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Seems like SRS and Meltzer are getting completely different information. Hard to tell what's true and what isn't...


One thing’s for sure, Meltzer didn’t even check his sources before he ran with the story, he never does.

ArnoldBooker, avatar

@TellumSiege I will remind us that no one suspected the Netflix deal. I think WWE is choosing what they tell us right now.

Also the way I square the conflicting reports is that Meltzer reflects the plans among TKO leadership and SRS reflects reports from WWE creative down. Different parties knew different things.


It seems like HHH has been working the dirt sheets for some time now, so I really have no reason to believe a word that either of these dude’s write. I genuinely can’t believe people pay these guys for their “scoops.”


Neither story makes TKO look good…

ImADifferentBird, avatar

I mean, both could be true. SRS is reporting on what Cody was told here, not necessarily what the higher ups knew.

It’s possible that they lied through their teeth to him.


If I had to bet, TKO is playing both sides and will ultimately commit to whatever the numbers point to. Given the amount of shit that happened in January, there’s a ton of time until WM. When push comes to shove, I’m sure we will get new reports that X or Y was “the plan from the beginning.”

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