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testing, to fediverse

there is so much insider talk on the fedi > even lead devs of bigger projects tend to communicate as if they were sitting in the kitchen > sometimes it is pretty hard to follow what it's all about #fediverse

geraineon, to random
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The kbin issue is back! ahaha. When I got tagged yesterday on here, it also tagged my kbin.social account


@geraineon same here

testing, to fediverse

bullshit on the fedi, thank you mastodon > pls have a look at the whole conversation

RE: https://diversispiritus.net.br/item/5ad5a33c-ca86-43d6-925c-8b6c58310d5a

testing, to fediverse
EuromaidanPress, to random
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German exports of motor vehicles and parts to Kyrgyzstan are up 5500% since Russia invaded Ukraine

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that all this stuff is heading to Russia. Germany has to stop this," says Robin Brooks, chief economist at IIF


@EuromaidanPress it's always the same ...

gombang, to random
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The Dutch do have a sense of humour.

Anjing NICA = NICA Dogs. NICA = Netherlands Indies Civil Administration.



@gombang lol


the follow-up will be called angkol lol

testing, to random

Coding is in my soul.

if so, lots of debugging needed first

liaizon, to random
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wait is there markdown support here these days?


@liaizon yes


@liaizon i think you can see markdown since the last software update of your instance ​:Blobhaj_Thinking:​

testing, to random

war is bad

testing, to random
testing, to kbin

this kbin article is under scrutiny right now for entirely structural reasons:


divya, to random
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  • testing,

    @divya 🆘

    thhindrichs, to random German
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    "Die Piraten von Penzance" von Gilbert & Sullivan am Staatstheater #Mainz:
    Was für ein unfassbar großer Spaß 🥳

    testing, to fediverse

    something went wrong here, and i like it:

    just boosted the quoted post which comes from lemmy > boosting lemmy posts from the *keys is a rare event bc of federation issues on both ends > so yeah, let's celebrate 🎉 #federation #fediverse #lemmy #misskey

    RE: https://lemmy.giftedmc.com/post/65387



    1. never used reddit, but i like my kbin alt acc very much
    2. xitter never really was my thing, neither masto or pleroma > but when xitter migration sped up last year, i thought that finally something is happening on the fedi, so i signed up at a calckey instance (and later, i got many more accs on other fedi platforms)
    3. discord? no > matrix? no
    4. yt: i use alternative frontends, but certainly not peertube

    in general, i hope that federation issues between all the different fedi platforms will be solved to some extent - e.g. interactions between lemmy and the *keys (misskey plus the whole set of forks) are practically non-existent > our conversation is an exception

    testing, to random

    get fedi hired ... interesting for field studies lol > look at this test person from germany (incl english translation + deepl indonesian translation)

    Mein Haupttalent ist es, komplexe Themen zu verstehen und sie auf eine einfache und zugängliche Weise zu strukturieren und zu erklären. Ich lebe in Bielefeld und würde sowohl vor Ort als auch von zu Hause aus arbeiten.

    My core talent is understanding complex topics and structuring and explaining them in a straightforward and accessible way. I'm based in Bielefeld, Germany, and I'm looking for on-site or remote work. Contact information, CV, work samples etc.

    Bakat utama saya adalah memahami topik-topik yang rumit dan menyusun serta menjelaskannya dengan cara yang sederhana dan mudah dipahami. Saya tinggal di Bielefeld dan akan bekerja di kantor maupun dari rumah.


    can't tell why deepl translated "akan bekerja" although the test person does not write about sth which will be done

    testing, to PuertoRico

    this is i.g. culture's tribute to the candela allstars, a group of musicians from puerto rico who deeply influenced the global music scene at the beginning of the 21st century:



    kbin's search function is remarkable: you can discover content on the fedi which otherwise remains beneath the surface

    testing, to test1006
    testing avatar

    testing keeps on testing, using some hashtags > let's see whether these hashtags help to improve visibility of kbin posts on other fedi platforms


    @ernest @testing
    in contrast to microblogging fedi, friendica seems capable to recognize hashtags sent out via kbin, e.g. https://friendica.opensocial.space/search?tag=kbin

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