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🎉 Exciting news! Marmelab is sponsoring the API Platform Conference 2024, the flagship event dedicated to the API Platform framework!

Join us for 2 days of talks by leading experts in , & .

📅 19 & 20 September
📍 Lille, France

Learn more:


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Tomorrow I have to interview a job applicant about their React experience, and I'm looking at interview question guides.

They're bullshit, it's all absolutely bullshit. Most of it is just testing if someone knows the term for a particular pattern.

> What is the difference between a controlled and uncontrolled component

WHO CARES!? If you code it right it doesn't fucking matter!

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Nasz klient poszukuje developera / Native

w treści oferty

Boosty mile widziane :-) Jeśli znasz kogoś o pasujących kompetencjach - możesz mu śmiało podesłać.

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“The React 19 Beta features full support for Custom Elements.“

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New bookmark: React, Electron, and LLMs have a common purpose: the labour arbitrage theory of dev tool popularity.

“React and the component model standardises the software developer and reduces their individual bargaining power excluding them from a proportional share in the gains”. An amazing write-up by @baldur about the de-skilling of developers to reduce their ability to fight back against their employers.

Originally posted on See Original (POSSE).

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Once again I get foiled by switching languages. :blobcatfacepalm2:

In Javascript, you have to compare strings with ===, not ==, or else you'll run into type coercion problems, because Javascript thinks 1 == "1" is a totally fine thing to be true. (it's not)

But in Kotlin, === compares identity not equality for strings. But in the JVM, string values are aggressively cached, so === actually does what you want most of the time. Unless your strings come from weird places, like JNI code. Then you get awful non-deterministic behavior that's incredibly hard to debug, but it totally goes away when you use the correct comparison operator == for strings.

sigh I'm not really as good at this whole programming thing as I should be by now.

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Programming is hard.

A skill is choosing systems and tools that make it easier and making meta choices to enable you to maximise your agency in those choices.

I remember the pain I endured learning a decade ago, then looking at [shudder] and hmm.

Then the pleasure that followed learning to use and . You'd have a hard time getting me to use anything else now. Not happening.

My debut Rust project is now part of debian / Ubuntu.

"===" 🤣

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Explore our article: Frontend Madness: SPAs, MPAs, PWAs, Decoupled, Hybrid, Monolithic, Libraries, Frameworks! WTF for your PHP backend?

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Development notes from xkcd's "Machine"

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Building Large Scale Web Apps: A React field guide by Addy Osmani and Hassan Djirdeh is the featured book on the Leanpub homepage!

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Hey Fediverse, I'm looking for my next role as a engineer!

What I'm looking for:

  • a collaborative, kind team
  • at a company with noble goals, or that knows what problems it has to solve

I'm the Lead "Frontend" engineer who creates table indexes because "the UI is slow".

Point me to a mountain and I'll climb it.

Prior experience with . I've dabbled with for fun, and in a past life.

Appreciate any advice or connections!

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This article uses as it's main example, but it applies to , , even just a much. I say that as a recovering Drupal dev who used to use the standardization argument.

Greedy management is the reason we can't have nice things.

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“React, Solid, htmx” by Bobae Kang


> [HTMX] can get you 80% there with radically less complexity. No extra dependencies, no build step, no advanced tooling (now re-written in Rust!), no complicated state management, no “double data” problem, no hydration mismatch… Just write your HTTP server and return HTML!


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React Bricks CMS.

"The only headless with true Visual Editing. Turn your components into visual editing blocks."

(I bookmark CMS for inspiration and research - it's got a bold claim, i'll give it that).

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My friend is looking into contributing to open source but doesn't know where to start. They have experience in Python, C# (Unity), Swift, and React. Does anyone have some pointers or projects they could look into to get started?

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Hearing about all the changes in is giving me anxiety. I've been working on apps at my past four or five jobs now, but I just have no interest in relearning for the upteenth time, and I'm worried that is going to impact my ability to get another job if I ever decide to go back to work.

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React Router 6 Question

I am having an issue with React Router 6 with React 18, can anyone help?

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HTML attributes vs. DOM properties · What fewer and fewer developers seem to know

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Fine-grained updates with TC39 signals in React? 🤯

Another experimental feature in use-signals.



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Google provides a tool called PageSpeed Insights which gives a website some metrics to assess how well it is put together and how fast it loads. There are a lot of technical details but in general green scores are good, orange not great and red is bad.

I tried to ensure the tests were similar for each platform by choosing a page that shows a list of posts, like and kbin do very well. pixelfed is pretty good, especially considering the image-heavy nature of the content.

The rest don’t seem to have prioritized performance or chose a software architecture that cannot be made to perform well on these metrics. It will be very interesting to see how that affects the cost of running large instances and the longevity of the platforms. Time will tell.

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