State tweaks MBTA Communities housing law - CommonWealth Magazine (commonwealthmagazine.org)

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE THE STATE ON Thursday gave more flexibility to cities and towns required to have at least one zone in which denser, multi-family housing is permitted, but also expanded the list of state grant opportunities that can be denied to any town that does not comply with the law meant to spur(...)

Somerville - Cambridge Day - Armory next steps - Community is shown only two Armory options, and opposes the one in which Somerville runs it (www.cambridgeday.com)

The prospect of the city owning and operating the Armory arts building drew significant backlash, and community members asked for feedback called for more information about a process in which few answers existed.


we've already got an "S" for Security in the IoT name, why do you need a separate Mark to call out how trustable 'smart' devices are?

Billerica condo residents tormented by stray golf balls demand action: ‘It’s a losing battle’ - The Boston Globe (www.bostonglobe.com)

When she moved into a condo near Billerica’s Swanson Meadows golf course, Mary Conway was prepared for a stream of players teeing off steps from her unit. She wasn’t ready for a hail of golf balls hurtling into her home.

Open Newbury Street - Sundays through October 15th (www.boston.gov)

Newbury Street is a mile-long, eight block stretch of shops, salons, galleries and restaurants. This famous Boston street becomes a pedestrian-only walkway on Sundays in the summer. The street is closed to vehicles to allow pedestrians the opportunity to use the full width of the street, from Berkeley Street to Massachusetts...


Its a great idea but I don't even know how to start making that happen.


My understanding is that its parents are most likely nearby, and that like all of our native wildlife, you shouldn't disturb it unless there are signs it is injured. In most cases, it will find its way back to the nest on its own.

Community outreach is needed to pave the way for $50M in Mass. Ave. roadwork, group says - Cambridge Day (www.cambridgeday.com)

In figuring out how 2 miles of reconstructed Massachusetts Avenue will work with new separated bike lanes, members of a Cambridge working group know they have to balance conflicting needs and emphasize community outreach.

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