Good. Teach basic skills. Gender shit doesn't belong.


Being gay or trans isn't a protected class. The First Amendment and US Constitution trumps a class of anything.


Nonsense. They legalized gay weddings a handful of years ago. Be queer all you want.


Sure. It's maga terrorists as you put it killing kids and teachers in schools. Oh wait.. that was a trans.

I can see this place wants to be different from Reddit but it's actually the same with the leftist circlejerking. How long before pointing this out gets be banned.....

📢Entire mod team on r/mildlyinteresting (and more subs) removed and locked out of their accounts after changing their rules upon community's request. (They're also switching subs BACK to SFW)

EDIT: GO DM MODS OF YOUR FAVORITE SUBREDDITS AND POLITELY ASK ABOUT MIGRATION!: something as simple as "Hey, I love this community but I no longer use reddit, will you guys be making a community on Kbin or other alternatives? Let me know please, thanks." will work!! We need more voices encouraging migration!...


Stormfront 2.0? lol what?


My issue with all of this is everything is scattered all over the place now. Many of my followed reddit subs are on lemmy and then some are on other platforms and it's too much to keep track of. So my followed content is going to drop off a lot in general - I refuse to sign up for Lemmy. The name alone annoys me.

Kbin Roadmap 2023

A certain stage of development has ended - a prototype was created that allowed me to verify whether such a form makes sense in the #fediverse. Until now, it was a project that I developed in my free time. Now, thanks to the great people from Nlnet, I will be able to devote much more time to it. This time, we have already...

A person pointing to something that resembles the kbin platform's homepage.

I definitely prefer this over Lemmy. Clean and easy to figure out without the shady development decisions.

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