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You’re living through right now

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As an American in this , it's a particularly poignant time for reflection.

With the rising threat of extremism in , visiting the exhibit later today feels especially relevant.


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Happy Birthday to Susan Janet Ballion aka Siouxsie Sioux, born on this day in 1957, London, England

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37 years ago today
Jimmy Gestapo of the American hardcore (punk) band Murphy's Law, The Ritz, New York City, May 27, 1987.

Photo by BJ Papas.

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Start at the temple of the ancient Mother Goddess, then walk past rock-cut shrines made by her devotees. See a cave in which a group was put under a spell and slept for centuries. End at this Korinthian port city with its markets and many temples. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/turkey/ephesus/walk.html?s=mc

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Exceptionalist presumptions have limited the study of American politics, according to Robert Lieberman who argues that recognizing the origins, concepts & methods shared with the field of comparative politics can help us understand the current crisis of American democracy. OA in Social Science History!
@economics @demography @socialscience @sociology @politicalscience @geography @anthropology @econhist @devecon @archaeodons

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Explore a madrasa deep in the souqs of an ancient city, where a sultan provided education to thwart the growth of ignorant zealotry that could lead to violent uprisings. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/morocco/marrakech/ben-youssef.html?s=mc

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This island of Korinthia in the wine-dark sea once saw holy men experience visions that changed the world. Traveling there is a long but pleasant sea journey. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/greece/patmos/ferry-to-patmos.html?s=mc

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The realm of Korinthia spans from rugged mountains hosting mysterious temples honoring little-known gods, to sunny islands in a wine-dark sea. Learn to speak about bold actions in their tongue. #travel #history https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/greece/greek/active-participles.html?s=mc

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https://www.ufofeed.com/76175/the-mystery-of-the-anomaly-at-the-bottom-of-the-baltic-sea-is-said-to-have-been-solved-the-object-estimated-to-be-over-140000-years-old-has-puzzled-the-public-and-researchers-for-years-2/ The mystery of the anomaly at the bottom of the Baltic Sea is said to have been solved. The object, estimated to be over 140,000 years old, has puzzled the public and researchers for years.

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At a certain point in time your stuff is geeky high-tech, the next moment you walk into the „early telecommunications“ exhibition in a museum and there‘s your old mobile phone. 😆
(Museo nazionale della scienza e della tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milano)

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Once I thought the landscape paintings of Khitai were lotus-fueled dreams, but the dreaming fog-shrouded stone pillars are real. Journey to Yangshuo beside the Li River in southeastern Khitai. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/china/yangshuo.html?s=mc

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#Platypush 1.0 is out!

It’s been 10 months and 1049 commits since the latest release of Platypush, 7 years since the first commit, and 10 years since the first release of its ancestor, https://github.com/blacklight/evesp.

The past few months have been quite hectic and I have nearly rewritten the whole codebase, but I feel like the software is now at a stage where it’s mature and stable enough to be used by a larger audience.

The changelog is quite big, but it doesn’t even cover all the changes, as many integrations have been completely rewritten.

The biggest (breaking) change is the merge between plugins and backends. Now, except for those integrations that actually listen for messages and execute them (like HTTP and Redis), all the other integrations are plugins. This greatly simplifies the configuration and removes a lot of confusion for new users.

The Docker support has been greatly improved too. There are now officially supported multi-arch images for Alpine, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora, an official docker-compose.yml file, and both the platydock and platyvenv utilities have been almost completely rewritten to seamlessly automate the creation and configuration of containers and virtual environments (respectively) starting from a single config.yaml.

And the Python API has become much simpler and consistent. No more __init__.py files that the user had to manually create in each subfolder of scripts, just drop a .py file with your automation in the scripts dir and it’ll be picked up. Moreover, the most common imports are now available on top level as well, and there’s no more need to create procedures/hooks/crons with varargs:

from platypush import run, when
from platypush.events.sun import SunsetEvent

def sunset_lights_on():

There’s also a revamped documentation portal, which now includes both the wiki and the plugin reference.

Most of the integrations have been rewritten at different degrees, and in the process many bugs have been squashed, many features added and many APIs updated to be more consistent, so make sure to check the documentation pages of your integrations in order to migrate.

And if you have more requests or questions, feel free to open a ticket, a PR or ask on the Lemmy server.


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@ScienceAlert @humans Probably the first practical use of Home's Iliad that l've seen! <lol>.

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Duke Hugues II has inherited the Duchy of Burgundy from his grandfather. But at 16, can he survive the world of French politics and a looming Holy Roman threat?

Join me for history natter and some Crusader Kings 3 https://twitch.tv/gariusthebrit

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