symfonystation, to Symfony in What to expect when you plan to Migrate Away from CakePHP 2
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symfonystation, to technology in Six months in, journalist-owned tech publication 404 Media is profitable
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@alyaza I helped them out with a paid subscription. Hopefully more people will.

symfonystation, to fediverse in After Radio Silence, Kbin App Artemis Shuts Down
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@deadsuperhero That’s disappointing.

symfonystation, to Symfony in Testing an OpenAPI specification in PHP
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@s_hulard Will do.

symfonystation, to kbinMeta in Is Kbin dying? I wanted to address the deleted thread and provide some insight into the current situation.
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@ernest After 1.0 is released, please take some time off. And try to delegate. Sending you some funds! Hang in there buddy.

symfonystation, to technology in Mark Zuckerberg: Threads users down by more than a half
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@seasonone Hopefully it fails after killing of shitter first.

symfonystation, to technology in Ex-Facebook Users, What Do You Use Now?
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@curt Friendica

symfonystation, to kbinMeta in /kbin project management costs, financing, future plans
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@ernest Thanks for everything you and the team do. I just sent you a few beers. :) for others wanting to contribute.

symfonystation, to tech in PSA: You Can't Delete Your Threads Account Without Also Deleting Instagram
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symfonystation, to RedditMigration in Threadiversal Travel - A guide for Lemmy, Kbin and general Reddit off-ramping
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@shellsharks Great stuff âne useful. I Will share it on my weekly newsletter and blog.

symfonystation, (edited ) to technology in Meta and Mastodon: What’s really on people’s minds?
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@giallo I like the “to quote myself from earlier‘, so I will as well.

I want to address the uproar in the Fediverse about preemptively blocking the Meta ActivityPub product. And whether it should be at the instance or individual user level. A variety of reasons for and against this have been given.

At the moment, I would go with the latter. But no matter the arguments, the reason every single Fediverse user should block it is that Meta is a box of c*nts.

They have always been a box of c*nts. And they will always be a box of c^nts. Meta should be trusted as far as I can kick Zuck. About six feet. They will immediately or eventually try to enshitify whatever product they launch. At that point, administrators should block them at the instance level.

Maybe I am wrong, but maybe the Easter Bunny is real.

Do I need to remind anyone these are the mofos greenlighting the spread of misinformation of all types, science denial, propaganda from the enemies of democracy, conspiracy theories from every lunatic on earth, election stealing, suicide instigation for teenagers, and the mass genocide of Muslims in Myanmar?

symfonystation, to fediverse in Takahē: An efficient ActivityPub Server, for small installs with multiple domains
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@poVoq Very cool.

symfonystation, to trustandsafety in Musk: Twitter will respect EU content moderation rulebook
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@jazmichaelking It is doubtful but if he doesn’t they will fine the shit out of the dipshit.

symfonystation, to programming in I am working on a new lemmy app for iOS and Android, here's my current progress
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@brunofin If it will only work with Lemmy, you could honor the original by naming it Lemfinity. If it will also work for kbin, maybe Threadfinity. Good luck.

symfonystation, to kbin in Symfony-based kbin is taking the Threadiverse by Storm via Symfony Station
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@ernest No rush buddy.

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