ZeKik, to Hyundai
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I found myself stuck in traffic 🚌 🚗 🚑 🚙 🚗 recently with my betrothed piloting. At one point, we were behind a Hyundai Ioniq 6, which has received rave reviews.

I applaud them for providing an affordable EV that looks interesting, much like the Ioniq 5, even if it does have a tiny trunk.

This photo may not truly depict it, but I found it exceedingly, needlessly ugly from the rear.

You can’t always judge a car from online review pix. 🤷‍♂️

bretcarmichael, to Hyundai
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Says , “We’re trying to make driving an affordable.” I think they’re early to understand a feature of the EVs that US automakers are slow to realize. Disruption starts at the low end, and with high interest rates, the low end needs to be lower. Consumers won’t pay a premium because it’s an EV. The early adopter market is saturated. Manufacturers need to appeal to buyers who are buying for transportation utility.

Hypx, to Hydrogen
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HD Hyundai partners with Shell to jointly develop liquefied hydrogen carrier


Hypx, to Hydrogen
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Hypx, to Hydrogen
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vulgalour, to austin
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Ever wondered just how similar a Hyundai Ioniq 5 really is to an Austin Princess?

Wonder no more!

#WeirdCarMastodon #Austin #Princess #Hyundai #Ioniq5

Hypx, to Hydrogen
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Hypx, to Hydrogen
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RTP, to news
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Hypx, to TeslaMotors
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Genesis was suppose to go all-BEV, but now that plan is apparently dead.


Hypx, (edited ) to TeslaMotors
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This is why announcements about future BEV plans are meaningless. They can always making conventional cars at an "EV-only" plant. Also, governments are basically just subsidizing car factories with no assurances that they stay BEV-only.


Hypx, to Hydrogen
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aulia, to indonesia
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drahardja, to cars
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I’m super curious to try out how this “gear simulator” feels!

“Hyundai Changed The Game - An "8-Speed" Electric Car!”


mastomememakers, to ArtificialIntelligence
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Hypx, to Hydrogen
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Hypx, to Hydrogen
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CelloMomOnCars, to Hyundai
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Hyundai Motor ends Indonesia aluminium deal after climate campaign by K-pop fans

"South Korea's and PT Minerals Indonesia have ended an supply agreement after calls by a climate campaigner backed by K-pop fans not to procure supplies of the metal produced using coal power.

The climate activist group Kpop4Planet that had been calling for an end to Hyundai's aluminium agreement welcomed the decision by the carmaker."


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"The use of coal to smelt the material triggered a campaign by a climate activist group, Kpop4Planet. Thousands of fans joined the call to ditch the deal, forcing to back down in the face of a potential public relations disaster."


To a company, the social license to operate is everything. Without a good reputation, fewer profits.

Hypx, to Hydrogen
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Hypx, to Hydrogen
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Hypx, to Hydrogen
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Hypx, to Hydrogen
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Hyundai to acquire hydrogen business in new move to bolster its H2 car deployment


Hypx, to Hydrogen
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Hypx, to TeslaMotors
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Another company gives up its BEV fantasies. In reality, this has been a giant green fad. BEVs are not the future of transportation. Eventually, everyone will abandon their BEV fantasies or go under. Genesis is just the next.


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