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and accounts > deleted.

Next in line: , and seriously considering wiping out as well. For the latter I need to find another Ungoogled custom ROM for my Android first.

2024 seems to be my year of digital cleansing.

Feels good. I might set up a side project with a tiny landing page called 'Accounts Graveyard' or something like that.

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You know what software DOESN’T sell your data to AI companies? #Drupal

Seriously, opt-out should be the DEFAULT in all software/services. It's not your data! #wordpress #tumblr

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@hotsauce And Acquia could anytime they wanted to. Just like The moral is to self-host.

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It's been a bit surprising to see some of the folks who understand the threat posed by Meta wave off the nonconsensual intrusion of Bluesky into the fediverse as no big deal. Some perceptions of the problematic data processing and moderation issues follow.

At the moment the network is centralized on a single server controlled by the corporation. It launched with almost no moderation at all, but currently there is a small mod team, which may be a stopgap plugged in after early disasters in racist harassment produced bad press.

However, that doesn't appear to be the long-term plan. The Bluesky whitepaper linked here reveals a hyper-neoliberal architectural vision that could almost be understood as a belief system - a Cult of the Algorithm, as foretold by glassy-eyed guru/antivax billionaire Bitcoin Rasputin.

1/3 #Bluesky

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@admin @subMedia I doubt it. He looks like a tech bro clown.

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As of today I’m officially a Project Ambassador. 🎉 @typo3

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@ProvenPudding Congrats and thanks for the work supporting TYPO3.

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This is a really nice guide to using Gutenberg in #drupal, but I’m also really interested in knowing why I should be using Gutenberg over Layout Builder or any other solution.

Via Ivan Zugec

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@ultimike You can use Gutenberg with Layout builder.

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One Florida Drupal Camp speaker @mglaman recently came out with a Drupal 10 Developer Cookbook. Have you taken a look? #drupal #opensource

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@palantir It is a great resource from a great guy.

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Where do you have accounts on the ?

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@vwbusguy kbin, mastodon, Pixelfed, friendica

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With Substack's risible response to calls to remove Nazis, I'd like to accelerate my move off the platform, preferably to . But I'm not sure how to reproduce my setup and subscriber model there, and so would live advice from the community. I publish both essays and podcast episodes, and subscribers get early access to both. Is there a way to do this within Wordpress that doesn't involve posting each essay and podcast twice, but instead unlocking and email them at a specified date?

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@arossp The MailPoet and ActivityPub modules would be good ones to check out. I just moved over from MailChimp with them. might work as well.

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If you're looking for remote dev job ( ), Nextcloud is hiring:


Boosts appreciated!

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@viktor @ramsey would be a good candidate.

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! I'm searching for a good alternative to Facebook Group (since ages honestly).

A fedi/opensource solution would be wonderful, but I'm open for freemium/commercial stuff as well.

I only found tools which aim for extreme large groups and cost several hundred a year (or even month).

Any expierence?

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My htmhell advent calendar article has been revealed. Thanks to @matuzo for allowing me to participate.

Slots! Wut!?

Update: I've made a correction on how Important works on slotted elements. My thanks to @knowler. Who, by the way, also pointed out a technique using 'revert-layer' to wrangle slotted elements. (I feel a new post coming on!)

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@dutchcelt Great stuff.

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What's your favorite client of choice, and why? It can be web, desktop, or mobile. We're just at a point where there's so many different options available!

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@wedistribute Ivory. I use it for Friendica, Mastdon, and PixelFed.

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Anyone here on using ? The communities there are pretty much dead, which sucks, I was kinda hoping it woule become the Reddit replacement.

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Twin Cities Drupal camp party at House of Balls.


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@stpaultim Gotta love a dive bar!

josefglatz, to php German

Is there any index where I can find more in the fediverse? Looks like as I csn‘t Twitter right now

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I share some TYPO3 stuff on Feel free to do so as well.

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