The opening song and credit sequence for Succession always got me SO HYPE.

The part after the bridge where the kids are riding on the elephant, and the piano part comes back in and strikes three times instead of two... chills every time.

freebrick avatar

Yeah came here to say Succession. The show is so cool and they nailed it with the opening intro. It's sets the vibe perfectly.


Another vote for Succession!

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Here's a bit of an unusual answer. The TV show Corner Gas is a Canadian comedy set in small town Saskatchewan. I grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan, so loved the show (it's also objectively very funny). It's a show I watched a lot as a kid, probably more times than anything. And that was all before the ages of being able to skip intros, so the iconic theme song (which references a very popular joke about Saskatchewan) was heard a lot.

Mostly I think I'm just nostalgic about it. I really hated growing up in a rural area and the show was literally the only one I had at the time that felt local (Sask isn't exactly a well known place).

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I still watch the reruns whenever they are on.

Hyacathusarullistad avatar

Corner Gas was truly one of the greatest sitcoms of its time, Canadian or otherwise.

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I have a few:

  • Babylon 5 : The opening monologue and music score was amazing every time. Definitely an older vibe with this one with flashing images of the cast up as it progressed, but it was very good.
  • Westworld Season 1 : I think it was mainly the same for later seasons with slight variations. The simple piano tune building for the whole intro was beautiful and while watching back to back would absolutely let it run maybe every other episode, or every third.
  • Eureka Season 1 : The score by Mothersbaugh and quirky art is really fun and conveys the definite style of the show.

Star Trek Discovery has a GORGEOUS intro

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The expanse

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I absolutely love The Expanse intro -- I always let it play for the incredible song and started to notice all the changing visuals to match the progression in the show as a result.

DuckTales is one of those opening songs that I sing along with because I know the lyrics. The Expanse is one of those opening songs that I sing along with despite not knowing any of the lyrics at all.


In the spirit of ducktales. Captain Bucky O'Hare

KbinItTogether avatar

The only lyrics I remember are his name in the chorus but it's definitely stuck with me. Also he's a space explorer! With that, Bucky O'Hare kind of bridges the gap between The Expanse and DuckTales in a way.


You mean my ringtone? I fucking love that opening song.

Animortis avatar

I've had that song stuck in my head for FOUR YEARS NOW. And I'm pretty fine with it.


Magical secret powers where revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said BY THE POWER OF REVERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like the intro to TruBlood more than the show itself.

SirD_P avatar

ditto but that's not a big achievement .. show went downhill pretty fast .. only kept watching for the uber smexy Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica

Hyacathusarullistad avatar

The theme from Sherlock along with Holmes' little "the game is on" leimotif were pretty great.

Same with the driving beat from the Arrow title card — in fact I'm a big fan of Blake Newly in general, but it's the track "Setting Up the Lair" from the first season that plays most of my favourite elements.

But the title sequence that stands out best for me is the 2010 version of the Doctor Who theme. The music from that season in particular has always hit me hard, but all of Murray Gold's work on the show was phenomenal.

KbinItTogether avatar

Setting Up the Lair is totally on my workout playlist! Blake Neely really knows how to write a score that keeps me pushing when I start to run out of gas.

The electric guitar cover of Neely's "Flash vs Arrow" theme by Niall Stenson is also on my workout mix, makes it feel like I'm training to survive against a metahuman which is very motivating!

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The opening for the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime (Ready Steady Go by L’Arc-En-Ciel) is burned into my mind forever. For some reason it makes me cry a little bit now.


Batman Beyond came to mind right away.


Good question. Usually the music is far better than the actual intro, Succession was a good example of that. 24's intro isn't much but it's unique and ages well because nobody likes sitting through TV show intros anymore.

I'd have to say that Whiskey Cavalier's intro is the best one I've seen, from what I can think of off the top of my head.


Game of Thrones used to get me so pumped.

YolkBrushWork402 avatar

The Better Call Saul Open Intro is very iconic and it looks cool too, i suggest checking it off

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Yeah, it's sappy, but somehow catchy, too.


Mal's a sad, sad, sad, sad, sad man. He's got a sad yet defiant song.


Ok, I’m old, but my all-time favorite has to be the opening credits for the PBS show Mystery. The cartoons were by Edward Gorey!

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