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Human-Generated Content #2. #journalism #fediverse


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Journalists are using generative AI for tasks such as composing drafts and writing newsletters. Is it all bad?

The obvious, significant concern is that current AI tools are unreliable for accuracy and don’t abide by professional ethics.

(For what it’s worth, we’re not using AI for our journalism)

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Without you, there'd be no Texas Observer. The 2024 MOLLY Awards honor our members and supporters, and the best in American :

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: "As soon as we started doing interviews, my suspicions were confirmed: a lot of these guidelines were made from the top down. They were made individually by an editor-in-chief or sometimes by parent companies, without any consultation of journalists.

How can we create guidelines from the bottom up? How can we create guidelines involving journalists and all the stakeholders involved in news production? It shouldn’t surprise us that journalists are still making decisions based on their gut feeling. Even with all of these guidelines in place, journalists are still going to make decisions based on what they and their community feel it’s important.

If you impose guidelines from the top down, they are not going to be very effective because journalism is based on gut feeling. So we need to encourage newsrooms to have a conversation with their journalists and ask them about how these technologies should be put in place."

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#AI #GenerativeAI #Search #Perplexity #Plagiarism #Journalism #Media #News: "AI-powered search startup Perplexity appears to be plagiarizing journalists’ work through its newly launched feature, Perplexity Pages, which lets people curate content on a particular topic. Multiple posts that have been “curated” by the Perplexity team on its platform are strikingly similar to original stories from multiple publications, including Forbes, CNBC and Bloomberg. The posts, which have already gathered tens of thousands of views, do not mention the publications by name in the article text — the only attributions are small, easy-to-miss logos that link out to them.

For instance, a Perplexity aggregation of Forbes’ exclusive reporting on Eric Schmidt’s stealth drone project contains several fragments that appear to have been lifted, including a custom illustration. Over the past several months, Forbes has broken a series of stories on the former Google CEO’s secretive efforts to develop AI-guided aircraft for the battlefield, and this week reported that Schmidt had poached talent from SpaceX, Apple and Google, and has been testing his drones in the wealthy Silicon Valley town of Menlo Park."

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: "Bellingcat’s trajectory tells a scathing story about the nature of truth in the 21st century. When Higgins began blogging as Brown Moses, he had no illusions about the malignancies of the internet. But along with journalists all over the world, he has discovered that the court of public opinion is broken. Hard facts have been devalued; online, everyone can present, and believe in, their own narratives, even if they’re mere tissues of lies. Along with trying to find the truth, Higgins has also been searching for places where the truth has any kind of currency and respect—where it can work as it should, empowering the weak and holding the guilty accountable.

The year ahead may be the biggest of Bellingcat’s life. In addition to tracking conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, its analysts are being flooded with falsified artifacts from elections in the US, the UK, India, and dozens of other countries. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also the specter of artificial intelligence: still too primitive to fool Bellingcat’s experts but increasingly good enough to fool everyone else. Higgins worries that governments, social media platforms, and tech companies aren’t worrying enough and that they’ll take the danger seriously only when “there’s been a big incident where AI-generated imagery causes real harm”—in other words, when it’s too late."

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What Happens When Violence Takes Over The Culture

Not for the first time in history, simplistic dualism is taking hold of people's minds, often rooted in religious beliefs. Is this a prelude to even more violent intolerance and — in the worst scenario — another big war? asks Argentine poet and writer Miguel Espejo.

#Journalism #War #Culture #Violence #Guns #Politics

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I love it when the bubble bursts over but I'm always shocked at the "professional " reporting garbage to begin with.

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Anger mounts at Washington Post over leadership changes and CEO's record

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New at What Works: Suggestions welcome for our new spreadsheet tracking public access and local news in Massachusetts. Please share widely!

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It’s #NewstodonFriday! It’s been another busy week for the many newsrooms who have an active presence in the #fediverse, and we’re highlighting their work in the thread below. If you like what you see, follow the profiles and boost their stories.

If you’re a journo or newsroom that we don’t know about or if there’s a newsroom you’d love to put on our radar, please let us know in the comments.

#News #Newstodon #Media #Journalism #FollowFriday

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New at Media Nation: Will Lewis keeps digging and demands a bigger shovel. Jeff Bezos may see this as a public relations problem rather than a genuine ethical quandary. Well, it's a PR disaster that isn't going away as long as Lewis is in charge. #journalism

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The Post is forced to cover its own journalistically dubious boss, who issues traditionalists' favorite slander against critics, calling @davidfolkenflik “an activist, not a journalist.” He projects. Gift link:
Post publisher draws more scrutiny after newsroom shake-up

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With NYT and now WaPo broken beyond repair, what are the options left for quality news coverage in the US? (This is not a rhetorical question.)

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: "Those other deals they did a long time ago? The ones with the likes of Google and Apple and, most particularly, Facebook? They actually have learned lessons from them.

Most crucially: Those deals required publishers to change their business — to create new formats, or make a particular kind of video or story they wouldn't normally make, or to make more of them than they'd normally make. (The one I remember most vividly was Facebook's live video push, which paid publishers like The New York Times to make boring videos.)

But the OpenAI deals, the publishers emphasize, are straightforward licensing deals for stuff they're already making. Nothing bespoke. "It doesn't change the way we operate," one of them tells me.

And that is by far the most common theme you hear when you talk to publishers about these deals. They're something close to free money — for work that was going to get made regardless.
Which means — they say — at the end of these deals, publishers won't have to regret investing in another defunct Big Tech project."

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Reuters: NewsBreak: Most downloaded US news app has Chinese roots and 'writes fiction' using AI

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Think of a publisher, and there's a good chance they'll have a Flipboard account. Now, we're in the process of federating them. Publishers — like just about everyone we know — have a hard time getting their heads around the fediverse and what it means to federate your Flipboard account, so @jejord has written this blogpost. In it, she explains the fediverse, what Flipboard federation looks like, the value of our Magazine feeds, and why we think all this is important. "The fediverse is potentially the One Ecosystem to Rule Them All, and is estimated to grow to 170M users by the end of 2024," writes Jessica.

#Federation #Fediverse #Flipboard #ActivityPub #Publishers #Media #Journalism #FediCurious

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The Will Lewis Resignation Watch has officially begun. David Folkenflik has devastating new details about the Washington Post publisher’s attempts to cover up his role in the Murdoch phone-hacking scandals, including offering an exclusive interview to Folkenflik last December if he’d agree to drop a story he was working on. #journalism

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During the Baron-Bezos era, the NYT had to endure an endless stream of stories about the rising Washington Post. Now, between the Alito flag fiasco and the botched departure of Sally Buzbee, it’s payback time, with the NYT driving much of the coverage. #journalism

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Media Notes: Will Lewis' unethical ask, Biden is still old and Hub Blog is back. New at Media Nation.

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UNICEF finds 90% of Gaza’s children lack food needed for proper growth!
RIP humanity 🫡

In the Gaza Strip, months of hostilities and restrictions on humanitarian aid have collapsed the food and health systems, resulting in catastrophic consequences for children and their families," UNICEF said.


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Recently a man in Mexico died due to a strain of Bird Flu called H5N2. Can you believe it?

A man's death in Mexico was caused by a strain of bird flu called H5N2 that has never before been found in a human, the World Health Organization said on June 5.


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Prince Harry might be making another memoir about the Royal Family. It'll be controversial for sure 😂

Royal author Robert Hardman recently suggested that Prince Harry may write a second memoir as his first, titled Spare, withheld key instances, according to Independent.


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World hits streak of record temperatures as UN warns of 'climate hell'!
Climate action is required more than ever now.

Each of the past 12 months ranked as the warmest on record in year-on-year comparisons.


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Taliban in the Northern Sari Pul Province has publically beaten 60 women!!
It is is violation of human rights and dignity!!

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan on Wednesday condemned the public flogging of more than 60 people, including more than a dozen women, by the Taliban in northern Sari Pul province.


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