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Galley, to random
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Just got back from searching for a 4-year old boy who has been missing for than 13 hours. We spent an hour looking through thick weeds and brush. 😢

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Walked more than three miles this morning looking for the boy. This is the creek near his home.😢

Minnehaha Creek in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Galley, to random
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Bison! 😄

Galley, to random
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I’m currently in one of those states that requires front license plates (unlike Southern states). Imagine seeing an ugly plate on the front of an Alfa Romeo Giulia. 😖

Galley, to random
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What is the significance of this place? 🤔

Galley, (edited ) to random
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Bill Anders, Apollo 8 astronaut who took iconic 'Earthrise' photo, dies in plane crash - Los Angeles Times #Apollo #Apollo8 #EarthRise #NASA

Galley, to animals
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There is a spot in my front yard that the stray kitties love to roll around on. It’s always the same exact spot. 🤔
This photo was taken at 7:00 AM and it’s the third cat I’ve seen there this morning. 😂

Galley, to random
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I recently picked up some Brownsville Station CDs. Albums one through five and seven were issued by Wounded Bird. The self-titled sixth album has never been released on CD, but it available as a 24/96 download. “Air Special” (which I am lacking) is long out of print.

A screenshot from the Doppler iOS app displaying six Brownsville Station albums.

davidho, to random
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It’s so crazy that climate deniers think humans don’t cause climate change but volcanic eruptions do.

The eruption of Mount St. Helens released ~10 Mt of CO₂ into the atmosphere.

Human activities currently release that amount of CO₂ in ~2 hours.

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@davidho I was living in North Dakota at the time. We barely had any snow the following winter. I’m no scientist , but I’m sure it was due to the ash lingering in the atmosphere.

cwgrody, to golf
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Let’s see how Nelly Korda’s doing at the . . .

She had a 10 at the 12th (her third hole of the day).

I can identify with that.

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@cwgrody Mel Reid gave a great breakdown. I would definitely be in the double digits on that hole! 😄


MLE_online, to random
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Who really needs a bike with this many speeds? By the time you add a front derailleur, that's 24 or 36 speeds! Dumb!

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@MLE_online My Trek is 1 x 11 and I use all 11 gears as I live in a hilly area. My previous bike was 3 x 7 and I only ever used the middle gears. 😄

Galley, to random
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Negro Leagues' statistics will be incorporated into Major League Baseball’s historical records on Wednesday - USA TODAY ⚾️ https://apple.news/ABWk5z1KSTW-cGY1ratUUPw

Galley, to random
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What’s the deal with Judge Aileen Cannon? There seems to be only one actual photo of her and one screen capture from a video call. 🤔😂

A screen capture of Judge Aileen Cannon during a video call.

DannyStaley, to random
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What was your favorite toy, or line of toys as a child?

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MarvinFreeman, to random
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We should have a day devoted to those killed in car-related crashes. Remembering those sacrificed to greed and stupidity.


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Galley, to random
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The Major Rudolph Anderson Jr. Memorial in Greenville, SC. Major Anderson was the pilot of the U2 spy plane that was shot down during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. He flew the F-86 Sabre in the Korean War.

dlundh, to music
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And just like that I passed the 1000 mark in my collection

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@dlundh DCC 😮

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@dlundh I had a Technics that I used as a digital mixdown deck in 1995, but never owned any commercially released cassettes.

dalfen, to tech
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Although encrypted and stored locally on the hard drive, I wonder if the three months-worth of snapshot data could be used against someone in a court of law 🤔

(I’m not a lawyer, but my guess is—absolutely)

~ New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC~


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@dalfen Don’t give them any ideas! 😄

Galley, to random
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Doug Ingle, Last Original Member of Iron Butterfly, and Singer-Writer of ‘In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida,’ Dies | Best Classic Bands

mazouzi, to random
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15 Most hardest languages to learn, for English speakers:

1 ➔ Arabic
2 ➔ Mandarin Chinese
3 ➔ Japanese
4 ➔ Korean
5 ➔ Thai
6 ➔ Vietnamese
7 ➔ Hindi
8 ➔ Russian
9 ➔ Greek
10 ➔ Farsi (Persian)
11 ➔ Turkish
12 ➔ Albanian
13 ➔ Serbian
14 ➔ Bulgarian
15 ➔ Hungarian

~(As per Berlitz)

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@mazouzi I’ve always wanted to learn Arabic. Everyone in my family who spoke Arabic have long since died off. 😢

Galley, to random
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The Weirdest Car Accessories In History – Unusual Vintage Car Accessories You Don’t See Today - Idolator 😮

NanoRaptor, to random
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Most people on earth can’t remember anything before 1997.

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@NanoRaptor The perception of time is funny. Woodstock occurred less than 14 years before I graduated high school, but it seemed like ancient history. 2010? That happened just a few months ago. 😄

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@MLE_online @NanoRaptor Dunno, if you’ve ever seen a “reaction video” before, but I find it hard to believe these folks have NEVER heard popular music before. 🤔

ElleGray, to random
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horror writers, start your engines

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@ElleGray Reminds me of this sign in South Carolina. 😄

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