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Ten minutes later I was sorry.
But ten minutes later I was somewhere else.

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Dead men are heavier than broken hearts.

From The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler.

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it simply traumatises everyone that comes too near.

Absolute Trauma Field.

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I'm going to the special Hell ...

So say we all!

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You'll get paid after we get back.
Must bring your own weapons.
Safety not guaranteed.
I have only done this once before.

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Zettai ryouiki betta be in there too.

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I love roast beef, and meatloaf, and Philly cheese-steakes, and tuna noodle casserole. 🥰

What about blue...berry waffles? 😏

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1.21gw == output of 1 nuke plant for 1 day == power single home for 100 years

avg lightning = 10gw

Whoa, this is heavy.

AI hiring tools may be filtering out the best job applicants (

an AI resume screener had been trained on CVs of employees already at the firm, giving people extra marks if they listed "baseball" or "basketball" – hobbies that were linked to more successful staff, often men. Those who mentioned "softball" – typically women – were downgraded....

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I’m $ure the deci$ion was completely unbia$ed.

¥es, ¥ou're probabl¥ right.

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“This guy is a hero who showed us how the super-rich steal from the American public.” Nevertheless, he added, “the judge gave him a max sentence, claiming it was ‘a moral imperative’ to punish him as harshly as possible.”


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I’m in this story and I don’t care, I’m still getting paid

I wish I was in this story.

I'm usually the guy left holding the bag of everyone else's work. What the fuck?

Even in school. Remember those group projects where the teacher assigned the groups to force kids to mingle or whatever? But one kid just ends up doing all the work anyway because the others didn't give a fuck? That was me—I was the one kid who did all the work.

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Welfare? Nahh. Farewell.

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software engineers

You mean Tech Priests?

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my face when face when my f when facle the when thface met face face when my

Should I, should, should, should I, sh-should I.

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