The PHP Gambit: Winning Strategies in Code | php[architect] (

Every month, we here at php[architect], as well as an extended group of fantastic PHP community members from around the world, work very hard to deliver a magazine that will help equip you with not just the knowledge but also the perspective needed to navigate the complexities of managing projects and day to day coding. […]

Aegir 3 and Drupal 10: just about working (

In my previous article I outlined that I really needed to get Drupal 10 sites running in Aegir 3. I had no time to wait around for other solutions, and I was going to try to decouple Aegir from running Drupal sites, so that it wouldn't be tied to Drupal versions. Since writing that article and actually sitting down to do this...

How to Migrate from Video Embed WYSIWYG to Drupal Core Media | Horizontal Digital Blog (

Many Drupal 8 sites were created before Media was stable in core. At that time, the contributed Video Embed Field project was the de facto standard for embedding YouTube and other remote videos in a Drupal site. These days, though, Drupal's Media handling is stable and the Video Embed Field has long been deprecated....

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