📢Entire mod team on r/mildlyinteresting (and more subs) removed and locked out of their accounts after changing their rules upon community's request. (They're also switching subs BACK to SFW)


Tbh everyone just needs to leave reddit

Let the bots take over

It's always been Stormfront 2.0 anyway

Fuck reddit

@stepheneb@ruby.social avatar

@LinkOpensChest_wav @minnieo delete all your posts and comments first. I did it manually … it was interesting to all those bits float by.


I used Power Delete Suite, and I overwrote my comments instead of merely deleting. That makes the data even less useful to reddit.

@stepheneb@ruby.social avatar

@LinkOpensChest_wav That makes total sense in order to make reddit less valuable. It only took me an hour and I did it manually because wanted to see my comments -- there were many kind and interesting things I wrote. It was kind of sad and it also felt right to just go.


That is the solution.


I just deleted my reddit account. Fuck that bs.


I've overwritten anything useful from mine, and I'll be deleting mine after June 30. Not that I am using reddit, but I want to contribute to that drop in users that will come once 3PA are disabled.


The only good that can truly come of this at this stage is sabotaging Huffman's hopes of cashing out for a second time, after he sold his stake for a ""mere"" 10 million back in the day.


Imagine having more money than anyone can spend in a lifetime and users who create the content for you. All you have to do is sit on your ass and do and say nothing, but then imagine what a pants-on-head stupid fool you'd have to be to do anything to mess that up, to let your ego totally disrupt the sweet deal you've got going. That's Steve Huffman -- the king of all losers.

ErraticDragon avatar

You know how there are posts all over Reddit (and even all over here) saying "what's with the porn on r/interestingasfuck?" or "I don't know what's going on with John Oliver"?

It's because of them that the "protests" must continue. Raising awareness is the point. Only a small percentage even know what's going on.

Reddit would love for everyone to quietly go away, they'll pretend nothing happened and move on with a small chunk of users missing but still growing.


Reddit's relevance came from the people that used the app, not the app itself. If Reddit wants to fuck over the people that made the app what it is today, they will end up useless.

Reddit is not like Twitter in that it thrived from mass population of people using it. It thrived from quality users that provided quality content.


I just hope this Reddit migration doesn't turn out like South Park's Walmart skit lol. The town boycotts walmart and then supports a small business only for it to become walmart too:


minnieo avatar

it wont happen because the fediverse is decentralized. if this instance goes to shit, we simply move on to another, without needing to abandon the entire platform


That won't happen here


That is mildly interesting.

@Sir_Kevin@lemmy.world avatar

This is why I don't want to push too hard to bring the masses here. If every derp from reddit shows up it's just going to dilute the quality of lemmy.

kingthrillgore avatar


tal avatar

Ehhh. I think that there's value to having a large userbase. First, a large userbase means that there are going to tend to be more people to provide quality content. Second, some people contribute content because they want to reach a large audience -- I understand that this is one reason that /r/askhistorians decided not to participate.

None of this is to say that this won't have a negative impact on Reddit. And I think that the observation, which I've seen some other places, is that these changes probably disproportionately impacts people who were contributing content. Just that I don't think that one can reduce the value of having a large userbase to nil either.

52fighters avatar

I could see some disgruntled users intentionally trolling and spamming the subs just to trash it in revenge for what Reddit is doing to them.

MementoMori_ avatar

did you see that one guy’s hairy butthole? lmao


This is the way.

Since they announced API pricing I migrated to lemmy and never looked back.

dismalnow avatar



It's always been Stormfront 2.0 anyway

Exception taken.

Don't get me wrong: it has been an absolute dogshit downward spiral for at least the last five years, but what it has become bares almost no resemblance to what it was 15 years ago - or even 8 years ago.

It had great potential and utility. All of it squandered via some of the worst decisions possible. Each of which ignored the current user base in favor of a quick buck.

It needs to be taken out behind the barn and shot.

Echoing: Fuck Reddit.


When I joined in 2011, it was already a bastion of pedophilia and bigotry, so I'm not sure which era you're talking about

In my experience, reddit has always been a dogshit web site

dismalnow avatar

I understand now, and you're certainly entitled to your opinion.

That type of content comes with the territory, and could easily be avoided until relatively recently if you didn't go looking for it.

What was arguably the most diverse and far reaching collection of individual message boards cannot be filed away as a hyperbolic monolith of the perceived horrors such a place will inevitably contain.

Whatever your interest, reddit had a lively discussion for it. The cancer you describe is a result of the society it allowed to publish. Further, it metastisized from it's self-contained cesspools when they were closed.

It's clear that either your experience on the site is narrow, while the site is extremely wide - or you're retconning your prior experience based upon your current opinion.

density avatar

PSA: The shitty website this person mentioned bears NO RESEMBLANCE to reddit.

It's always been S---------- 2.0 anyway

that is a really fucked up thing to say. idk who you are or what are your motivations.

making an equivalency between reddit and a 100% white supremacist nazi website is:

a) promoting that website

b) saying that website is similar to reddit. Does S----------- have the variety of users and topics as reddit? No! Whatever your criticism of reddit, however over tolerant reddit was of some really shitty communities, it was not founded explicitly and exclusively as a way of promoting genocide and violence.

Your comparison serves only to uplift S------------. Which may or may not be your intention.

LinkOpensChest_wav, (edited )

It's been overrun by white supremacists since I first joined in 2011, and that's never changed.

Check any popular sub on r/all, and they're the prevailing voice that's never silenced. r/PublicFreakout, r/mildlyinfuriating, r/interestingasfuck, r/AskReddit and r/unpopularopinion are just a few examples of subreddits where white supremacists run rampant. It's so bad that I deleted my first account due to receiving weekly homophobic death threats, which went ignored by the mods and admins.

Reddit has always been a bastion of white supremacy and pedophilia under the guise of "free speech." That's demonstrably true. The whole "leans left" thing is just more propaganda.

Edit: I maintain that reddit was founded specifically to platform hate speech. It's certainly been consistently pursuing that goal

But you are correct in saying that reddit is not the same as Stormfront. It is much worse than Stormfront in that most users don't perceive the white supremacist subtext in the majority of threads on popular subs


Were we even using the same site? What the fuck are you talking about?


I'm talking about how reddit is infested with white supremacist propaganda.

It's also infested with people who become inappropriately aggro in the midst of the slightest disagreement. Looks like you can relate to that


Yep, finally using this site lol. Admins have gone full dictator over there.

So we get a boost and upvote here eh? Neat

JWBananas avatar

Upvote = Like
Boost = Retweet

Gabbro avatar

Which I still find weird because I never followed anyone on my anti-social media anyway.

AdmiralSnackbar avatar

My understanding is that upvotes don't do anything themselves, boost functions like a reddit upvote in that it will bring a comment or article to the top of the queue. I use it as a 'people should see this' button.

JWBananas avatar

You can think of kbin as a hybrid of Lemmy and Mastodon (and it federates with both through ActivityPub). It has interfaces both for communities (magazines) and for uncategorized posts/status updates/tweets (microblogs).


Ironically this API issue will kill bots, which was needed.


Spam bots don't really need the API access level that calls for the increased fees.


Nah bots will still function

You think they're asking permission to access the API? lol


It will only slow them temporarily you don't need api for bots

troybot avatar

Correct. Now the bots will be constantly scraping the pages of every post which will be a much bigger burden on their servers.


Exactly spez forgot why they needed an api

Skray avatar

It's funny, years ago websites switched to openly available APIs specifically to lessen server burden because of bots. Now they're swapping away from APIs because of bots, but those bots are just gonna go back to scraping.


Sounds like Reddit has a skill issue.


Yeah, it'll only kill the useful ones in the long run.

CoderKat avatar

Yeah. The unethical bots will just use scrapers, as they already do for the many websites that don't offer APIs. They're already violating ToS, so they don't care. Ethical ones won't have that option (at least not past the fairly low quota).

ErraticDragon avatar

From my understanding, they already aren't using the API.

If the spam bots were using the API, then Reddit would have been able to shut them down trivially. Part of logging in via API requires a "client ID" that uniquely identifies the creator of the app/bot being used.

They could theoretically have each bot account create its own client ID, but even that would be a pretty obvious thing to look for.

IninewCrow avatar

Also ... Reddit is a private business where people were allowed to come in to chat and talk ... don't act surprised when the owners and managers change their minds for whatever reason and decide to kick you out.

It's the company's space, like the lobby of a shopping mall ... people are freely allowed to come in, sit down and chat .. don't be surprised if the owners of the mall decide one day that they no longer like you any more and bring security in to escort you out.

You have no rights or privileges on a private social media site ... you have temporary permissions .. and those can be changed, disregarded, forgotten or done away with at the discretion of the owners at any time for any reason.

LEAVE REDDIT ... you're on someone else's lawn and they don't like you any more.


Stormfront 2.0? lol what?


It's sometimes hard to see when you're deep in it, and one can even become numb to the far right wing subtext when one visits reddit frequently enough, but reddit has been very consistently and deliberately platforming white supremacists since its inception.

okbin avatar

they won't

i tried to move my 100k subscriber sub to kbin (i also offered two different chatrooms)

6 came to kbin and people started attacking me for having the sub closed (one person even resorted to transphobia like jesus fucking christ) and being "political" and one person even made their own version of my subreddit

moving is too much work (it's actually not that much work, but since we now need two videos playing at the same time and can only watch those vids for 30 seconds, everything is "too much work"). that's why people are still on facebook, twitter, instagram, and tiktok.

i'm very glad there's an acceptable amount of activity on the "threadiverse" right now... but i just don't have hope that everyone will leave.

millions avatar

Guessing it’s an owl house sub judging by your profile pic?

okbin avatar

nope. BPDmemes... which is just fucking sad because BPD is associated with identity issues including gender identity, so in some sense being transphobic can be ableist in that context as well.

i'm letting it go, they were probably just really dysregulated (as is the nature of this illness). but i did ban them for all of pride month.

however, my friend and i HAVE seen transphobia in the owl house community and we don't understand?????? there are literally multiple trans characters on the show like why would you be transphobic if you're a fan you. walnut


@okbin it’s ok, people will gradually move out as Reddit deteriorates. Eventually most interesting people will be elsewhere, the platform will still exist but it will be an empty shell.
The important thing is for threadiverse to take flight and acquire a sustainable size, the rest will happen in time.


I'm not sure what the skill issue is on that sub, but I, a moron, had no more trouble coming here than I did navigating reddit

Those are either bootlickers or bots, who can safely be disregarded

74% of reddit were ignorant assholes anyway, so no loss


I don't think getting everyone on Reddit to leave should even be the goal. Reddit was a much better place before the Digg exodus, and Digg's comment section then was a lot like Reddit is now, largely just low-effort, openly hostile flaming. That's probably not something worth bringing over.

@samus12345@lemmy.world avatar

I think your post demonstrates that it's a good thing everyone won't be coming here.

okbin avatar

kbin has seemed pretty chill so far

@Ataraxia@lemmy.world avatar

Right. Who wants to have a community full of those kinds of people.

minnieo avatar

Yes, at this point, there is really no fucking saving it or hoping for changes, they will go as far as they need to go to get their profits back up. It must be abandoned. The only time I ever spend on reddit is to convince people to migrate to kbin or lemmy (nicely, dont be annoying)


What really worked for me was the https://sub.rehab website. When I found that, it made me realize I need to stick with the people who actually built the subs I love -- the mods. Here I am.

@OtakuAltair@lemmy.world avatar

Yup. The good ui really helps sell how big the move is

Whirlgirl9 avatar

this is great! thank you!

mayglan avatar

Amazing, thank you for posting this.


My issue with all of this is everything is scattered all over the place now. Many of my followed reddit subs are on lemmy and then some are on other platforms and it's too much to keep track of. So my followed content is going to drop off a lot in general - I refuse to sign up for Lemmy. The name alone annoys me.

minnieo avatar

as long as they move to federated sites, its fine, you can access them all from kbin as usual. but if they decide to make their own site, or go somewhere centralized (ew) then yea, not much we can do abt that


@minnieo @LinkOpensChest_wav @Dreckard @zd
For me the issue is the literal lack of content, even across multiple sites. Coming from Reddit where literally every major subreddit has 25 posts minimum and a whole lot of comments Lemmy seemed empty and I’m still not used to Mastodon’s Twitter like experience.


And the official Mastodon iOS app crashes inexplicably on some posts.

@OtakuAltair@lemmy.world avatar

I find that a large majority of redditors are still somehow completely clueless about what's happening.

So I made this little summary of events inviting confused redditors to lemmy/kbin if anyone wants to copy/paste; seems to get people to understand.


I had no idea lemmy was a thing until r/piracy. More big subs need to switch

@OtakuAltair@lemmy.world avatar

And more people to copy/paste summaries like that! People can't switch if they don't know.

drinkleadsoup avatar

I made my Lemmy account when Spez killed the Chapo sub. Now I'm glad it has more content.


@OtakuAltair At this point I don't care about redittors or reddit. It can go on to be wildly successful, doesn't matter to me, I've moved on.


Username checks out?

drinkleadsoup avatar

Same. It's like being over an ex. I don't have to care anymore.

@OtakuAltair@lemmy.world avatar

Alot of us wouldn't be on here either if it wasn't explained to us; I think the confused people deserve at least an explanation too


Unfortunately, the majority will not care. Reddit's app ranks first in iOS' app store after Twitter. This is what Reddit wants, people to stop using third-party apps so that they can easily target ads to users.

@Noxvento@lemmy.world avatar

And sell their data.

@OtakuAltair@lemmy.world avatar

Even a small portion of users switching to Lemmy/kbin (like us) will mean more competition in the long run.

Specially with great looking ios apps like Artemis in the works that you could easily recommend

victron avatar

I'm eager to see how reddit becomes a steaming turd after June 30th, that imbecile is gonna end up with nothing of value in his hands. Let's see where that profit comes from then

@samus12345@lemmy.world avatar

It will be another giant soulless site for the masses to endlessly scroll and see the same tired reposts and memes. They're welcome to it.


Night of the Long Knives, Reddit Edition.

@AlmightySnoo@lemmy.world avatar

I have to add though that the form of protest proposed by that mod team is pathetic.

"only YOUR pictures of suggestive vegetables, must still be OC"

Either shut the sub down or burn that shit down by turning it into a porn sub. This little "we're gonna be creative, we're gonna allow suggestive vegetables!" mischief is pathetic af.

kokoapadoa avatar

I mean the fact it was a pathetic protest method and and admins still shot it down speaks leagues about how much they care about their users. I don't say this word lightly: the admins are snowflakes.


Marking the sub as nsfw affects their ad revenue, that's is the only reason they care.

Doing stuff like posting pictures of suggestive veg or John Oliver seems like a way for mods to protest without driving as many users away.


I still giggle everytime somebody mentions The Grand Tetons.....


Interesting to see the interplay between power and civil disobedience.

It was naive to expect reddirt to bow down (which is why many thought the protest was pointless), but still the right thing to continue the protests.

What it does is, it forces the power to show face, and it creates a dilemma. Do they

  1. let the protest continue? That's an option, if the protest can be ignored. If the protest is too much of an obstruction, this is not an option.
  2. give in to the demands? Clearly the worst option, else there wouldn't be any protest
  3. use force to remove the protest? A good option if enough people don't care, the best option if people even condone the use of force.

Maybe you already noticed, I'm talking about something else, something bigger.

(1) Is why regular demonstrations (in themselves) have little effect; they can be ignored. They must be a stepping stone to further escalation, else you get statements like "this one will pass as well". The people protesting must be committed and follow through.

(2) Must be won in battle. There will be no gifts. It has to be the least painful option for the authorities, and remember it was their most painful option at the beginning.

(3) Very much depends on solidarity. With which side does civil society solidarize itself? Does it favor the force-applying authorities, because they remove an annoying obstruction to business as usual? Are the protesters the good guys, because they are fighting for a just cause and a better future?

Neutrality on this stance indirectly supports the stronger part, usually the authorities (which are in a position to use force). Using force has no real downsides (oversimplified), unless society heavily condemns it. By 'condemning,' I mean supporting the protests, ideally through participation.

Maybe after experiencing this with your once-favorite social media provider, you can see the next climate protest / civil disobedience with different eyes.

kool_newt, (edited )

I mostly loved Reddit two weeks ago, now I can't wait for it to die. Adding reddit.com to my /etc/hosts file to help.


Hilariously, a subreddit that I mod, with less than 700 subscribers and like, 4 slightly active users (3 of whom are mods), just got the threatening modmail. We only went private as a gesture of solidarity, there's maybe one post a week so it's not exactly a bustling community. I'd made the sub public for about an hour every couple of days in an effort to avoid this sort of thing, guess it didn't work.


Pretty sure it got sent to every subreddit that went private during the protest regardless of numbers



Please don't do this. I'm a moderator of a sub (won't say which one). From a personal standpoint I'm happy to use both platforms. Vilify me if you will. But I do not want to see messages from users asking if we're going to migrate. That's pestering and it won't go well if that particular subreddit isn't into it.

minnieo, (edited )
minnieo avatar

How else do you suggest bringing migration to their attention? I am a mod as well, I cannot see how someone politely asking if we are thinking about making a community on a diff platform can be perceived as pestering? It appears this is individual and not every mod will be annoyed and not every mod wont be annoyed.

edit: 10 people suggesting it to mods says "this is in higher demand than we thought, not just one random person's suggestion that we can ignore, we need to consider taking action or addressing this" Which is how changes happen. mods need to listen to their users, thats the responsibility they volunteered to take on. As a commenter said below me: "If you are getting annoyed because so many of your users want to migrate, maybe you should consider migrating instead of demonizing your users?"


If moderators/subreddits are going to migrate, they're already going to be aware about it and probably thinking about it.

I am a mod as well, I cannot see how someone politely asking if we are thinking about making a community on a diff platform can be perceived as pestering?

Think about it from this side: users can't see what messages the mods are getting. You're asking people to DM moderators - politely doesn't matter. What if 10 people see your message and act on it? Then you've got 10 people saying "Are you guys gonna migrate? Are you migrating? What do you think about migrating?"

It appears this is individual and not every mod will be annoyed and not every mod wont be annoyed.

Very true, but I really don't think unsolicited messages to subreddits asking them to migrate - for YOUR benefit - is a good idea. In any case, forget about migrating. Just create the communities you want to see here, on lemmy/kbin/wherever. You don't need to wait for moderators to do it.


If you are getting annoyed because so many of your users want to migrate, maybe you should consider migrating instead of demonizing your users?


You're a mod. Post a sticky addressing it or use a third party tool to handle these things.

You have every right to keep your community on whatever platform but don't shame people because they are mobilizing others and it causes you inconvenience. The issue isn't the users, nor the people messaging you, if you want to be mad at someone it is Reddit that is causing you grief.

minnieo avatar

I didn't wait personally, I went ahead and made @SilentHill, then I dmed the r/SilentHill mods politely letting them know about it and also offering them mod positions there, and I got a nice response and takers, now so far I have one of their mods modding my mag here. It can work.

By all means, don't wait, the reason why I suggest DMing them is because thats how you get the most people to migrate, they have the most influence and a base of members already. I am still protesting, even if out of spite at this point since Reddit probably won't back down, so I want the max amount of people we can get to leave their shitty platform to migrate.

IMO 10 people suggesting it says "this is in higher demand than we thought, not just one random person's suggestion that we can ignore" Which is how changes happen.


This morning's news about the r/mildlyinteresting team being reinstated and unsuspended by a different admin - that's confirmation that there's internal conflict going on. Protests don't work, my ass.


Or its a good cop bad cop act.

Good sdmin offers suggestions to mod, then mods comply due to gratitude.


That presumes there was insight and planning, neither of which reddit seems to have.


You know protests don't work, because the people in power are telling you protests don't work.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical about whether the protest will work, especially since from the beginning there was a 48h deadline on it, which set us up for failure.

But the way the community has rallied around this cause makes me so proud.

Reddit the corporate entity is failing us, but they're learning that they only have power because the community chose them. Wish them good luck with their upcoming IPO with reddit currently being a dumpster fire.


If it wasn't working, we wouldn't see subs forced open, subs forced back to SFW, mod teams summarily demodded and suspended, "fuck spez" comments being disallowed - and there's surely more to come.

Oh, it's working.

@MorksEgg@lemmy.world avatar

It would be nice to see some some of the admins go rogue also. I know it's a lot to ask for people to sacrifice their jobs but some people still have ethics. And some people are in a positions where they can leave their job and pick up another one within hours or days if they're in the demanding field.


We might see someone break from the admin team, quietly or not-so-quietly. I hope for the latter, of course.

@Kushan@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah but they might also get fired for it and that helps nobody.


I was unclear. By "break" I meant quit working at reddit. Such a "breaker" might do so without explanation, with private explanation (which could leak), or with public explanation.

@greeny@feddit.de avatar

Complete meltdown


Can people not just post NSFW content anyway? If there's no mods, it will stay.


The entire r/MildlyInteresting mod has just been REINSTATED - again without any communication or explanation



Yeah if they still gonna trust Reddit that's on them


I've decided to pull all my contributions. Not huge or valuable, but I don't want to contribute to the direction it's going.

I use the redact app (https://redact.dev/download) daily, changing the message to whatever suits my fancy. Currently 'consider kbin' :)

This only seems to work if the sub is not locked down, so I check daily. I expect it'll stop working once the API gets pulled.

tal avatar


Well, some of them appear to have been locked out of their accounts, so may have difficulty reading said messages...

niktemadur avatar

At a time like this, I am at least glad that I was never a mod there, and I don't have to go back there to try and deal directly with that toxic corporate business anti-culture.

If I had invested years of love's labor into a community, only for this to now occur, to realize I am being regarded as little more than trapped prey by a site I trusted, it would be tearing my guts in all possible directions.

tal avatar

You've heard of animals chewing off a leg to escape a trap? There's an animal kind of trick. A human would remain in the trap, endure the pain, feigning death that he might kill the trapper and remove a threat to his kind.

-- Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam, testing Paul Atreides with the Gom Jabbar, Dune

EDIT: Not actually advocating to try to take down Reddit, just that the quote was so darn apropos


It's time we move past reddit.

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