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I follow COVID scientists here on Mastodon. I've seen them post links to studies showing waning effectiveness of COVID vaccines after 6 months.

I received the updated booster last October and want to get boosted again prior to some planned travel in July. (Air travel to the MAGA anti-vax cesspool known as Florida)

I have contacted three pharmacies in my area.

One has no COVID vaccines at all and said they won't receive any until fall.

The other two say they will not vaccinate me because they must follow US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines stating that only people 65 years and older should receive boosters at this time.

They won't vaccinate me even if I am willing to pay out of pocket.

Both say I must get a recommendation from my health care provider before they will even consider it.

Less than 20% of people in my state are up to date on their COVID vaccines. For those of us who want to follow the science and not some arbitrary age limitation, why not let us get vaccinated?

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Leading trans health bodies accuse Cass Review of 'selective and inconsistent use of evidence'

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