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Your friendly neighbourhood hⒶcker hobo.
Likes dinosaurs, dislikes hierarchy.

Come for the music recommendations, stay for the #propaganda.

#nojs #ux #infosec #python #freebsd

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kennwhite, to random

Incredible research at BlackHat Asia today by Tong Liu and team from the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (在iie.ac.cn 的电子邮件经过验证)

A dozen+ RCEs on popular LLM framework libraries like LangChain and LlamaIndex - used in lots of chat-assisted apps including GitHub. These guys got a reverse shell in two prompts, and even managed to exploit SetUID for full root on the underlying VM!


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@kennwhite Oh my, that's glorious! 😂

KK, to random German
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Der NABU rät, die Fenster im Frühjahr nicht zu putzen. So können Vögel Scheiben besser erkennen und die Gefahr dagegen zu fliegen, sinkt.

Von der Couch aus Tiere retten.
Na, gut 😊

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phryk, to Rap
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NDR, to random German
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🛀 Eine warme Dusche, saubere Unterwäsche und der Zugang zu Hygieneartikeln - für die meisten Menschen in Hannover ist das selbstverständlich. Ab Mittwoch bietet ein mobiles Badezimmer auch für Menschen auf der Straße eine regelmäßige Duschgelegenheit.

😇 Es ist das erste Projekt dieser Art in Niedersachsen: Die Malteser und die Stadt Hannover wollen mit dem Duschanhänger "MOBALNI" wohnungs- und obdachlosen Menschen den Alltag erleichtern.


#NDR #Hannover #MOBALNI

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@NDR Als ich wohnungslos war, war die Möglichkeit einfach mal unkompliziert Duschen zu können tatsächlich das, was ich am meisten vermisst habe.

Ergo begrüße ich diese Aktion, sollte es aber einfach in jeder Stadt geben.

tagesschau, to random German
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Studie: Klimawandel lässt Wirtschaft wohl stark schrumpfen

Die Weltwirtschaft könnte wegen des Klimawandels um ein Fünftel einbrechen. Davor warnen Forscher des Potsdam-Instituts für Klimafolgenforschung in einer neuen Studie. Auch für Beschäftigte hätte das Folgen.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/klimafolgen-potsdam-institut-weltwirtschaft-schrumpft-drastisch-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

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@tagesschau Bei 'ner Wirtschaft, bei der gefühlt 80% aller Tätigkeiten unbenötigt bis schädlich sind, sehe ich da kein Problem. 🤔

derPUPE, to random German
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falsche #Verkehrwende bei uns im Haus

Eckart #vonKlaeden, ja genau der #Auto Lobbyist von #mercedes, hat nach aktuellem Hausgossip per Gericht dafür gesorgt, das#ß unsere #Fahrradständer im Innenhof wieder abgebau werden müssen, da er mit seinem verfickt großen Benz SUV nicht hinreichend wenden kann.

Da die Eigentümerversammlung die #Fahrrad Parkplätze beschlossen hatten, empfinden gerade selbst konservative Nachbar:innen diesem Mensch-gewordenen Auspuffgift gegenüber echten militanten Hass.

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@derPUPE 🙃

phryk, to random
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A friend got frustrated with gitlab today because the @efoundation gitlab denies registrations from their personal mailserver, probably
caused by this thing:


I could reproduce the issue (see screenshot) and then we stumbled onto this:


Some money quotes:

"GitLab is the most comprehensive AI-powered DevSecOps Platform."

"See how Lockheed Martin saves time, money, and tech muscle with GitLab"

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For context: Lockheed Martin is one of the biggest US arms manufacturers, building things like fighter jets and ballistic missiles.

I think it's fair to say that by now #GitLab should be seen as just as morally bankrupt as Microsoft #GitHub.

phryk, to random
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TIL DoH-only domains are a thing that exists.

phryk, to random
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This is your reminder that media piracy is both ethical and good praxis. 🏴‍☠️

Virtually all digital subscription services are predatory and not giving them your money is one of the easiest ways you can help curb their influence.

Additionally, pirated media is simply better.

No ads, no region locks and better availability all make media piracy decidedly superior to what you get when you pay half a dozen of these corporate monstrosities for a bad service.

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@Huubje Hah, I kind of have the ultimate project for that pun.

A downloadable home. Sadly unfinished and didn't get to work on it for years now.^^


aral, to linux
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Is it just me or is Ubuntu basically the Windows of Linux now?

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@aral I started my second job on Monday. One of my two main areas of work is being the dedicated SysOps person for this company and bringing them over from MS shite to FOSS.

I started setting up an Ubuntu VM to prototype the deployment I want to create for them because most MS stuff for Linux is aimed at Ubuntu, so I had hoped this would ease migrating.

First there was of course the nagging for eNtErPrIsE bullshit, which is a bad omen, but whatever.

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@aral During the installation process, I marked Postgres and some other stuff for installation. Saw it was only Postgres 10 (i.e ancient), but figured I could just apt upgrade.

After booting into the system, I had to notice that it didn't install the software I'd chosen via apt, but as fucking containers through their shitty snap thing.

This thing reeks of awful low quality freemium bullshit all around and I deleted the entire thing to set up Debian.

Fuck Ubuntu. :F

loadingartist, to random
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as you whisk

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@loadingartist I just stumbled onto this on imgur and was startled because I'd completely forgotten that my birthday is literally this week… :thaenkin:

mntmn, to random
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it's time to edit "the bitmap"

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@mntmn 🤤

davatron5000, to random
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What are you doing to make the web blazingly fast today?

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@davatron5000 Rewriting my old website on base flask after deprecating my old framework because my new one will take quite a while to be ready for action.

Like my current site, this one won't have any JS and no CSS framework either – no bloat, just bespoke HTML, CSS and SVG.

phryk, to random
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Oh, is it that time of the year again? :thinkhappy:

jalcine, to random
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Okay legit confusion here and asking for clarification.

I saw something that said that transgender can be seen as an "umbrella" term for both binary-adjacent folks (trans men + women) and non-binary folks (like those who are gender fluid and gender queer).

Does this match people's understanding (and more importantly lived experiences?)

Source is from this post: https://www.instagram.com/p/C5MPL46SuIR/ (the person who shared it identifies as trans but is gender fluid)

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@jalcine I know this version, where "trans" applies roughly speaking to anyone not identifying with the gender role assigned at birth, but I'm also aware that this isn't what most people think when the term is used.

I'm technically enby and have had the term trans used for me (by trans people) and it doesn't bother me, but I don't use the term to describe myself, because as an AMAB dude-y person I just don't face the same problems more "conventionally" trans people have.

phryk, to random
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I finally managed to create a new rule for inline rendering of Renderable objects with markdown-it-py.

Just took me over 10 hours to do a thing that would've been thirty minutes if the docs were good.

The biggest help was literally ChatGPT, which itself is hot garbage and kept saying things that were wrong, but at least it helped along with reading the (uncommented) source. :F

phryk, to random
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U 96 – Club Bizarre

Essential 90s lore. 👌

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The shot of that girl applying an angle grinder to her crotch is etched forever into my brain.

futurebird, (edited ) to random
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Which of the following did you feel most often growing up? If you were "an almost only child" eg you had siblings but they were much older or younger... or you had siblings but didn't grow up with them most of the time answer as if you were an only kid.

This is about if you had company in your family near your own age, and if you wanted more company like that or less.

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@futurebird I was basically Harry Potter in the first book before he get's rescued. So, less would've been nice, but still probably not much of an improvement. :F

phryk, to random
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I've looked into the thing of my new site I most dreaded: markdown integration.

Last time I looked, there were no extensible commonmark implementations for python around.

Things have changed…

commonmark.py declared itself dead and directs people to markdown-it-py and that module…

is actively maintained. :)

has a bus factor > 5 :]

has a dedicated documentation page "Design principles" ___

This is honestly the best first impression of a lib I've ever had. I think I might shed a tear. 😭

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I might have spoken too early.

The docs are in broken English, gloss over things so much that I have a very hard time understanding anything and for extensions essentially just says "go read the code and don't bother us before you did". :thaenkin:

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Wow, let me backpedal all the fucking way.

The code the docs tell you to read isn't commented and the project is already over 10 years old and the reason the docs are still so bad is because the maintainer can't be arsed and just closes issues concerning documentation… 🤦

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