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Absolutely love it here. Kbin is awesome, and I love the fediverse. I'm way more about content creation here than I was on reddit because I want to be part of this. @ernest keeps making it better too.

I love interacting with all the instances and also I love the access to Mastodon content. I was never on Twitter or Mastodon before but now I follow these cool people I found from my community microblogs.

I never run out of internet, the fediverse has all I need. Yet, I feel more productive irl than I used to be.

A search result took me to reddit last week and was shocked by how many bots, shills, and just how much general anger and fighting is over there. Also they seem to have more dumb or trolling people than I remember.

That reddit blackout did me a huge favour. Never going back. The future is federated.

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Is there a way you're able to see both threads and microblogs, or do you just have to switch between the two?

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The aggregate view is in preparation still.

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Sounds good! Not a big priority, I just think it would be nice since kbin has access to both. Like others have said here, I appreciate the work you're doing!


kbin's search function is remarkable: you can discover content on the fedi which otherwise remains beneath the surface

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@testing yeah I like that too. Sometimes when I'm looking for a community I accidentally use the general search instead of the magazine search and end up down all these rabbit holes!

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On the whole, Kbin and the wider fediverse have been great! I feel that I've been able to engage a lot more meaningfully with others here, though that's likely due to it being relatively small. Likewise, I've been posting a lot more to help this place grow, which has been great.

The whole decentralization aspect is particularly great. From Kbin, I can view threads from other Lemmy & Kbin instances as well as microblogs from Mastodon instances, and it's great to be able to view all of those in one place with Kbin's UI.

All of that being said, there are definitely some growing pains, primarily related to activity. Outside of general communities on big Lemmy instances, people don't post much. This is the case with any social media site — way more people are willing to view or even engage with content than to post it — but I can't help but wish that some of the people voting and commenting on posts would also make some of their own and contribute to magazines. Often, this is due to people just not having ideas for what to post (speaking from experience), but I think a lot of it is people just not thinking to post that cool thing they saw somewhere else or on another magazine.

There are also a lot features that have yet to be implemented on Kbin. Microblog federation is very poor, there isn't a built-in subscriptions panel, the image UI in post creation provides no visual feedback, you can't follow tags as useful as it would be, moderation is still limited unless you're the owner and have access to the magazine panel, etc. Of course, Ernest et al. can only work so quickly, and the progress that has been made so far is great — for example, the crossposting UI is awesome and has helped me discover more magazines — but the lack of features does still impact the experience regardless of what can be done about it.

Kbin is great, and I'm hoping that development continues at the current pace. Above all, I'm hoping that a few more people here decide to post a bit more regularly or at all.

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I still use Reddit a bit (on desktop only), mostly to check on some niche communities that aren't really on the Fediverse yet, but Kbin has been very nice also. It's nice and chill, and overall a lot less fascist/bigot friendly, which is refreshing.

Nice Kingdom Come Deliverance profile pic btw

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Thanks :)

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niche communities with activity is what's really lacking here, would make all the difference. though, when attempting to fill those niches, which i have attempted, it seems there's not many people around who are interested.


How do I store my preferences?


This is my first time. How do I get to store my preference on topics?

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i havent been active here for weeks, months maybe, but before i was arguably one of the most active on the site during and after the reddit stuff. i do miss making scripts and styles for kbin, the feeling of community, and the urge to create content. coming back i see a lot of activity died off, expectedly, but there is a tight-knit but welcoming community that has formed and it's nice too see. does feel a bit empty though?

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I've enjoyed my time on the fediverse but have been disappointed with the leveling off of growth and lack of participation in niche communities. I still visit Kbin several times weekly, but it isn't like the old days when I would spend tons of time on Reddit. I have left my old Reddit account redacted and haven't started using it again, as that time is over. There are some communities and niche interests that unfortunately, it looks like Reddit will always be the main home for since we didn't hit the critical mass for people to move those communities over here. Because of that, I've started a new reddit account (with my real name attached, and started actively participating in those communities). For me, Reddit is no longer a place to anonymously participate in community discussions (because those discussions were becoming increasingly worthless alot of the time), but a place to participate with my IRL identity in communities related to topics or hobbies I care about. The anonymous community stuff is fulfilled by Kbin/Fediverse which I prefer now.


Could just be an age thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an influx of younger users into the Lemmyverse at some point

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agree here. growth dipping and lack of participation pushed me away a bit. i didn't mind it being small, but when i saw i was the only one in my communities ever contributing content, i felt discouraged.


Not sure. There's a lot of kinda creepy stuff on here 😰

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how do you mean?


There's a lot of extreme content on the Fediverse (such as harassment).

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That's a general issue with the internet, and is not just a fediverse issue. In fact, fediverse gives you the power to move to instances with moderation policies that you like, rather than forcing you to use a centralised platform.

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Settled in, mostly.

Of course I need to access information I can't find elsewhere at Reddit once in a while but if I create content in there, it's about kbin only.

Looking at interesting discussions to be a part of, trying to make kbin a more fleshed-out service with ideas rushing through my head, enjoying the reputation points dripping in 😃 And trying to come up with different themes under a topic to a magazine while dreaming to get even a few more peeps over there!


I still use reddit for some of the niche community-based subs that haven't been replicated here, like What's That Book?, a place where a while bunch of readers and librarians try to help people find books they remember a bit about, but not the title or author. That one is a lot of fun because people are so excited when they get an answer, and because the community is strong enough that most people do get answers. It seems like it would be hard to recreate that experience here. Similar is the Learn Math subreddit, where people ask about things they aren't understanding or can't figure out in their math studies, at pretty much any level, and the community comes up with multiple explanations and thoughts. The variety of questions and the in-depth answers are remarkable.

Generally it just feels a lot smaller and a fair bit more homogenous here. I like this site too, but it kinda feels like what reddit used to be is just gone now.


Using an open source client of my choice (voyager) that I actually like better than the reddit clients I used before, enjoying fewer posts with less, but usually better, more interesting and/or funny contents and comments. The only thing I miss is the rust (programming) community, which ironically didn’t really move to lemmy (but still got smaller/less active on reddit), so I sometimes still lurk that subreddit while obviously not contributing anything to it myself.

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With Artemis development on hold and the corresponding instance down, I started using this account again.

Are there any other mobile apps out there? I ended up experimenting with Lemmy a bit, but I find myself coming back to kbin. The communities I follow seem much more active here.

I miss my local city sub and Detroit Lions, that’s the only thing I can’t seem to replace here on fedi

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It is pretty good. It is not doing everything reddit was doing for me. But it took me years to find all the right communities on reddit. No reason to expect a drop in replacement. Overall I was pretty skeptical of threadiverse working out really at all. It could have just been a fad. On that count I am pleasantly surprised.

I have gotten much less stringent on boycotting reddit on search results. At first I was resolved to never go to reddit anymore. Now I prefer other sites if available but I am not going to punish myself by willfully avoiding useful content. I try to get in and get out asap. I am rarely using anymore. But once in a while I do.

coffeetest, (edited )

Took me a moment to realize what exodus this was referring to which I guess answers the question. I deleted my fairly old account during the AMA at the beginning and I do not miss it. From time to time I have been back for those specific things that have developed communities that do not really exist on kbin but I'll never post there again and I probably visit the R site maybe twice a month.

While kbin doesn't have everything that I hope that it would, so far I find it good and I visit daily.

So these days my only social media, if you call kbin that, are kbin and Mastodon. X, FB, insta, whatever corporate BS are all 0% usage for me now. Very occasionally I view tildes but I don't even have an account there.

MachineFab812, (edited )

So much less clickbait and spam on Lemmy/kbin*, and what there is gets called out quickly. On reddit, I would open dozens of tabs a day, hoping for 5 or so articles worth reading and/or relavent comment threads.

Here, sorting through the cruft is much easier, and I end almost every day with zero new tabs left open, because I’m actually reading what I open without exhausting my attention-span or patience for bullshit.

*Although I sort by new and look only at my subbed feed, I am following hundreds of communities. As I picked a Dutch instance, following a few Machinist communities that migrated here, Local is a grab-bag of a few niche things I like, things I can’t read, and/or news that is mostly irrelavent to me to the point I have no context or frame-of-reference for it.

Honestly, I prefer this. I never meant to let reddit content grab as much of my time and attention as it had over the years.

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