Who's putting their real picture as a profile picture on an anonymous, public forum? Facebook is over there somewhere.

BuddhaBeettle avatar

Yeah, about that... I have a secret to confess.
Im not actually a 2D dog

cyberian_khatru avatar

Yeah, and I'm not a actually Alpha, the android protagonist from critically-acclaimed and cult classic iyashikei manga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, either. Sorry, guys.

Ragnell avatar

I am. I am absolutely a real Gorgon.

Nepenthe avatar

Likewise. I am irl a disembodied voice emanating from a haunted jug. So a kameosa, I guess. The avatar's been stylized, though


" I'm seeing a lot of "Grey Square" profile pics, some alarmingly like my own. How many of us are there?"

SpicyPeaSoup avatar

Omg me


I thought this would be obvious, bearded with poor vision checking in.

Your not asking the right question though, something that might now be obvious from profile pics. How many of the users are never-nude? 🤔


I would advise against putting a real photo of yourself

Ragnell avatar

Maybe they're all photos of the same guy, and behind them is the wondrous variety of human identity.


Another beardy guy with glasses here. I also have long hair, does that make me unique?
When does the "beardy guys bad eyes club" meeting start?

Suedeltica avatar

It never ends

Prej avatar

Goddamn copycats.

saplyng avatar

If beehaw's post on their user demographics from earlier today is a valid representation of the fediverse as a whole, then 50% sounds about right!

I, however, am obviously a small tree and have no need for glasses

MonsieurHedge avatar

You and me both, my friend in foliage.


You weren’t informed about the kbin cloning experiment? It was in the t&c

RetroEvolute, avatar

It's the modern adult nerd look... Lemmy probably has a pretty specific demographic at this point in time.


solidly 50% of you look the same.

Let me inflate that statistic a little, as somebody without a profile pic who looks exactly like that

Kranerian avatar

Why would I choose a picture of me when I can be a Sexy Shoeless God of War?


I've got some news about the demographics of the threadiverse

Doom_Cough avatar

And glasses, beard, long hair coming in a close second... Ahem


muzzle avatar

Do you reckon my pi counts?

Hobovision avatar

I've got a beard but I wear contacts and would never use an actual picture of myself on a public forum like this.

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