Somerville, Massachusetts

Somerville - Cambridge Day - Armory next steps - Community is shown only two Armory options, and opposes the one in which Somerville runs it (

The prospect of the city owning and operating the Armory arts building drew significant backlash, and community members asked for feedback called for more information about a process in which few answers existed.

Theatre@First - Festival 11 | Davis Square, August 18-26 2023 (

Continuing in the long tradition of Theatre@First’s summer short play festival, Festival@First 11 includes eight original short plays by local playwrights. Each piece explores a different myth or legend from the past, present, and future. From ancient prophecies to UFO sightings to the monsters that lurk in the dark, this...

State delays shutdown of Green Line Extension section until at least September (

MassDOT announced today it's holding off shutting down the Union Square branch of the Green Line Extension until at least September after realizing that starting a six-week shutdown right after it shut the Sumner Tunnel without consulting with local officials about possible workarounds was kind of stupid. Read more.

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