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The upcoming Symfony book I mentioned in a previous communique (Symfony 6: A Practical Guide) is now available. I have mine, get yours:

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Enjoy our latest article, Retrofit or Backdrop CMS: Which savior should the damned on Drupal 7 sites turn to? #Drupal7 #Retrofit #BackdropCMS

Death walks through a burning field of fire

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I proactively blocked the box of c*nts, aka Facebook's new Threads domain, on the user level. It's not easy, but here is a link showing how to do it.

We'll see if it works once they add Activity Pub integration.

And I blocked them because they are a box of c*unts. And I'll leave it up to instances to do whatever they want with Threads.

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How do you block Threads though? What URLs do you use

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I want to address the uproar in the Fediverse about preemptively blocking the Meta ActivityPub product. And whether it should be at the instance or individual user level. A variety of reasons for and against this have been given.

At the moment, I would go with the latter. But no matter the arguments, the reason every single Fediverse user should block it is that Meta is a box of c*nts.

They have always been a box of c*nts. And they will always be a box of c^nts. Meta should be trusted as far as I can kick Zuck. About six feet. They will immediately or eventually try to enshitify whatever product they launch. At that point, administrators should block them at the instance level.

Maybe I am wrong, but maybe the Easter Bunny is real.

Do I need to remind anyone these are the mofos greenlighting the spread of misinformation of all types, science denial, propaganda from the enemies of democracy, conspiracy theories from every lunatic on earth, election stealing, suicide instigation for teenagers, and the mass genocide of Muslims in Myanmar?

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I highly prefer the "main instances should block them" approach.

However, if Meta brings normal people into the fediverse, I also think there should be "bridge" instances that do federate with whatever the fuckers make, as well as the fediverse we know and love.

That way, we can all live at a spot in the spectrum we prefer. I use a shitton of matrix bridges to aggregate Telegram/Whatsapp/Discord and more, because there is no way I'm getting everyone I already know and might want to continue talking to on matrix. Plus, each time the establishment fucks up, a couple more people ask me about joining my instance.

Going straight to is a lot harder, cuz they have to still continue using the platforms they "left" to access everyone they know.

If anything, the established companies joining the fediverse, will make it even easier for users to jump ship once the enshittification begins. It gives us a chance to start slowly "unboiling" the frogs in the pot, rather than drop them in an ice-bath.


I am strongly opposed to allowing any private corporation to have any stake whatsoever in ActivityPub and would vote for a complete ban.

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#Introduction Hi, I am Reuben Walker the founder of Symfony Station. I hope you enjoy the Symfony /kbin magazine. Learn more about me and Symfony at

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@Symfony Yeah it was my fault.

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@symfonystation It seems to me that the problem is on my side, as the enlarged original opens correctly. I will verify this when I have some free time.

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