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Hi, I am a sound designer and engineer.

I like programming sounds with , and hardware synths, DAW's, etc. But tools don't matter in the end as you probably know, aesthetics do -- and reverb algorithms. Do you know any?

I spent too much time with and . I reaaaally don't like commercial ads. After all, is the internet post-modern?

My favorite emoticon is the smiling face with tear.

I toyed around with gabber:

leanpub, to haskell
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Pragmatic Type-Level Design: Practical introduction into type-level programming: design principles, design patterns, methodologies, approaches https://leanpub.com/pragmatic-type-level-design by Alexander Granin is the featured book on the Leanpub homepage! https://leanpub.com

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Update n°29 from the GHC team at IOG

mangoiv, to haskell
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MemoTrie is the coolest library what the HEEEEEEECK 😳😻

lxsameer, to haskell
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I'm really impressed by how the #haskell ecosystem improved since the last time I've used it. Kudos to all the people who made it happen.

Jose_A_Alonso, to haskell
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The Haskell Unfolder Episode 26: Variable-arity functions. ~ Edsko de Vries (@EdskoDeVries), Andres Löh (@kosmikus). https://www.youtube.com/live/5wbgRlzJYUU #Haskell #FunctionalProgramming

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kosmikus, to haskell
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Getting ready for the episode on variable-arity functions that starts in less than half an hour:


kosmikus, to haskell
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Tomorrow, 2024-05-22, at 1830 UTC, we'll be back for the 26th episode of the live on YouTube. Edsko and I will talk about how to encode Haskell functions with a variable number of arguments.


haskell_foundation, to haskell
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🎧Check out the latest interview with David Christiansen, the former ED of #HaskellFoundation on the Type Theory Forall podcast by Pedro Abreu. It’s a must-listen! Have 116 minutes to spare? Dive in here: https://discourse.haskell.org/t/david-christiansen-on-type-theory-forall/9598 #Haskell #TypeTheory

lxsameer, to haskell
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I'm going to return to after a very long time. Back then, the hell was excruciating. But now, thanks to , setting up a project is like two seconds from the time you decide to create it to the point you start coding.

ramin_hal9001, to scheme
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To anyone writing programs in right now, this is just a reminder that you can search through a huge cluster of Scheme libraries indexed by procedure name, including all SRFIs, at the https://index.scheme.org/ website. If you need code to do something, try searching by keyword to see if someone has already written it. Most APIs listed there even have Haskell-like types and are tagged as "pure" if they are pure.

mangoiv, to haskell
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My favourite row polymorphism package is aeson

maralorn, to haskell
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I have real trouble developing an intuition for NoDeepSubsumption.

I always only notice by sheer luck that changing

a . b $ c


a $ b $ c

fixes my type error.

mikwee, to haskell

Shoutout to the @haskell team for making such a cool tutorial available on their home page.

neloj, to haskell

I've been trying to make this work for a few days and finally I achieved it, the most basic form of a wayland client using unix sockets, and well in other languages it was not difficult at all, I did it in hare, c, typescript (deno), and in the end I wanted to try with a language that I had never used, Haskell, and I learned many things but I still don't know what a monod is, anyway, here I leave a link to the code for those who are interested: https://gitlab.com/-/snippets/3711372

ocramz, to ShinMegamiTensei
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@ocramz@sigmoid.social avatar

I'm using sbv with , It Just Works ! Now for the actually hard part, figuring out my program invariants 🙃

haskell, to haskell
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Haddock now lives in the GHC repository! 🎉

Shorter feedback cycles for contributors and higher quality of releases, these are a few of our favourite things about the Haddock documentation generation tool coming home to the GHC repository.



mangoiv, to haskell
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For ers using neovim I have a little treat to make their code lenses less ugly :ablobcatreachreverse:

(Thing is in nix, if you don’t use nix, then you will know how to patch your neovim, I guess 😁)

Jose_A_Alonso, to haskell
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The Haskell Unfolder Episode 25: from Java to Haskell. ~ Edsko de Vries (@EdskoDeVries), Andres Löh (@kosmikus). https://www.youtube.com/live/YwshlQXKO80

kosmikus, to haskell
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Later today, 2024-05-15, at 1830 UTC, join Edsko and me for the 25th episode of the "from to Haskell" live on .


maralorn, to haskell
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execState, runState or evalState? 🤔


crmsnbleyd, to haskell
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how the hell do you add dependencies in Haskell stack, I add yesod to the build-depends in the cabal file like shown in the stack example but on running stack build it fails saying it couldn't find yesod, and then the line is removed from the cabal file. Haskell ecosystem is hell.

lily, to rust
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the rust "impl" keywork is kinda weird.

usually, it is used to define methods, but in function arguments, it serves as syntactic sugar so you don't have to name generic types... but in a return type, it has a meaning that is slightly different, and actually expresses a semantic not even vanilla haskell can represent!

basically, instead of being able to return any type implementing a trait, it states that it can return at least one type that implements a trait.

in haskell terminology, specifying a generic type parameter is "forall a", while returning an "impl" is "exists a".

#rust #rustlang #haskell #programming #typesystems

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