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Hospitals that make profits should pay taxes. That, or demonstrate they deserve non-profit tax exempt status. “Many nonprofit hospital systems across the country are failing to provide low-income Americans with the affordable medical care required by their nonprofit status — despite receiving billions in tax benefits and providing exorbitant compensation packages to their senior executives,” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

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Corp🤖🐘continue 2 send their
As They do 2 Main St🇺🇸⚰️

Corp🤖Enables🇺🇸Gun Violence 2 Explode. While assisting COVID-19🦠Mutation’s 2 SPREAD🌍WIDE.

🚨DC 🖕👹
Only Offer CORP Prayer’s

Hoarding MASSIVE Profits from the of & 💣💊🧨
Dictating🇺🇸Treasury 2 Pay 4 DC’S
Choice of WARS🕌🩸

🐘Sadist, Returning Dead Military Veterans back into🇺🇸System. Forcing Their sick wounded fighter’s 2 BEG 4🇺🇸’S

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“On the one hand, you have autonomy and dominion over one’s own body, and also because as the Planned Parenthood 2022 plurality stated, parenthood is a life-altering obligation that falls unevenly on women in our society," Im said. "So because of those rights that are recognized under the constitution, that’s why rational basis isn’t appropriate.”

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The Cass review reveals how children were catastrophically failed by the medical profession | Observer editorial

#children #healthcare

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Change Healthcare faces another ransomware threat--and it looks credible

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An lawsuit before the is challenging , the federal law requiring to do "whatever they can to stabilize whoever comes through their ER doors with a medical emergency."

This has profound implications for care, and for this week's Amicus podcast, Dahlia Lithwick interviewed Dr. Dara Kass, an ER physician, about what's at stake.

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These deranged people are the fundamentalist intending to impose rule over the rest of us, to eliminate all like in Afghanistan, to execute folks and like Gaza and Iran, to bring back like in Libya and Qatar, and make America a Saudi style ethno-state in the flavor. They intend to turn all schools into hellholes and your kids if you dare to let them be themselves. They intend to deport and force the poor into servitude with no or at all, including no or since only the rich deserve a decent life - their disgusting god told them so while they were here wallowing on the floor and babbling.

THIS IS OUR FUTURE IF MAGATS ARE NOT VOTED OUT AND KEPT OUT PERMANENTLY: rule by hateful misogynist nutjobs using POLICE STATE VIOLENCE to enforce their whackadoodle beliefs onto us.

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Change Healthcare Faces Another Ransomware Threat--and It Looks Credible


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Just another doctor playing god… Houston hospital halts liver and kidney transplants after learning a doctor manipulated some records

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Just got back from seeing an 83-year-old man off in an ambulance after he fell and hit his head when his dog lurched for ours by the seafront. He’s hopefully going to be all right; was conscious and talking and is going in for a brain scan now.

Apart from being a little shaken up, it made me appreciate yet again that we live in a place where you can call an ambulance for someone without causing their financial ruin. (And where folks stop and help – thanks Audrey, Robert).

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If you know someone who needs medical care but cannot pay for it, look into the Financial Assistance Policy of your local medical providers. For instance, Emory will provide full "emergency and medically necessary" care for a family of 2 with under $25k of income (in addition to other situations as well).

This financial assistance is supported by the Georgia Indigent Care Trust Fund.

The billing office will not necessarily tell you about the availability of financial assistance, nor is this information always clearly posted in the hospital.

#Georgia #healthcare #emergency #Atlanta

ShingoMouse, to humanrights avatar | TELL CONGRESS: Pass the Black Maternal Health Momnibus!

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"Braun is part of a trend across the United States to integrate oral health into medical checkups for children, pregnant women, and others who cannot afford or do not have easy access to dentists. With federal and private funding, these programs have expanded in the past 10 years, but they face socioeconomic barriers, workforce shortages, and the challenge of dealing with the needs of new immigrants."

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“It’s a story told over and over again in the Valley: You don’t know you have diabetes until it’s severe, because you rarely see a doctor. ...”

From the archives: In 2019, Former Editor Sophie Novack looked at the crisis of diabetes—and amputations—in #Texas' Rio Grand Valley.

#healthcare #politics #news #USpol #SouthTexas #border #health #

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The Biden Administration is providing tax credits and funding that will help federally supported health centers function when disaster hits, writes contributor E. Benjamin Money.

#Biden #ClimateAction #Healthcare

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More bad news from the NHS; this time on waiting times for treatment on heart conditions.

Its not difficult to understand; defunding, bad staff relations & inadequate workforce planning, all have sapped capacity, alongside more general problems linked to social care & the ripples form Covid.

But, while one might identify factors within the NHS that are contributing to these issues.... in the end this is the direct result of the Tories wrecking of the NHS.

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"Thousands of women between ages 50 and 74 are not receiving life-saving mammograms, according to new federal data...Social isolation, life dissatisfaction, lost or reduced hours of employment, being on food stamps, lack of reliable public transportation and cost barriers were all associated with not having had a mammogram within the previous two years."

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Vote to lower HC costs:

Insurers will get paid less than expected next yr for providing these plans &-must abide by new, & probably costlier, regs. Other key changes rolling out over the next 3 years could also nick their bottom lines.

The IDU expects a 2nd term for Pres Biden would bring more of the same at a time when the youngest baby boomers become MDCR-eligible & >older ones seek HC services.

"Biden is no friend to the IDU right now."

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📣Grant student loan forgiveness for social workers now!

Social workers deserve the same debt relief given to doctors and nurses in #Canada

We carry HUGE student loan debts WHILE hustling each day to bridge gaps in the health care system to meet folx needs.

We are the glue of the health care system.

Give us loan relief, FFS!

#Canpoli #SocialWork #HealthCare

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▶ Trump Instantly HIT WITH THE WRATH of American Voters

#healthcare #trump

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A French native in America details why their healthcare system excels over our barbaric system.


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The urban-rural death divide is getting alarmingly wider for working-age Americans | Ars Technica #RuralHealth #Healthcare

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How can I help anyone. I can't even help my family. I work 7 days a week and there is nothing left over to send home. I don't buy clothes or cut my hair. There's no expense I can cut. I don't have a cell phone either. And yet I'm still luckier than half the US population. How are the surviving? They're not. They will die at least 5-10 years sooner than those earning a living wage. We're a nation of serial killers. Each vote against social programs kills thousands.

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