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Ripley’s dad. Web and mobile developer. I live and work in West Virginia with my wife, my son and my dog. Building @mastowatch.

I’m @developerjustin on Mastodon.

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Weird that there is no Mac or AppleTV version.

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It has become my “dad time” Sunday morning activity to submit corrections to Apple Maps in my area. The area where I live was recently designated a national park so we receive a ton of tourists and this is like my little way of helping

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The show definitely gets into it. One lab tech says he's never seen anything like it in 20+ years of testing water. Compares it to raw hamburger.

Stuff You Should Know: The Max Headroom Incident (

In 1987, a very strange broadcast intrusion occurred in the city of Chicago. For just a couple of minutes, the odd TV character Max Headroom appeared onscreen in the middle of an episode of Dr. Who. He spoke in garbled tones, brandished a marital aid, and was spanked on the rear with a fly swatter by a person dressed in Annie...

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