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Improve your and knowledge – join the project! That's what Kira Tubo did:

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I really like this post. Over the past 17 (oof nearly 18) years I've pretty much seen every archetype that is mentioned here.

And also had the situation multiple times where the management loved the negatively framed types while the other devs were annoyed.

Mastering the Challenges of Coding & Programming Cacultor, Free Online Calculator & Useful Tools (

At Quick Pick Deal, we ignite curiosity in the exciting realms of coding, programming, math, physics, and electrical engineering. We empower students and developers by demystifying complex subjects like power usage and energy consumption. Through engaging resources and insightful content, we equip learners with the knowledge to...

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Wanted to get some low hanging fruit tickets done for Questlog. Well I also decided to create more robust testing and now I finished the first task after 3 minutes and fighting Pest for 27 minutes now.

Why in all seven hells is Game::factory()->count(5)->create(); not creating 5 games? It's always 2 or 3. Never 5. This is absolutely infuriating…

I just wanted to get my list shorter and don't break stuff while I do.

The fun part? Also creating all 5 games manually fails. Without any log or something like that…

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Oof. This was a really stupid error… My factory generated games with different categories. Main Game, DLC/AddOn and Expansion.

But the view I was testing filtered games by Main Game only… So by chance it was extremely unlikely that every game is a Main Game and so the count never was 5.

If feel really dumb right now.

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I'm glad I marked some tasks as "low hanging fruit" while I had no time or energy to work on Questlog.

This way I was able to complete 5 small tasks, while my child slept, that were in my head for a long time, as I didn't need to search for issues but had a list I just could work through.

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I’ve finished doing perspective corrections on 250 photos of NHCP #HistoricalMarkers! 🎉 I have been doing this sort of photo editing on and off since 2017 and this is in support of the historical markers @wikidata /Commons project I and a few others are working on (e.g., my Panandâ mobile app).

You can explore all 250 photos in this Commons category page:

If you’re curious how I am doing this, a slightly outdated process is on my blog:

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Generating the mosaic image in my previous toot was an interesting micro-coding project. I conjectured but didn't expect that it was possible to arrange photos of varying sizes into a near square. I just used a naïve randomized heuristic to essentially solve a variation of the bin packing problem¹ and the results turned out to be good enough™ though obviously not rigorously optimal. Thanks also to the MediaWiki Action API!


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🔍 How to Extract Last Row in Data Frame in R

Base R
Use nrow(my_df) to get the total rows.
Extract the last row with indexing: my_df[nrow(my_df), ].

Use tail(my_df, 1) to get the last row.

Convert to data.table: my_dt <-
Get last row using .N: my_dt[.N].

Now you know three ways to extract the last row. Try it yourself! 📊



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The one reason why I want to learn is so that I could program my computer to copy my social media posts and just stuff them into my Daily Note automatically. Ambitious or impossible? lol

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Playing with the JetBrains AI thing in their IDEs. The chat seems roughly as good as Copilot for normal rubber ducking.

The completion is different, but close. It operates on a line by line basis, so it kind of works like better autocomplete. It won't do the thing where it generates a whole method for you unless you ask it to. I might grow to prefer that.

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I am continuing work on Zentrox. Today I almost finished user.c completly. The only problem is, that empty strings get replaced with -1in the databases.

I am working on fixing this as well.

(Also, thx for 5 stars in just about a day 😃

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Re: ChatGPT/CoPilot coding:

Boilerplate code is not a thing. Most "boilerplate" code is already covered in a library or package, and it should be used there. Otherwise, there are situational edge cases to be covered.

And unit test code is not boilerplate either. The point of unit tests aren't just to verify, but to explain problems when a failure happens. Unit tests without this are test theater.

AI coding without severe coaxing cannot do this.

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Finally sorted a particularly complex piece of functionality which dives deep into some rather knarly legacy code - all with the help of 'Music to Code By' (now Music to Flow By) .... thanks @carlfranklin

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Für Mädchen* haben wir noch eine Einladung:

Am 25. April ist der , bei dem Mädchen* eingeladen sind, in "typische Männerberufe" hineinzuschnuppern.

Wir zeigen zusammen mit dem @linuxhotel in , wie man Elektronik und Software selber baut und was die Leute in einem Schulungshotel machen, das die Admins großer Online-Dienste ausbildet.

Drei Plätze sind noch frei:

Gerne weitersagen!

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Why is it so fun to create APIs? Something about it is so oddly satisfying, the image down below is part of my API documentation and its just pure dopamine to look at xD I could do this kind of stuff forever…

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How does your current project's language graph look?

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Need to Find Rows with a Specific Value (Anywhere!) in R?

Ever have a large R data table where you need rows containing a specific value, but you're not sure which column it's in? We've all been there! Here's a quick guide to tackle this using both dplyr and base R functionalities.

🌟 The dplyr Way: Streamlined Selection

🌟 Base R to the Rescue: Manual Looping



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Trying to express implicit and fuzzy relationships in ways that are explicit and sharp doesn’t clarify the meaning, it destroys it.

-- Clay Shirky

#programming #softwaredevelopment #quotes #coding

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I hate when programmers tell other programmers "Don't do this" "Don't do that". Don't listen to these people.

And don't gatekeep other people's code. Let people program however they want.

Worst thing is, person posting this DOES use early return in their code.

I think programmers just think they're better than others. "I can do this, but you can't". Don't be like that. It's not OK.

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Estimating the degrees of freedom 'k' and the non-centrality 'ncp' parameters of the chi-square distribution from just a vector of numbers? I think I am there. Here is a post the work I did over the last couple of days:



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freeCodeCamp's open-source mobile app is an online learning platform offering a comprehensive curriculum in development and machine learning. The curriculum is self-paced and available free of charge. The App includes challenges, tutorials, Code Radio, and podcasts.
Contribute to freeCodeCamp:


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I wanted to do this weekend, but didn't have time. 😞 I did, however, get menus fully working and auto-backups working for Froggy, my live-coding app in ! 🐸

Demo of a live-coding app, with code on the left and its live output on the right. The demo shows writing code, quitting without saving, then running it again to show no code lost.

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