mbryson, to Canada
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I had more than I expected! #canada


chris, to spain
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Our ten minute appointment took about 90 seconds! 😂 Muy fácil y amable, pero estábamos muy nerviosos. 😬 🤣
The journey is done! The hoops are jumped!

After 2.5yrs -- I sent the first email about getting my and their citizenship in October 2021 -- they will have their Spanish/EU passports in 5-6 weeks! 🇪🇸 🎉

#DobleNacionalidad #España #Spain #Canada #DualCitizenship

AnnaAnthro, to Quebec
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Sticking His Foot In It: French PM shows support for #Quebec's very controversial secularism law that restricts teachers clothing during his #Canada visit #France #Montreal


grivettcarnac, to Canada
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I guess if you’re basically the gas industry shill as a premier you can just go on national TV and whine incessantly and have the bottomless levels of shamelessness to say the shit Daniele smith says. Apparently her “not in my backyard” bill is going to cover all federal grants to universities because “when you don’t have the same number of conservative opinionists and journalists coming out of universities it’s something to look at”… like get the fuck out of here #canada #alberta #cdnpoli

autogestion, to Amazon
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grivettcarnac, to Canada
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I’ll say that I’m a bit surprised at the housing policy structure announced today. I mean, I’m not an expert on all the levers but they announced a lot more than I would have expected from the 🇨🇦 Liberals. Banning corporate ownership of single family homes is a great start considering what the fuck BlackRock et al is doing in the US since 2008. Hopefully it’s retroactive as well but i won’t hold my breath

mariatta, to TeslaMotors
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EV infrastructure difference in Canadian provinces:

Port Moody to Golden, BC. 700 kms. Plenty of chargers in-between, you could stop every 50-100 kms if you want to.

Calgary, AB to Saskatoon, SK. 600 kms. Literally 2 chargers in-between.

br00t4c, to Canada
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Canada broke its treaty promise, but Blood Tribe is barred from suing, Supreme Court rules


br00t4c, to Canada
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Trudeau says he wasn't told by Canada spy agency of China election meddling


antwhat, to Canada French
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Aujourd'hui, j'ai appris l'expression franco-canadienne "Brasser la cage".

Définition selon le site lalanguefrancaise.com :

"Déranger, perturber, faire sortir de sa torpeur ou de son confort, notamment pour faire faire une prise de conscience ou donner lieu à un changement de comportement."


#Expression #Français #Canada

Greengordon, to Canada
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This is a horrific story but a pretty good indicator of the state of Canada’s once-vaunted healthcare system.

This quadriplegic gentlemen goes to the hospital after his third respiratory infection in three months. ( )

They put him on a stretcher for four days! He develops a large bedsore that will take months to heal, if it ever does - muscle and bone were exposed.

He elects for Medical Assistance in Dying.


grivettcarnac, to Ottawa
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The fucking stupidity of this circus could be peaking but I have suspicions the politicking will continue. From a storytelling perspective, the Star showing Jahmeet on a bike is cynical and par for the course as the narrative of “out of touch” keeps rolling


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I know hope is dangerous and a fools errand but what are th chances, federally or provincially that climate action plans emerge from this shitshow? Not by the conservatives who worship at the altar of “technology will save us” and frankly I have little hope other parties will put coherent policy structures in place either. The NDP are a fucking disgrace, both federally and provincially. Jesus Christ

leftylabourtech, to Canada
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br00t4c, to Canada
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Not a Starship not afloat: Once stuck-in-ice vessel is now on bottom of St. John River


Komeil, to Canada
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Orange and yellow sky at sunset golden hour over the rocky shoreline of English Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Komeil Karimi_20210827_KNZ_9688

br00t4c, to Canada
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CSIS chief returns to foreign interference inquiry as PM casts doubt on reliability of agency's reports


paul_denton, to Canada French
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Attal au Canada pour vanter le Ceta: "un accord gagnant gagnant"... sauf pour le gouvernement qui a perdu le vote au Sénat, au grand dam des Canadiens, traumatisés par le rejet des sénateurs de l'accord du libre-échange. La visite de "Gaby" vise à remettre du sirop d'érable dans les rouages diplomatiques... "Ils savent que le président Macron n'a pas de majorité au Parlement", grince un bon connaisseur du dossier.

#Politique #Attal #Ceta #LibreEchange #Diplomatie #Canada #Senat #Macron

br00t4c, to Canada
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Air Canada resumes weekly flights to Israel despite government travel advice to avoid non-essential trips



SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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serge, to Canada
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Today I decided to spend the day working on something unrelated to antisemtism, or the Fediverse.

A friend and I met in person to work on an completely different project, and for a few hours I didn't think about the existential threat to my life, discrimination, or anything else other than the technical work.

That is, until we went outside to get lunch, where I saw this poster, and several others like it.

It's not "pro" anything. It doesn't say anything about Palestinian rights, or a fight for freedom.

Instead, it's purely anti-"Israel".

I couldn't help but in that moment think about the kind of antisemitic posters that existed in 1930s Germany that my own family must have seen in the lead up to the Holocaust.

But I don't live in Germany. I live in Vancouver, Canada, and here they were.

No one was shocked. No one was offended. No one was angry. No one cared.

This i how the Holocaust happened, through demonization and apathy.


SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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br00t4c, to Canada
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br00t4c, to Canada
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Canada's first-ever Carnival Arts course teaches students how to make their own costumes for the road


miguel, to Toronto

Old Mill, Toronto, Canadá
Febrero 2008
Foto: Miguel Máiquez

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