davemark, to vr
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VR/MR now:

  • Screen on your face
  • AirPods in your ears
  • Hand controls/gestures

VR future:

  • Neuro implants
  • Actually taste food, smell roses, feel textures
  • Everyone can hear, see, run, fly, etc.

Might take many years, but I do think it's coming.

amadeus, (edited ) to linux
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Are some of you users, like me, taking the rocky road, using your via to strengthen this novel with sometimes elaborate for vendors to help package their (s) so they work in a flatpak DAW?

kyonshi, to Futurology
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SO: "Happy news sweetheart, you are pregnant..."

Me: "with a million influenza cells, huh?"

Also: how subtly futuristic is it that we now have Flu and RSV tests available over the counter?!

Of course they could have made these tests available for years, they just didn't think it would be profitable.


dw_innovation, to ai
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The Open Society Foundations are launching a project that wants to "kick-start a global public conversation (...) on the long-term, structural implications of AI on the information ecosystem."

Applicants are to submit their specific scenarios – which may later be fleshed out in a workshop in Italy.

It's easy to apply and eligibility criteria are broad. However, the deadline is approaching fast (23/02/24). 🕛

More info: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/focus/open-society-ai-in-journalism-futures

si_irini, to philosophy German
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Remembering means moving forward with a knowledge that changes the course of the future for the better.

It does not mean to stagnate.

Knowledge is the power we have been given to move forward with an acquired wisdom that makes us better.


#philosophy #humanity #history #noafd #human #betterworld #future #fediverse #mastodon #equality

nopatience, to web
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I genuinely find it entirely disheartening that I keep questioning more and more articles I read online. Is this an AI-text? Has someone actually put some heart and passion into this?

It's really sad, and I can't imagine that this will improve significantly over the coming years, rather it will continue to deteriorate.

Now I'm starting to imagine that a new web will eventually emerge, with a renewed focus of showcasing texts that have been hand-crafted by humans.

LeftistLawyer, to ai
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An mania explanation thread:

Consider this:
When the U.S. Constitution was drafted human beings were entirely capable of comprehensively understanding nearly every aspect of how the world around them worked.

How to grow food. Run a business. Understand emerging topics in science, math, philosophy and the arts. The optimism running through the renaissance thinkers is not surprising.

The drafters of the Constitution were masters of their world (to often unfortunately include slaves). They were confident in their direction moving into the future because they could predict the future --- based on their comprehensive knowledge of their present.


jnv, to ai
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This is scary. In one year AI has improved very quickly from the time Will Smith was eating spaghetti to this. I can see this passing for tv commercials, small video ads online, even taking jobs away from CGI techs in Hollywood.

I'm really concerned if we have no regulations, people will start believing what they see and conspiracies will become daily news.

Youtube link:

Invidious link:

phaysis, to books
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The only thing Ray Bradbury got wrong in "Fahrenheit 451" is that we would build our houses out of fireproof plastic (eliminating the core mission of firefighters). Everything else is on track.

TheMetalDog, to evolution
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kubikpixel, to ai
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Is this the today or the from or only a bad mood ? 🤭

🤖 https://iv.ggtyler.dev/watch?v=z0yBf1JKTw8

DavidBHimself, to USpolitics

I so don't want to care about US politics right now (or really, anything from the US that's not a movie or a TV show), and infuriates me that the whole stability of the world or even its future itself hangs in the balance (hello climate emergency) of that stupid election...

I can't even wish for the country to collapse and become irrelevant, because it means that the power vacuum will be filled by China (it's already happening, but it will speed up the process in very unpleasant ways) and very probably Russia in Europe because the EU has been unable to become a united entity.

helma, to Futurology Dutch
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And then, suddenly, there is the tricorder! It works with electrical detection. SF is real. 🤩


alichen, to space
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If you are interested in and then I encourage you to fill out the form here https://www.planetary.org/advocacy-action-center to email your congress people asking them to fund the work and for the #

longreads, to LongReads
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"His family fought in the Revolutionary War; he has wanted to start a new city since he was 15 or 16 years old; the important thing to know about Praxis is that everyone who lives there will be amazing."

For The Atlantic, Kaitlyn Tiffany writes about network states—pop-up IRL communities for the tech elite: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2024/03/silicon-valley-billionaires-building-cities/677173/

ronanmcd, to tech
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Ronan the Soothsayer hath a prophesy that he doth tell:
When the first court cases come in for accidents caused by self driving cars, and they place responsibility on the person sitting in the front seat, drivers will swiftly turn away from the technology. Car companies, on the basis of sunk cost, will plough on, but will rebrand it as AI Driving Assistant

RunRichRun, to tech
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We're definitely moving toward the unsocial network if we aren't already there. Bowling alone? Forget it. Apparently the desired tech future — maybe not mine or yours; what is pushing — is about isolationism, where you don't even have to leave your desk (worker drones!) or your bunker ( overlords!)

is also being pushed by another — political — group. 😕

Coincidence? 🤔

1st view: Tim Cook Wearing Apple Vision Pro
https://www.macrumors.com/2024/02/01/tim-cook-wears-apple-vision-pro-vanity-fair/ v @macrumors

qlp, to FreeBSD
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Having been a FreeBSD (and BSD in general) user since the 2.x days and managed a small fleet of servers since the heady 4.x days (including a few Sun UltraSPARC II and IIi servers and dealing with the ATA problems), I've been rooting for FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE for a long time.

It's kind of disheartening to have seen support for FreeBSD from hardware, software and cloud vendors fade away. I knew that when TrueNAS SCALE was going to be based on Linux that it'll eventually lead to CORE getting sunsetted.

I do have to say that I am a bit of a hypocrit in that I migrated from CORE to SCALE on my TrueNAS Mini X+ and only have one server running FreeBSD (even though the cloud provider no longer provides support).

Lawrence Systems: The Future of TrueNAS...


@grahamperrin@bsd.cafe avatar

@qlp please, has anyone at TrueNAS used the word "sunset"?

Maybe implicit in "longer-lived maintenance train", however neither of the areas below uses the word sunset:


Plans for FreeBSD 14 support : truenas


What is the future of TrueNAS CORE? | TrueNAS Community

Cc @autolycus

NatureMC, to scifi
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If we want to know how well we can extrapolate the future, it helps to look back into the past. Both sobering and fascinating at the same time: "50 Years Later: Remembering How the Future Looked in 1974" https://thenewstack.io/50-years-later-remembering-how-the-future-looked-in-1974/ via @pluralistic

golgaloth, to tech
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Just think. Someday you'll be able to carry a telephone around in your pocket.

stupidjim, to Canada
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These guys taking the lead with demanding a first PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA server and need 500 signatures to spin it off. Go sign!


p.s. every country should have this!

si_irini, to Futurology German
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Look away
just don't look

To ignore poverty
we quickly learned

We should live
Work and consume
Keep running in the gears
that some
continue to expand their wealth

But forget
we all should not forget
that quickly we
could end up
where we have looked away

So some few want it
so that we go on
without questioning
without fighting
for the right of everyone
in decency every morning
to wake up

jlroberson, to Futurology
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In the you will not truly own food, you merely license it from the moment you swallow. Since it becomes part of you that means you have to pay a license fee for every meal as long as you remain alive

michaelthomet, to Futurology
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Jan 20 —Do you have a blog? Tell us about it and share a link.

Over at https://michaelthomet.com you can find my ramblings as a writer on topics such as technique, weird but possible , plots and devices, book , (design and enjoying), and just whatever I'm thinking about at the time.

I update every Thursday. And my latest post is always pinned to my profile.

sabderemane, to django
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Do you have other ideas or similar like @paulox ? I'm trying to collect all the articles, infos and more about what people want for Django.

Please add it below or send me a DM if you don't want to share it here 🙏🏽


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