasing The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog.


What a funky new font you got there, pretty hard to read the title. It's like the letters are shuffling around like SIBYL or PLOY or US BIO something.

Anyway, that game doesn't exist. I would know, I played all the arcade games they had in the area when I was a kid. It was pretty fun and harmless until they took it away. Never seen one. The game didn't even start yet.

What a fun hoax it was. They will be very amused.

I lowkey hope these stories are fake or it's all the same guy (

I noticed increased frequency of posts in places like r/rpghorrorstories, that describe a situation where the player brings a tiny veiled or just a shameless copy of a popular fictional character - Sokka, Scanlan, John Snow, Walter White - except “more based” or “less of a cuck”. What follows is a story of the player...


Wouldn't be the first time awful people tried to take over and twist well-meaning jargon from black people.


Serie is petty as hell

Frieren should cover all the Mage Association buildings with that flower spell


If they need to reach adulthood at the same rate biologically so that they can defend themselves in the wild, why would a 100 yo elf ever be level 1?

It sounds much weirder to consider that elves and dwarves keep acting like teenagers 30 to 80 years past their human-like rate of physical maturity. Or don't they? What does adulthood even mean for them? Sometimes it sounds like they have a higher standard for maturity than humans, wouldn't also be some form of neurological development? But I never seen that manifesting in any practical way.

D&D worldbuilding is made a little awkward by how fantasy races age and develop drastically differently, but they also must become strong at the same pace, such that a 100yo elf can be completely inexperienced and grow at the same pace as a human during a week of adventuring. They try to have it both ways, but the more it's explained, the more confusing it gets.


How isn’t there a massive overpopulation issue when these races have hundreds of years to procreate? Instead they always seem to be rarer than humans.

This is one reason why I'd think actually making characters mature at the age of adulthood would make more sense. Of course there won't be that many elves if raising each one is a century-long effort

I mean, really, at some point we gotta draw a line in the sand and decide that some things just need to be handwaved for the sake of fantasy.

Yeah, at the end of the day the main purpose of D&D is being a game so it's understandable why they even it all out. That said I keep wondering if there could be a game that actually expressed these things, what would it be like? Maybe adventuring across ages with different heirs of humans who go from weak to strong extremely fast while elves start strong and grow slowly?

Like @Eeyore_Syndrome was mentioning, the anime Frieren is really good at showing what that would really look like, how a character who can live so long can become much stronger while also losing track of time, and yet a human can match them in talent, even if not in training and experience.


Ah, that's more reasonable than simply being a matter of system bloat. They should test for battery duration while doing that.


It's downright bizarre that apparently someone can own a physical copy of a game and not be allowed to dump them. DMCA and customer rights are broken.


Lee and Clem had such a great story, nothing else I played in the series even came close. I'd even go so far to say that it wins over most other kid/dad duos in games.


If you think just linking an URL is enough to persuade people to join, either you are surrounded by exceptionally tech savvy people, or you never actually tried. Getting some people to make a Mastodon account is harder than pulling teeth.

But if they were already peeking from the window, maybe they just might.

You have a point Threads will definitely try to skew the experience in some way, but if they make it too bad, they will be the ones looking bad for it, because the average Meta user doesn't even know what the Fediverse is. So they need to show some good stuff too.

And really, I don't know who is it that y'all are imagining that dropped Facebook and Twitter for ActivityPub, but they'll jump back in as soon as they get a whiff. I actually tried Threads. It sucks. Why would folks give up on the Fediverse for it?

TwilightVulpine, (edited )

...we already are all certified weirdoes. The average internet user doesn't have a single clue what Lemmy or Mastodon is. There isn't an Established Fediverse Institution that is household name for regular people on social media.

Meta could buy up and and they'd end up... exactly in the same place because most people who got into those got there to avoid big social media companies to begin with, and they'd jump ship immediately. This is the alternative social media movement. The people who are on established protocols are the ones who are already on Facebook and Twitter, and many don't even like those. They only stick around on those because everything else sounds too complicated for them.

Facebook and Twitter are today's social media GMail and Outlook equivalents. Lemmy and Mastodon are not.

People throw EEE around full of fear but it just sounds like it just became a sort of boogeyman mantra. It doesn't apply. There isn't some magic that can make Meta dominate a whole decentralized ecosystem like this. The only possible way for it to happen is if everyone decided to jump back there (which is what happened to GMail and Outlook) but paradoxically because Fediverse users are so paranoid of even vaguely coexisting in an interconnected vicinity, the odds of that happening are zero.


I've seen people bringing this up, but while they talk of EEE and XMPP, it seems like the analogy here is not being quite finished and formulated.

If we apply that to this, it seems like people are saying "if Meta changed the ActivityPub protocol to favor them and become incompatible with the rest of the Fediverse, Fediverse users would choose to return to Meta-owned platforms."

And that's what I'm questioning. Would you? Would you think others here would? I wouldn't. I'd rather go to whatever fork Fediverse devs favor instead. If anything, all the fear being expressed every time Threads integration is brought up only emphasizes that this is not how it would play out


To a certain point I get it, but I also want more people to come over here. It's not because I think Meta is great and totally trustworthy to hang around with, it is not. It's because I'd like my family and friends and creators I follow to make the jump over too.


I hear that, but I see it the other way around.

Like you, I have some niche interests, and to be honest the Lemmyverse is still lacking on that sense. I'm here more in hopes of what it might become someday, than because it appeals to me as it is. Most communities I'd like to participate of simply don't exist here. Yeah I know "why don't you make them", but I don't have the time to cultivate and manage a community. I find myself hopping back to Reddit because as much as that place is on a decline, it has those communities.

Like you say, integration or no integration, if the communities and content isn't there, people will not come, or they will lose interest. This is already happening. Even with the occasional exodus only a few communities manage to be self-sustaining. Facebook can't kill the Fediverse. Obscurity can kill the Fediverse. Your disaster scenario of what maybe could happen with Facebook is something that is on the verge of happening without Facebook anyway, all that might take is that one of the handful of people keeping the little movement there is in some of the niche communities gets tired and gives up.

As much as Facebook may control their platform and integration, they don't control the people, and I'm sure some amount of people will be like "this place sucks" and hop over because they will see there are alternatives. If Facebook sets it up and then cuts it off, there will be people who will miss it and decide to move to the Fediverse for good. A small fraction of Facebook defectors would be enough to make this place much more lively. And again, would people just give up without Facebook content? It still seems like this is underestimating the people who want to make this place thrive or wish not to be beholden by Facebook.


I think in this discussion people aren't putting in perspective that Facebook as a platform can suck but that doesn't mean all their userbase is terrible and ill-intentioned. There's a lot of different people there that could become good contributors in the Fediverse.

I don't think we should invite Mark Zuckerberg to get the reins of Lemmy, but if some of the artists at Instagram and Threads decide that Mastodon is worthwhile, that'd be pretty good.


The Fediverse has no lack of toxic people, entire toxic instances, and we can handle them just fine.


Nowhere near? In absolute numbers you must mean, right? Because there are Fediverse instances that are completely dominated by all kinds of horrible hateful people. Merely looking at some instance blocklists is enough to feel the stench of the radioactive sludge pits of toxicity that are in this ecosystem. Facebook sucks but even its lacking moderation is still better than many instances on the Fediverse.

Of course, I don't want to invite the toxic people, though some might come regardless, but I don't think it's reasonable to just treat it like it's all toxic people. The good people who still use Facebook and Instagram also outnumber the entire Fediverse as well.


Right? I don't know how to express any more clearly for the people who already are here that being here right now is the proof that there are people will choose a better platform over the most popular one. Unless they are admitting they are personally one temptation away from returning to Facebook.


Well, I do care about the good people. And I want the to come to the Fediverse.


I'm so tired of this argument. I keep hearing you guys repeating this again and again and again and again and again and it never makes sense. You take way too many conclusions for granted of how it would play out. EEE is not a cursed mantra of inevitable destruction, it's a tactic which relies on public trends, and we are not trend chasers, we are niche users.

Extend - facebook starts adding proprietary features to their product, many users start switching, because if they use they can have the new features AND still have access to the entire network


Would YOU really jump into Threads?

Who is this person that you imagine that dropped Facebook and Twitter, but will jump right back as soon as they so much as see it again.

Such a person wouldn't even be here to begin with, They would already be there.

Extinguish - facebook comes to conclusion that there’s not many users on fediverse anymore, and being compatible only holds them up, so they disconnect, suddenly it gets very silent on fediverse, some people will jump to, because their friends are there, others will quit completely eventually making the network even emptier

What makes you guys so sure if a shutdown comes everyone will choose to go to Threads?

Because they got more content? Because there are more users?

Guess what, that's HOW IT IS RIGHT NOW. With this logic, how do you even explain that we are here right now? Just because we apparently don't get a single whiff of THE BIGGEST SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM IN THE WORLD?

It does not make sense.

Do you have so little confidence on what we have here? That nothing we offer could compare?

That's where I disagree the most. I believe many people would like the experience they could have in the Fediverse, yet, unlike Facebook, it isn't something widely known or advertised.

This exact thing happened with Jabber/XMPP and it was also realization that vast majority of people are not loyal to some ideals and will switch to whatever works for them.

Jabber is not a community, it's a communication tool. A communication tool is only fit to purpose if it allows people to communicate with those they want to. Social Media is about community. There is appeal in connecting with like minded people even if not literally everyone you know is there.

And yeah, most people aren't loyal to social media either. WE ARE NOT MOST PEOPLE. We are the people who ALREADY CHOSE ideals over convenience. Or, more cynically, functionality. Because Meta's inscrutable algorithms suck for anyone wishing to tailor their own experience, which is why I doubt they can even meaningfully Expand to begin with.

I would bet that if such integration came and went away, the Fediverse will come out of it bolstered. I don't doubt Facebook would try EEE, but what they stand to gain is insignificant and very debatable, and what we stand to gain is enormous.

Don't take their complete takeover as granted. If things played out as they intended so easily we would all be on the Metaverse paying for digital replicas of street art or some other other unexplicable bulshit.


First of all, gross. Cut it out with the stalker bulshit.

Second of all, you are not making the point you think you are. You just found out that my oh-so-unprincipled self posts in other places. Well, if I was "those people" you speak of, I wouldn't be here. Isn't that your whole point? That people will quit it as soon as anything vaguely more popular comes by? Now I ask, sherlock, what am I doing here?

Maybe you didn't pay much attention while you were combing over some random stranger's whole internet presence, but I literally spelled it out, I wish this place to grow so that communities that I like take root here instead of being non-existent or ghost towns. But since they didn't yet, I hang around in places where they do exist also.

You are right about one thing, people don't have allegiance to any platform. Which also means I can be in multiple places at once. You might have gotten that if you weren't so engrossed feeling lemmier-than-thou.

It’s silly, you’re just thinking that somehow this time will be different.

Would YOU really jump into Threads?

I don’t, but I’m not the most people.

And so are most people who are here, that's the difference. The people who want to be on Facebook, stay on Facebook. How hard can you slam your face on the point and still miss it?

But hey, if you want to wallow in paranoia I'm gonna stop sweating it, because trying to push back against it only got some random creep sniffing through my stuff.

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