igorette, to tv German
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@filmeundserien Sandokan wird neu verfilmt 😛 Dargestellt von einem türkischen Schauspieler mit italienisch-albanischen Wurzeln - und hoffentlich grünen Augen!

jimmyb, to plex
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I just watched Take My Tumor - The Woman Covered in Thousands of Tumors (S01E01)!

LibrarianRA, to tv
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What are you watching tonight?
Sunday 1995 Barbra Streisand Concert


neonbubble, to tv
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An increasing number of adverts on TV finish with the warning "Keep away from children" and we almost always reply "We always do" whenever we hear it.

TechDesk, to tech
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Did Netflix use generative AI images to depict a real person in a true-crime documentary? If so, Futurism writes, “This is tinkering with the fabric of reality itself to manipulate a true story that actually happened.” https://flip.it/kDe-sN

jimmyb, to OnPatrolLive
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I just watched On Patrol: Live - - Missing 10-Year-Old (S02E65)!

finally, to journalism German
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„Warum gebt ihr Faschisten schon wieder eine Bühne? Es geht doch laufend schief. Ihr seid denen nicht gewachsen. Ihr fragt nicht nach, lasst sie ihren politischen Giftmüll auf prominenten Sendeplatz ins Land rotzen & nickt nur dazu. Faschisten brauchen keine Bühne, sondern Contra.“


jimmyb, to plex
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I just watched Jujutsu Kaisen (2023) - Small Fry and Reverse Retribution (S01E09)!

br00t4c, to tv
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Hallmark Alum Marries Co-Star With Bridesmaid Lacey Chabert by Her Side


bmdv, to tv German
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br00t4c, to tv
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Drunk Driver Plows Into Kid's Birthday Party, Killing Young Brother and Sister, Police Say

#drunk #tv


stefan, to random
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Anyone remember the show Up All Night? it was not amazing but was fun. Staring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph.


CultureDesk, to tv
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The BBC’s Laura Martin is calling Netflix’s “Baby Reindeer” 2024’s “most harrowing TV show.” Created by Scottish comic Richard Gadd, the plot is based on Gadd’s own stalking ordeal. “With the audience subconsciously primed to expect one thing, when people actually saw the show, it winded them like a gut-punch,” Martin writes. Read more in her article but be warned: It contains spoilers throughout, as well as references to sexual assault. https://flip.it/lHRZBp

br00t4c, to allstarbrawl
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tripplehelix, to tv
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Where do I buy a good spec dumb, 4k nowadays?

br00t4c, to tv
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Destiny Might Have Lost Its Chance to Become a TV Show



jimmyb, to TheWalkingDead
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I just watched The Walking Dead - For Blood (S11E08)!

jimmyb, to TheWalkingDead
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I just watched The Walking Dead - Promises Broken (S11E07)!

br00t4c, to tv
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War never changes: A Fallout fan's spoiler-laden review of the new TV series


davemark, to tech
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"I deleted keys generated by our TV for 5 straight minutes. 5 Minutes of like 200BPM clicking. I restarted. Everything worked again. I laughed so hard I cried. I felt like I'd solved a murder."


The title is, "DO NOT BUY HISENSE TV'S"


WhyNotZoidberg, to fallout
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Rewatching episode 5 of #Fallout and realizing a detail... The radroaches that land on a flat surface hits their head into the ground, as if their legs are slighly too weak to handle the landing of their oversized bodies. If intentional, that is a very cool detail.

#TV #Movies #SciFi

jake4480, to TheSimpsons
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37 years ago today (April 19) in 1987, the first Simpsons short "Good Night" aired on The Tracey Ullman show. I wasn't watching (I was 7), but I was watching when the Simpsons aired as its own series a couple years later.

WhyNotZoidberg, to fallout
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So anyway...

WhyNotZoidberg, to fallout
@WhyNotZoidberg@topspicy.social avatar

I must say after 5 episodes of I am... getting annoyed. The tempo is getting too slow for me, we are still doing buildup stuff after five full hours. It is honestly a slower plot than in the games.

I like it, a lot, but I have actually put on 2x tempo on a few places, especially when Maximus is on screen.

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