jerzone, to animals avatar
gwozniak, to Cats avatar

This is how Caya reacts when I hang out with her in the morning.

An orange tabby cat purring and rolling around slightly.

EricIndiana, to animals avatar

Did I mention that Joey can fly?

SirTapTap, to Cats avatar
Wen, (edited ) to animals avatar

They’re out of control’: flock of 100 feral chickens torments village

They really have seen nothing. Our goats manage the garden - and in their turn they kowtow to the cats!

Neither of whom think they are feral.

They don’t know how lucky they have it in Norfolk.

shanoreily, to animals avatar

Walk away for two seconds to grab the lightbulb I want to replace, and this is sitting happily on my step stool. Housework with cats is always an adventure.

aronow, to Cats avatar

Hey! What kinda funny sprinkles did momma put on our donut? :blobfoxnomdonut:

(Warning: many pics of high incoming)

aronow, avatar

Two heads are better than one when it comes to solving mysteries!

aronow, avatar

This is mine now!

Remittancegirl, to animals avatar

Am I invisible to you?

cat_news, to Cats avatar

Rory (New Mexico, USA) gets tired following his human around, so he has claimed the walker basket as his own! Life is apparently tiring for this kitten but he is happy his forever home came with comfy transportation in the house.


EricIndiana, to animals avatar

Sheena and Joey

cafechatnoir, to animals avatar

The LilyMonster took her gabapentin this morning! The last day and half we just couldn’t get “Sure, I’d love a snack!” time synced up with “special gabapentin snack time” - we have buprinex, too, and it does the job, but we don’t have a ton of it, and we have LOTS of gabapentin for her.

But this morning, she chowed down her special snack straight out of the gate, then had a whole can of gooshy food, more snacks, and is happily snoozing. Yay!

kim, to Cats avatar

@micah has been busy with the 3D printer and I'm happy to report our family is now protected by Batcat!

SirTapTap, to Cats avatar

Something about my phone's white balance in bright light exaggerate's Soot's oranges and suppresses her blacks. This is a more accurate impression of her color. There's bits of black on every hair, so the farther away she is the more black she looks

That_One_Guy, to animals avatar

Sunday chores will have to wait. I've got lap company.

GertrudeZane, to animals avatar

Pax especially loves her CatDad, and if she could, she would tag along with him everywhere.

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all of you! Have a happy Sunday!

KissAnne, to animals avatar
Fitnessfoundry, to Cats avatar

Xing Xing the rescue kitty ❤️ boxes and tissue paper!

Hope this photo brings a smile to your day! 😸

JenniferJorgenson, to pics avatar
gorobar, to Cat German avatar

I was just working on some pictures in .

This one's a little older and too blurred to put on my photography account, but too cute not to post at all.

So here you are: a cute Pantha hiding in a fluffy blanket

WilliamKretschmer, to Cats avatar
LarsFosdal, to animals avatar

Lucy the Cat celebrates

logbuch35mm, to animals German avatar

If it fits, it sits 😸
Moin ihr lieben, ich wünsch euch einen fabelhaften Sonntag😺☕🫶

Wen, to animals avatar

Decisions decisions….

It's wet, I can't go out. Its sunny, I cant be bothered to go out.

What a choice.

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