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I was thinking about the Lean Scala hubbub when a song from an early Chicago album came on shuffle. Chicago's "legacy" albums adroitly blended genres in ways few did before or since, until the band pivoted to AOR and Christmas albums, alienating most of its fans.

Anyway, I'm going to go listen to Chicago II. It still sounds great and it's still here.

eed3si9n, to programming avatar

scopt 4.1.0 is back published to 2.12, 2.13, and Scala 3 on Scala Native 0.5.x

scopt is a little command line options parsing library

vascorsd, to programming avatar

Been having fun with , made more than a hundred lines of code with it. It's really refreshing having a language that compiles fast and takes barely any memory and cpu to run.

Not having to care about the build tool too much, hundreds of compiler flags, language versions, compiler plugins, formatting plugins, or any of the usual things that fill the brain I'm used to in is a huge breath of fresh air.

Not having to care about the JVM is amazing.

vascorsd, (edited ) avatar

The syntax sometimes is not very pretty (subjective). Functions receiving functions as parameters get a bit ugly with 'x |› map(fn(v) { ““ })' feeling like having too many parentheses.

syntax is prettier in this aspect with
' { v =› "" }’ being more lightweight.

And formatting sometimes doesn't do what I'd like.

And I dearly miss the 'for { y <- stuff } yield ""' syntax. The 'use syntax' doesn't really click with me yet.

Anyway, overall, great experience 😉

thilo, to programming German avatar

Upgrading a project from 2.8 to 2.9.

Ten years down the road, the most annoying thing in Javaland remains troubleshooting these dynamically detected logging systems and their various runtime errors. Digging into classloader issues and the contents of META-INF. 😠

Really appreciating the Scala approach to do (and check!) everything at compile-time.

eed3si9n, to programming avatar

Verify 1.0.0 is back published to 2.12, 2.13, and Scala 3 on Scala Native 0.5.x

Verify is among the least featureful unit testing framework around

alexelcu, to programming avatar

Martin Odersky's thoughts on "Lean Scala"

What do you think?

vascorsd, to programming avatar

cool thing about playing with is that it actually runs on my laptop without making it hot and putting the fans in crazy mode.

compiles and runs fast, few MBs of memory.

creating a binary with gleescript creates a script that makes the application run on erlang vm and it works without much ceremony and again without killing my memory and taking all my swap space.

it's a nice change of pace compared to the usual that can't run without 4 jvm processes killing the machine 🙄

dwardoric, to programming German avatar

Just released another version of the Smederee - your friendly darcs forge. 🤩

Your organisations are now shown on your user settings page and they are more easily edited. Also owners can delete organisations now. Adding administrators to an organisation is still on the todo list though. 😉

#Smederee #Darcs #Selfhosting #Scala

scala_space, to programming avatar

v1.2.1 is out now! Along with support for 3.4.1 & Scala.js 1.16.0.
That, and the regular stream of minor enhancements and fixes.
Check the release notes here

reidrac, to gamedev avatar

Just realised that has been a year since I moved to this instance, let's do a new !

I love OSS and (, CPC, , and ). Also regular dev in , , #C and .

My games are always free to download and play:

I'm currently finishing "The Heart of Salamanderland" for the Amstrad CPC, that will have a physical release by PolyPlay (see my Brick Rick for an example!).

See you around!

Physical release of Brick Rick for the Amstrad CPC by PolyPlay.

dhinojosa, to programming avatar

complaint List.empty[Int].sum should return None, not 0.

kubukoz, to programming avatar

Scala.php 0.1.1 has been released.

eed3si9n, to programming avatar

the xz situation, which is too real for me, is a reminder for community that Zinc, sbt, and many of plugins are maintained in my free time (which is by design, and works while it works)

if your company uses at work, consider joining Scala Center corporate membership (50k/yr or 15k/yr), or provide % of eng time to them. for these toolchains, Scala Center is often the organization to fix CVEs, alongside compiler stewards like VirtusLab and Lightbend

vascorsd, to FunctionalProgramming avatar

The Flix Programming Language -

PSA: New Type Inference Engine

«merging in a completely new type inference engine

  • Associated types and effects
  • begin to use associated types and effects in the standard library
  • new, simpler, and faster Boolean unification solver
  • A path towards a set based Boolean unification solver
  • A path towards significantly improved interoperability

#flix #flixlang #fp #functionalProgramming #plt #scala

krisajenkins, to programming avatar

I love the ideas in #Erlang, but I’ve never quite gelled with the language. So when I heard someone was porting the runtime to #OCaml, my ears pricked up.

Leandro Ostera joins me this week to explain how he's borrowing BEAM's best bits. 😅


vascorsd, avatar

@krisajenkins great interview.

On we have akka library/system for actors, for many years working, so anyone looking into actor systems should definitely check it out too even if just to compare the patterns/design considerations.

chreke, to programming avatar

My company is organizing a Scala meetup here in Stockholm together with the nice folks at Evolution! RSVP if you can make it, and please signal boost

#scala #functionalprogramming

vascorsd, to programming avatar
ayo, to random avatar

I kept my twtr account for a while because brands I occasionally reach out to were still exclusively there. It’s now no longer the case so I put the account down for real :)

ayo, avatar

Here’s a really useful tool to discover other developers in various tech circles:


Thanks @anze3db for building it!

#python #javascript #rust #ruby #swift #c #golang #nix #kotlin #haskell #scala #ocaml #webdev #developers

dhinojosa, to programming avatar

Going to cozy up to a good book written by @arosien a little later.

alexelcu, to programming avatar

"Reasons to migrate to Scala 3"

alexelcu, to programming avatar

turned 20


vascorsd, to programming avatar

Eio 1.0 Release: Introducing a new Effects-Based I/O Library for OCaml | Tarides -

"to craft a modern, direct-style I/O stack that seamlessly interfaces with the latest kernel I/O advancements, such as io_uring. This is where Eio comes in."

vascorsd, to programming avatar

Announcing Scala.js 1.16.0 - Scala.js

Scala.js is the thing that takes scala code and produces javascript. For the browser or to run with node.

deshipu, to python avatar

"Namespaces are one honking great idea -- let's do more of those!", and yet the type annotations in are all in the global namespace, when it would make so much more sense for them to have a namespace of their own.


@deshipu @orsinium So your problem is that, unlike some other programming languages like #Scala where you can have an object with the same name as a #type (and in fact Scala has some extra rules for implicits resolutions for companion objects), #Python types are essentially objects.
I think that is a feature, not a bug, as it allows to have #dependentType

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